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June 2012 IGNITE! San Francisco Event Spotlight

Congratulations to Geeklist and EvenaMedical for winning the Ignite! Fundraisers event this past Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

The startups that were on the floor this past Wednesday had some great concepts to present to the attendees. From the 5-D virtual world of Real5D to the delectable food truck concept of Tin Can Cullinary, there was no shortage of ideas and…well, fun! Glomper‘s event sharing social media ensures that you are always in the know of what events are happening and which friends are there.

As for our winners, Geeklist allows for developers to create an online profile and share what they’ve accomplished, while EvenaMedical‘s vein viewing technology means that the missed veins at regular doctor visits and emergency situations that happen everyday, never have to happen again.

Don’t miss the next Ignite! Fundraisers event at Citrix Startup Accelerator in Santa Clara! The next event’s date will be posted soon, so don’t miss out! You can secure your tickets at or


By Alexis A. Ramos