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July 2013 PitchForce Companies


ForvmFORVM is an online and mobile service that allows you to use your photos to ask questions and provide answers to such questions through our information sharing service.

It is a fun way to discover suggestions made by other users regarding new products, blogs, videos and music that match your or other users’ photo questions and a tool to bring together inspirational people. It is a service that is one part question-and-answer and one part social network, and eventually our goal is that you will be able to search our site for anything related to your photo query. Yes, our plan is that we will provide a search engine that is not based on keywords but is based on photos.

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A data acquisition platform that requires absolutely no coding! is a data browser, which allows people to access data from the web and turn it into actionable information quickly and easily without the need to write any code. Using is as simple as using an excel spreadsheet, allowing anyone to access data from the web.

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Infinite Canvas


Go beyond linear. The possibilities are infinite!

Introducing a new iPad application that allows you to view, create, and share a new kind of media: a creative canvas without boundaries — an Infinite Canvas. Break the sequential barriers often found in traditional presentation software and dive into rich non-linear content — comics, graphic novels, creative portfolios, magazines, photo journals, children’s stories, real estate brochures, art gallery tours, travelogues, tutorials — that shows more than just a single path from A to Z.

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PixtPixt is a fun and easy way to make collaborative walls of photos and videos with your friends and family. 

Pixt Walls are real time and collaborative. You and your friends can drag and drop pictures and videos onto a Pixt Wall for instant sharing. All you do is drag and drop your content onto your “Wall”.  You can drag and drop from anywhere and everywhere you have content – your hard drive, linked devices, like cameras, smartphones, tablets, flash drives; and Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Picasa, etc.

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GPS Dashboard

GPS Dashboard

GPS Dashboard Launches Check In, a Unique Location Based App, on’s AppExchange, the World’s Leading Business Apps Marketplace

Founder Amin Mufti  was a co-founder / VP of Business Development for @Road (acquired by Trimble Navigation) a market leader in Fleet Tracking/ Mobile Resource Management. Co-founder John Lankes  was a VP of Marketing and Product Management at Teletrac and VP Sales and Marketing at @Road.

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Blue Morph

BlueMorph sanitizes stainless steel drums & kegs using UV technology, eliminating the need for water & chemicals while keeping workers safe.


Currently, wineries around the world use harsh chemicals and copious amounts of water to sanitize vessels in the wine industry. BlueMorph’s patent-pending technology takes the chemicals and water out of the process using UV technology. Our customers include wineries, breweries (especially craft breweries), and potentially the dairy and biotech industries.

Ryno Motors

Ryno MotorsTo satisfy the need for efficient transportation, RYNO Motors has designed a multiple use, self-balancing, one wheel, electric scooter that’s adaptable to wide range of uses including urban individuals, government, and industrial customers.

Like a secret footpath through the woods, there exists a travel landscape that only RYNO riders can see. With a product like RYNO, a rider can slip behind a wall, cut up the alley, around behind the big oak tree, down though the park and emerge at a destination long before anyone driving a car could ever get there. Plus a RYNO can be parked anywhere a bike can be parked, free of charge.

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Revo Lights

Force fields for your bicycle; Revolights are a better approach to bike lighting aimed at improving cyclist safety.

Revolights, Inc. is a Bay Area bike light company. Our light’s different. We create, develop, market, and sell next generation, wheel mounted bicycle headlights and taillights. Makers of the award winning (patented) Revolights bike lighting system.

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UbiqIt™ simplifies the collaboration, management and review of business knowledge and processes for the equity compensation industry.

BeUbiq™ developed UbiqIt™, an on-line collaboration application to help stock plan professionals and their business partners (Legal, HR, Tax) manage and organize business knowledge and processes to maximize compliance. Companies offering equity compensation as part of their total rewards benefit. Finding historical information during an audit could avoid the potential for public embarrassment (e.g. fines/jail) due to non-compliance.

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Video Step

Breakthrough end to end video recommendation and advertising platform deployed by over 50 publishers.

VideoStep is the first company to provide online publishers with the technology required to effectively monetize the videos, photographs and keywords they embed in their content. We take no pixels on the page, keep users on the site and our solution can be implemented in 5 minutes.

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June 2013 PitchForce San Francisco Event Spotlight


On Thursday June 6th entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, Angel investors, and many others came to Runway Accelerator on Market Street in downtown San Francisco to get a look at ten emerging startups in the Bay Area.


Each of the startups had a demo booth and attendees were given three one-million dollar bills to spend on the companies they liked the most.


Scrible, Capy, Funds4All, Meograph, Produk.Me edged out the competition and got to deliver their four-minute pitch to the audience.


This left the remaining companies to give their one-minute “pitch for you life.” John Pettit with Repost edged out the competition in the one-minute elevator pitch and went on to win the event.

Mike Wilson with Funds4All and Victor Karkar of Scrible came in a two way tie for second place.

About the Winning Companies

repost logo

We’re changing the way content goes viral.

Have you ever seen an article on another website that you wanted to repost but couldn’t figure out how to do it easily and legally? Did you ever wonder why you can embed a video but not the rest of the content? We did, too, so we created the Repost platform, which allows you to republish complete articles (including images, links, & multimedia) anywhere quickly, easily, and legally – just like video.


We make online info usable and useful. Annotate online articles in your browser and easily save, share and collaborate on them in the cloud.

We make useful online reading and research apps for consumers and publishers. We have a web app in beta that improves how you consume online articles and webpages. This powerful productivity/collaboration system is broadly useful for enterprise, legal, “prosumers”, etc., but we’re focusing on education as a beachhead thanks to demand from students and instructors. Publishers are also interested. So, we’re also building apps and tools for them.

Funds 4 All logo

B2B SaaS for the $10 Billon School and Sports team fundraising industry.

Our customers, companies that sell and manage fundraisers for schools and recreational sports teams, love our SaaS solution because it solves the customer retention problem that plagues this $10 B industry. Our service helps them increase revenue and enables them to effectively “lock out” their completion. These customers ran 677 fundraisers on our service in 2012 positioning the Company for rapid national growth in 2013.


On behalf of PeopleConnect and PitchForce we would like to thank our sponsors Opus Capital, LeClair Ryan, The Halo Agency, and everyone who came our to support our event. We hope to see you at our next event July 11th!


By Chase Beach