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August 2013 Presenting Companies



Answerbook is an Engagement Intelligence platform that helps salespeople close deals faster by providing deep engagement analytics.



dakwak is a website translation and localization technology that helps businesses in going global by launching multilingual websites with no technical involvement and no integration.


Translation quality is user-controlled through dakwak’s multi-layered translation system offering machine, team, and professional translation options. Translated versions of the website run initially under a dakwak’s temporary subdomain provided until the user configures it under his own domain.


Vajra Software

Intelectual property application suite.




VajraSoft Inc., is a Web Software Application Products and Solutions Development Company based in Dublin, California, United States – building Cloud, Enterprise Applications products for the Enterprises. VajraSoft Inc. Our products won several Cloud awards including – UP Start Awards for Best Industry Application for 2012.



Credii is a web platform that makes it super easy for companies to discover, select and buy the right software and services.




Our apps blend expert guidance, product research and social signal into one intuitive interface, so businesses can make informed choices. All in a few minutes, and simply by answering a few questions.


LolaBee's HarvestLolaBee’s is an online farmers market offering the best local food in the Bay Area.




We source produce, pastured meats, dairy and eggs, sustainable seafood, and prepared meals from farmers and artisans around the Bay Area. Customers order through our online farmers market and we deliver to their doorsteps.



Binpress increases adoption of open-source in SMBs and Enterprise by creating sustainable businesses around it.



Binpress is the marketplace for commercial open-source projects.
Over 1,000 components listed and 1.5 million hours saved!



Seamless real-time collaboration on mobile devices. We’re building a platform that enables apps to intuitively connect people together.




We develop real-time collaborative apps that make it easy to use iPads and other tablets in large groups. Whiteboard is a real-time collaborative drawing app that utilizes the latest hi-res touchscreens to provide an unparalleled visual communication experience.


TraX TraX, is a new mobile action platform rewarding shoppers everywhere for reusables! Get 25¢ for each eco-action performed in retail stores.




TraX Actions is a new disruptive mobile platform to reward retail shoppers everywhere they perform related positive actions. TraX is designed as a mobile iOS + Android app to track + incentivize consumer actions performed in retail locations, at the point after a purchase.



Social Media for busy people.




Slim discovers the important updates from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn so you can save time and never miss out again.



Riiwards combines a card-less loyalty program, digital marketing and reviews in an easy to use, self-serve application. It automatically builds customer email and phone lists, records customer visits, sends out rewards, and collects profiles and reviews



Riiwards is the easiest online marketing solution for SMBs to boost sales and build lasting relationships with customers. It is positioned to become the ‘Intuit’ for marketing and Tom Proulx, Co-founder of Intuit has joined the board.

July 2013 PitchForce Event Spotlight

On thursday July 12th 10 up and coming startups set up demo tables to promote their company.

Pic 1

Event attendees “millions”(each attendee gets 3 one-million dollar bills to vote on their favorite company).

Pic 2

There were great pitches throughout the night but Jean Trippier with VideoStep, who won the one minute elevator pitch, went on to win over the expert panel of Venture Capitalist and Angel Investor’s and edged out startups such as Revolights, BlueMorph, BeUbiq,InfiniteCanvas, GPS Dashboard, and Ryno Motors.

Pic 3

PeopleConnect would like to thank our sponsors: LeClairRyan and Javelin Venture Partners.

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We would also like to thank Runway for letting us put on our event at your place! Runway just launched their website, you can see it at