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October 2013 PitchForce Companies

Airborne Wind Energy Labs


Airborne Wind Energy Labs commercializes a novel technology, providing an order of magnitude decrease in wind energy costs.



MBientLab is a design studio that specializes in wearables, Bluetooth, low-power, and battery devices. We connect daily objects to the internet. We also have great industry relationships and manufacturing capabilities in the US and overseas. Cubit is our first product and exemplifies our work. Our customers are smart, stylish, and young smartphone owners.

White Cheetah

Crowd911 PNG (24 Aug 13)

White Cheetah develops enterprise mobile apps that use the power of alerts and geo-location to keep people informed, alerted, connected and safe. Crowd911 is White Cheetah’s first product. It is a social safety enterprise application that keeps people safe during emergencies by alerting them, displaying their location on a map and allowing them to easily communicate via social circles.



SMU Logo- Oct PF

SetMeUp helps you leverage your own trusted social circles to build relationships. SetMeUp is a Facebook matchmaking app that allows you to meet new people through recommendations from mutual friends. Once you connect, SetMeUp recommends a first-date activity based on common likes, interests, and mutual checkins.



SS Logo- Oct PF

The StudySoup Education Marketplace is the 1st platform to empower educators with the ability to create, curate and monetize courses. In a publishing space that is both expensive for students, and difficult to manage for educators, StudySoup provides refreshingly easy-to-use course creation and delivery tools. There are over 100M students in the US, and 1 Billion worldwide – institutions can’t keep-up. Now educators can browse the StudySoup marketplace, which provides a massive database of both free and paid content including: Audio, Video, MOOCs, ebooks, OER and more. This content can then be curated into a single course that is then sold on the Worldwide Education Marketplace earning royalties for educators, while providing students the recognition they deserve.


Gist Cloud

GC Logo- Oct PF

GistCloud is a brand that identifies a suite of content creation, curation, and dissemination tools ­all hosted in the cloud, built upon a future-proofed communications platform: highly secure, globally accessible and intuitively simple. GistCloud has partnered with the State Press Associations across America to create an unmatched distribution network for delivering that multimedia content to the media – initially in the form of a press release.