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Next PitchForce: Thursday, June 8, 2017

  • 5:30-6:30      Networking, appetizers, wine and demo tables- vote for top startups
  • 6:45-7:00      Top five startups are announced to pitch, remaining companies pitch for their lives
  • 7:00-8:30      Top 6 companies pitch to the distinguished panel
  • 8:30-8:45      Networking

Here’s how it works: PitchForce is a monthly fundraising event for companies in software, social, mobile, big data, consumer web, finance/payments, clean tech, biotech or MedTech sectors. Ten companies are chosen each month to participate, each will have a demo table to showcase their company as well as network with Angels, VCs, and guests during the first hour. Attendees will then vote for their favorite companies, and the top five will get to present to our distinguished panel.


Please email with any questions. We look forward to working with you!

Pitchforce had another amazing demo night on May 13th


P5132820On May 13th PeopleConnect Staffing along with Fathom Law and sponsoring VC firm Javelin Venture Partners and Streamlined Ventures put on PitchForce at Runway Incubator in downtown San Francisco.



9 great startups set up demo tables and pitched their companies to the attendees, who each got 3 one million dollar bills to vote on their favorite companies.



20140513_174133Loudr, TradeLab, FLYR, InYourClass and OptionAdmin won the crowd’s millions with TrustCentral winning the one minute elevator pitch.

Each company gave their 4 minute pitch to the all star panel including: Allan Young of Runway, Noah Doyle of Javelin Venture Partner, Eric Ferraro of Fathom Law, and Paul Weiss of Waylan Capital and Ullas Naik of Streamlined Ventures. The panel voted FLYR, Loudr and OptionAdmin as their top startups.



We hope to see you on June 12th for our next PitchForce, get your ticket here!

October 2013 PitchForce Companies

Airborne Wind Energy Labs


Airborne Wind Energy Labs commercializes a novel technology, providing an order of magnitude decrease in wind energy costs.



MBientLab is a design studio that specializes in wearables, Bluetooth, low-power, and battery devices. We connect daily objects to the internet. We also have great industry relationships and manufacturing capabilities in the US and overseas. Cubit is our first product and exemplifies our work. Our customers are smart, stylish, and young smartphone owners.

White Cheetah

Crowd911 PNG (24 Aug 13)

White Cheetah develops enterprise mobile apps that use the power of alerts and geo-location to keep people informed, alerted, connected and safe. Crowd911 is White Cheetah’s first product. It is a social safety enterprise application that keeps people safe during emergencies by alerting them, displaying their location on a map and allowing them to easily communicate via social circles.



SMU Logo- Oct PF

SetMeUp helps you leverage your own trusted social circles to build relationships. SetMeUp is a Facebook matchmaking app that allows you to meet new people through recommendations from mutual friends. Once you connect, SetMeUp recommends a first-date activity based on common likes, interests, and mutual checkins.



SS Logo- Oct PF

The StudySoup Education Marketplace is the 1st platform to empower educators with the ability to create, curate and monetize courses. In a publishing space that is both expensive for students, and difficult to manage for educators, StudySoup provides refreshingly easy-to-use course creation and delivery tools. There are over 100M students in the US, and 1 Billion worldwide – institutions can’t keep-up. Now educators can browse the StudySoup marketplace, which provides a massive database of both free and paid content including: Audio, Video, MOOCs, ebooks, OER and more. This content can then be curated into a single course that is then sold on the Worldwide Education Marketplace earning royalties for educators, while providing students the recognition they deserve.


Gist Cloud

GC Logo- Oct PF

GistCloud is a brand that identifies a suite of content creation, curation, and dissemination tools ­all hosted in the cloud, built upon a future-proofed communications platform: highly secure, globally accessible and intuitively simple. GistCloud has partnered with the State Press Associations across America to create an unmatched distribution network for delivering that multimedia content to the media – initially in the form of a press release.


Pitchforce had another amazing demo event on September 10th!!!!


On September 12th PeopleConnect Staffing along with LeClairRyan and sponsoring VC firm DoubleRock put on PitchForce at Runway Incubator in downtown San Francisco.


10 great startups set up demo tables and pitched their companies to the attendees, who each got 3 one million dollar bills to vote on their favorite companies.

Health SaaS, RABBL, SkillGravity, Kindoma and Batiste won the crowd’s millions with Smaarts winning the one minute elevator pitch.


Each company gave their 4 minute pitch to the all star panel including: Allan Young of Runway, Suraj Rajwani of Double Rock, Eric Ferraro of LeClairRyan, and Paul Weiss of Waylan Capital and Rob Emrich of Pae Dae. The panel voted Smaarts, Health SaaS and RABBL as their top startups.


We hope to see you on October 10th for our next PitchForce, get your ticket here!

Pitchforce had another amazing demo event on August 8th!!!!


On August 8th, 2013 PitchForce held it’s monthly event at Runway in San Francisco. There were 10 great startups, including four 500 Startup companies(Dakwak, Credii, Binpress, Green Gar), set up demo tables and pitched their companies to the attendees, who each got 3 one million dollar bills to vote on their favorite companies.

Max Shapiro moderated the panel and acted with panelist Allan Young of Runway, Nilesh Trivedi of Double Rock, Pete Mayer of LeClairRyan, and Paul Twombly of the Band of Angels.

By Mateo Fowler

September 2013 PitchForce Companies



Muzzley is a middleware in the cloud focused on human and machine interaction. Muzzley is the layer over the internet of things that makes everyone speak the same language, inclusive the human.


friendtrusted-logoRevolutionizing the way we do home improvement.

A free price comparison and booking engine for home improvement. You can think of FriendTrusted as the Kayak and Expedia for the home improvement industry.


rabblTell your bands where to play.

RABBL is a social booking platform taking the risk out of the $9B live music business, where venues & bookers are swamped by millions of bands. We use crowdfunding to help artists play shows, let venues book with confidence, and give fans a real voice in where and when shows happen.


poster_logo_isolated-page-0 Helping kids read books with their long distance families.

Kindoma Storytime combines books and videochat to help young children connect with their long-distance families.  Books give families something to do together and something to talk about, leading to much longer and richer interactions over videochat.  The service is monetized through a subscription to a premium book catalog, or the purchase of individual books.

logoF-p182cvpss82ao15aivi21sbtqGet your cooking questions answered by professional chefs via a live video chat!

Cookstream is an educational platform where people can get their cooking questions answered in real time by a professional chef via video chat.
We are making professional chefs accessible by any one from the comfort of their home.
Now People have a chance to learn from first hand experience using latest video streaming technology getting personalized cooking support.
Its an extremely useful tool for people who cook at home at least occasionally and professional chefs who’d like to get their name out and earn additional income.

 Health SaaS


The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform removes silo barriers to connect, aggregate, integrate and visualize disparate data from mHealth applications and biometric medical devices. Bringing patient driven data into the clinical workflow as an asset and making it actionable within backend healthcare systems can facilitate early intervention, lower hospital admissions, improve outcomes and lower costs.

Skill Gravity


Skillgravity is a business network, which can be described as Quora +LinkedIn in a more intelligent way. Your contact book is now a search engine. Build your professional reputation and engage with all key people you meet.
For networking lovers, young professionals & industry experts we provide an efficient environment, where you can organize your network and build your name and reputation:
• Transform all your connections from different social networks and add business cards;
• Easy search for professionals, you have in different social and business networks by a specific combination of expertise or by personal notes;
• Receive an advice from professionals you know, even if they are not in the Skillgravity business network
• Showcase your knowledge and build your reputation among your network;
• Create you personal opinion about all the key people you meet.



Smaarts analyzes massive volumes of streaming data from security-related devices and other sources and finds behavioral patterns that meet the criteria indicative of an infection, in real-time. It also automates the repetitive tasks done by security analysts in medium to large enterprises, freeing them up to focus on true attacks. Our Big Data throughput lets us look at ALL data sources to detect behavioral patterns so that incident response is accelerated and infections are contained.



Batiste is the first rum to be made in a state of the art distillery that creates no pollution and is powered by solar and bio mass energy. At the dawn of this new era, Batiste hopes that you will discover that rum made in an eco-positive and quality first method is the finest of the white spirits.


SmartFunded Logo

SmartFunded is an online fundraising platform specifically designed for public schools.  With SmartFunded, schools can stop selling unwanted products door-to-door and start collecting donations online by tapping into their vast social networks.  Schools raise more money and keep more of what they raise.

August 2013 PitchForce Event Spotlight

On August 8th PeopleConnect Staffing along with LeClairRyan and sponsoring VC firm Emergence Capital Partners put on PitchForce at Runway Incubator in downtown San Francisco.


10 great startups, including 4 500 Startup companies(Dakwak, Credii, Binpress, Green Gar), set up demo tables and pitched their companies to the attendees, who each got 3 one million dollar bills to vote on their favorite companies.

Photo Aug 08, 7 46 30 PM

Answerbook,, LolaBee’s, and TraX won the crowd’s millions with Dakwak winning the one minute elevator pitch.


Each company gave their 4 minute pitch to the all star panel including: Allan Young of Runway, Nilesh Trivedi of Double Rock, Pete Mayer of LeClairRyan, and Paul Twombly of the Band of Angels. The panel voted Dakwak and Lola Bee’s as their top startups


We hope to see you on September 13th for our next PitchForce, get your ticket here!

August 2013 Presenting Companies



Answerbook is an Engagement Intelligence platform that helps salespeople close deals faster by providing deep engagement analytics.



dakwak is a website translation and localization technology that helps businesses in going global by launching multilingual websites with no technical involvement and no integration.


Translation quality is user-controlled through dakwak’s multi-layered translation system offering machine, team, and professional translation options. Translated versions of the website run initially under a dakwak’s temporary subdomain provided until the user configures it under his own domain.


Vajra Software

Intelectual property application suite.




VajraSoft Inc., is a Web Software Application Products and Solutions Development Company based in Dublin, California, United States – building Cloud, Enterprise Applications products for the Enterprises. VajraSoft Inc. Our products won several Cloud awards including – UP Start Awards for Best Industry Application for 2012.



Credii is a web platform that makes it super easy for companies to discover, select and buy the right software and services.




Our apps blend expert guidance, product research and social signal into one intuitive interface, so businesses can make informed choices. All in a few minutes, and simply by answering a few questions.


LolaBee's HarvestLolaBee’s is an online farmers market offering the best local food in the Bay Area.




We source produce, pastured meats, dairy and eggs, sustainable seafood, and prepared meals from farmers and artisans around the Bay Area. Customers order through our online farmers market and we deliver to their doorsteps.



Binpress increases adoption of open-source in SMBs and Enterprise by creating sustainable businesses around it.



Binpress is the marketplace for commercial open-source projects.
Over 1,000 components listed and 1.5 million hours saved!



Seamless real-time collaboration on mobile devices. We’re building a platform that enables apps to intuitively connect people together.




We develop real-time collaborative apps that make it easy to use iPads and other tablets in large groups. Whiteboard is a real-time collaborative drawing app that utilizes the latest hi-res touchscreens to provide an unparalleled visual communication experience.


TraX TraX, is a new mobile action platform rewarding shoppers everywhere for reusables! Get 25¢ for each eco-action performed in retail stores.




TraX Actions is a new disruptive mobile platform to reward retail shoppers everywhere they perform related positive actions. TraX is designed as a mobile iOS + Android app to track + incentivize consumer actions performed in retail locations, at the point after a purchase.



Social Media for busy people.




Slim discovers the important updates from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn so you can save time and never miss out again.



Riiwards combines a card-less loyalty program, digital marketing and reviews in an easy to use, self-serve application. It automatically builds customer email and phone lists, records customer visits, sends out rewards, and collects profiles and reviews



Riiwards is the easiest online marketing solution for SMBs to boost sales and build lasting relationships with customers. It is positioned to become the ‘Intuit’ for marketing and Tom Proulx, Co-founder of Intuit has joined the board.

July 2013 PitchForce Event Spotlight

On thursday July 12th 10 up and coming startups set up demo tables to promote their company.

Pic 1

Event attendees “millions”(each attendee gets 3 one-million dollar bills to vote on their favorite company).

Pic 2

There were great pitches throughout the night but Jean Trippier with VideoStep, who won the one minute elevator pitch, went on to win over the expert panel of Venture Capitalist and Angel Investor’s and edged out startups such as Revolights, BlueMorph, BeUbiq,InfiniteCanvas, GPS Dashboard, and Ryno Motors.

Pic 3

PeopleConnect would like to thank our sponsors: LeClairRyan and Javelin Venture Partners.

javelin-venture partners


We would also like to thank Runway for letting us put on our event at your place! Runway just launched their website, you can see it at

July 2013 PitchForce Companies


ForvmFORVM is an online and mobile service that allows you to use your photos to ask questions and provide answers to such questions through our information sharing service.

It is a fun way to discover suggestions made by other users regarding new products, blogs, videos and music that match your or other users’ photo questions and a tool to bring together inspirational people. It is a service that is one part question-and-answer and one part social network, and eventually our goal is that you will be able to search our site for anything related to your photo query. Yes, our plan is that we will provide a search engine that is not based on keywords but is based on photos.

For more information

A data acquisition platform that requires absolutely no coding! is a data browser, which allows people to access data from the web and turn it into actionable information quickly and easily without the need to write any code. Using is as simple as using an excel spreadsheet, allowing anyone to access data from the web.

For more information

Infinite Canvas


Go beyond linear. The possibilities are infinite!

Introducing a new iPad application that allows you to view, create, and share a new kind of media: a creative canvas without boundaries — an Infinite Canvas. Break the sequential barriers often found in traditional presentation software and dive into rich non-linear content — comics, graphic novels, creative portfolios, magazines, photo journals, children’s stories, real estate brochures, art gallery tours, travelogues, tutorials — that shows more than just a single path from A to Z.

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PixtPixt is a fun and easy way to make collaborative walls of photos and videos with your friends and family. 

Pixt Walls are real time and collaborative. You and your friends can drag and drop pictures and videos onto a Pixt Wall for instant sharing. All you do is drag and drop your content onto your “Wall”.  You can drag and drop from anywhere and everywhere you have content – your hard drive, linked devices, like cameras, smartphones, tablets, flash drives; and Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Picasa, etc.

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GPS Dashboard

GPS Dashboard

GPS Dashboard Launches Check In, a Unique Location Based App, on’s AppExchange, the World’s Leading Business Apps Marketplace

Founder Amin Mufti  was a co-founder / VP of Business Development for @Road (acquired by Trimble Navigation) a market leader in Fleet Tracking/ Mobile Resource Management. Co-founder John Lankes  was a VP of Marketing and Product Management at Teletrac and VP Sales and Marketing at @Road.

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Blue Morph

BlueMorph sanitizes stainless steel drums & kegs using UV technology, eliminating the need for water & chemicals while keeping workers safe.


Currently, wineries around the world use harsh chemicals and copious amounts of water to sanitize vessels in the wine industry. BlueMorph’s patent-pending technology takes the chemicals and water out of the process using UV technology. Our customers include wineries, breweries (especially craft breweries), and potentially the dairy and biotech industries.

Ryno Motors

Ryno MotorsTo satisfy the need for efficient transportation, RYNO Motors has designed a multiple use, self-balancing, one wheel, electric scooter that’s adaptable to wide range of uses including urban individuals, government, and industrial customers.

Like a secret footpath through the woods, there exists a travel landscape that only RYNO riders can see. With a product like RYNO, a rider can slip behind a wall, cut up the alley, around behind the big oak tree, down though the park and emerge at a destination long before anyone driving a car could ever get there. Plus a RYNO can be parked anywhere a bike can be parked, free of charge.

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Revo Lights

Force fields for your bicycle; Revolights are a better approach to bike lighting aimed at improving cyclist safety.

Revolights, Inc. is a Bay Area bike light company. Our light’s different. We create, develop, market, and sell next generation, wheel mounted bicycle headlights and taillights. Makers of the award winning (patented) Revolights bike lighting system.

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UbiqIt™ simplifies the collaboration, management and review of business knowledge and processes for the equity compensation industry.

BeUbiq™ developed UbiqIt™, an on-line collaboration application to help stock plan professionals and their business partners (Legal, HR, Tax) manage and organize business knowledge and processes to maximize compliance. Companies offering equity compensation as part of their total rewards benefit. Finding historical information during an audit could avoid the potential for public embarrassment (e.g. fines/jail) due to non-compliance.

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Video Step

Breakthrough end to end video recommendation and advertising platform deployed by over 50 publishers.

VideoStep is the first company to provide online publishers with the technology required to effectively monetize the videos, photographs and keywords they embed in their content. We take no pixels on the page, keep users on the site and our solution can be implemented in 5 minutes.

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