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September 2013 PitchForce Companies



Muzzley is a middleware in the cloud focused on human and machine interaction. Muzzley is the layer over the internet of things that makes everyone speak the same language, inclusive the human.


friendtrusted-logoRevolutionizing the way we do home improvement.

A free price comparison and booking engine for home improvement. You can think of FriendTrusted as the Kayak and Expedia for the home improvement industry.


rabblTell your bands where to play.

RABBL is a social booking platform taking the risk out of the $9B live music business, where venues & bookers are swamped by millions of bands. We use crowdfunding to help artists play shows, let venues book with confidence, and give fans a real voice in where and when shows happen.


poster_logo_isolated-page-0 Helping kids read books with their long distance families.

Kindoma Storytime combines books and videochat to help young children connect with their long-distance families.  Books give families something to do together and something to talk about, leading to much longer and richer interactions over videochat.  The service is monetized through a subscription to a premium book catalog, or the purchase of individual books.

logoF-p182cvpss82ao15aivi21sbtqGet your cooking questions answered by professional chefs via a live video chat!

Cookstream is an educational platform where people can get their cooking questions answered in real time by a professional chef via video chat.
We are making professional chefs accessible by any one from the comfort of their home.
Now People have a chance to learn from first hand experience using latest video streaming technology getting personalized cooking support.
Its an extremely useful tool for people who cook at home at least occasionally and professional chefs who’d like to get their name out and earn additional income.

 Health SaaS


The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform removes silo barriers to connect, aggregate, integrate and visualize disparate data from mHealth applications and biometric medical devices. Bringing patient driven data into the clinical workflow as an asset and making it actionable within backend healthcare systems can facilitate early intervention, lower hospital admissions, improve outcomes and lower costs.

Skill Gravity


Skillgravity is a business network, which can be described as Quora +LinkedIn in a more intelligent way. Your contact book is now a search engine. Build your professional reputation and engage with all key people you meet.
For networking lovers, young professionals & industry experts we provide an efficient environment, where you can organize your network and build your name and reputation:
• Transform all your connections from different social networks and add business cards;
• Easy search for professionals, you have in different social and business networks by a specific combination of expertise or by personal notes;
• Receive an advice from professionals you know, even if they are not in the Skillgravity business network
• Showcase your knowledge and build your reputation among your network;
• Create you personal opinion about all the key people you meet.



Smaarts analyzes massive volumes of streaming data from security-related devices and other sources and finds behavioral patterns that meet the criteria indicative of an infection, in real-time. It also automates the repetitive tasks done by security analysts in medium to large enterprises, freeing them up to focus on true attacks. Our Big Data throughput lets us look at ALL data sources to detect behavioral patterns so that incident response is accelerated and infections are contained.



Batiste is the first rum to be made in a state of the art distillery that creates no pollution and is powered by solar and bio mass energy. At the dawn of this new era, Batiste hopes that you will discover that rum made in an eco-positive and quality first method is the finest of the white spirits.


SmartFunded Logo

SmartFunded is an online fundraising platform specifically designed for public schools.  With SmartFunded, schools can stop selling unwanted products door-to-door and start collecting donations online by tapping into their vast social networks.  Schools raise more money and keep more of what they raise.

August 2013 Presenting Companies



Answerbook is an Engagement Intelligence platform that helps salespeople close deals faster by providing deep engagement analytics.



dakwak is a website translation and localization technology that helps businesses in going global by launching multilingual websites with no technical involvement and no integration.


Translation quality is user-controlled through dakwak’s multi-layered translation system offering machine, team, and professional translation options. Translated versions of the website run initially under a dakwak’s temporary subdomain provided until the user configures it under his own domain.


Vajra Software

Intelectual property application suite.




VajraSoft Inc., is a Web Software Application Products and Solutions Development Company based in Dublin, California, United States – building Cloud, Enterprise Applications products for the Enterprises. VajraSoft Inc. Our products won several Cloud awards including – UP Start Awards for Best Industry Application for 2012.



Credii is a web platform that makes it super easy for companies to discover, select and buy the right software and services.




Our apps blend expert guidance, product research and social signal into one intuitive interface, so businesses can make informed choices. All in a few minutes, and simply by answering a few questions.


LolaBee's HarvestLolaBee’s is an online farmers market offering the best local food in the Bay Area.




We source produce, pastured meats, dairy and eggs, sustainable seafood, and prepared meals from farmers and artisans around the Bay Area. Customers order through our online farmers market and we deliver to their doorsteps.



Binpress increases adoption of open-source in SMBs and Enterprise by creating sustainable businesses around it.



Binpress is the marketplace for commercial open-source projects.
Over 1,000 components listed and 1.5 million hours saved!



Seamless real-time collaboration on mobile devices. We’re building a platform that enables apps to intuitively connect people together.




We develop real-time collaborative apps that make it easy to use iPads and other tablets in large groups. Whiteboard is a real-time collaborative drawing app that utilizes the latest hi-res touchscreens to provide an unparalleled visual communication experience.


TraX TraX, is a new mobile action platform rewarding shoppers everywhere for reusables! Get 25¢ for each eco-action performed in retail stores.




TraX Actions is a new disruptive mobile platform to reward retail shoppers everywhere they perform related positive actions. TraX is designed as a mobile iOS + Android app to track + incentivize consumer actions performed in retail locations, at the point after a purchase.



Social Media for busy people.




Slim discovers the important updates from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn so you can save time and never miss out again.



Riiwards combines a card-less loyalty program, digital marketing and reviews in an easy to use, self-serve application. It automatically builds customer email and phone lists, records customer visits, sends out rewards, and collects profiles and reviews



Riiwards is the easiest online marketing solution for SMBs to boost sales and build lasting relationships with customers. It is positioned to become the ‘Intuit’ for marketing and Tom Proulx, Co-founder of Intuit has joined the board.

July 2013 PitchForce Companies


ForvmFORVM is an online and mobile service that allows you to use your photos to ask questions and provide answers to such questions through our information sharing service.

It is a fun way to discover suggestions made by other users regarding new products, blogs, videos and music that match your or other users’ photo questions and a tool to bring together inspirational people. It is a service that is one part question-and-answer and one part social network, and eventually our goal is that you will be able to search our site for anything related to your photo query. Yes, our plan is that we will provide a search engine that is not based on keywords but is based on photos.

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A data acquisition platform that requires absolutely no coding! is a data browser, which allows people to access data from the web and turn it into actionable information quickly and easily without the need to write any code. Using is as simple as using an excel spreadsheet, allowing anyone to access data from the web.

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Infinite Canvas


Go beyond linear. The possibilities are infinite!

Introducing a new iPad application that allows you to view, create, and share a new kind of media: a creative canvas without boundaries — an Infinite Canvas. Break the sequential barriers often found in traditional presentation software and dive into rich non-linear content — comics, graphic novels, creative portfolios, magazines, photo journals, children’s stories, real estate brochures, art gallery tours, travelogues, tutorials — that shows more than just a single path from A to Z.

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PixtPixt is a fun and easy way to make collaborative walls of photos and videos with your friends and family. 

Pixt Walls are real time and collaborative. You and your friends can drag and drop pictures and videos onto a Pixt Wall for instant sharing. All you do is drag and drop your content onto your “Wall”.  You can drag and drop from anywhere and everywhere you have content – your hard drive, linked devices, like cameras, smartphones, tablets, flash drives; and Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Picasa, etc.

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GPS Dashboard

GPS Dashboard

GPS Dashboard Launches Check In, a Unique Location Based App, on’s AppExchange, the World’s Leading Business Apps Marketplace

Founder Amin Mufti  was a co-founder / VP of Business Development for @Road (acquired by Trimble Navigation) a market leader in Fleet Tracking/ Mobile Resource Management. Co-founder John Lankes  was a VP of Marketing and Product Management at Teletrac and VP Sales and Marketing at @Road.

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Blue Morph

BlueMorph sanitizes stainless steel drums & kegs using UV technology, eliminating the need for water & chemicals while keeping workers safe.


Currently, wineries around the world use harsh chemicals and copious amounts of water to sanitize vessels in the wine industry. BlueMorph’s patent-pending technology takes the chemicals and water out of the process using UV technology. Our customers include wineries, breweries (especially craft breweries), and potentially the dairy and biotech industries.

Ryno Motors

Ryno MotorsTo satisfy the need for efficient transportation, RYNO Motors has designed a multiple use, self-balancing, one wheel, electric scooter that’s adaptable to wide range of uses including urban individuals, government, and industrial customers.

Like a secret footpath through the woods, there exists a travel landscape that only RYNO riders can see. With a product like RYNO, a rider can slip behind a wall, cut up the alley, around behind the big oak tree, down though the park and emerge at a destination long before anyone driving a car could ever get there. Plus a RYNO can be parked anywhere a bike can be parked, free of charge.

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Revo Lights

Force fields for your bicycle; Revolights are a better approach to bike lighting aimed at improving cyclist safety.

Revolights, Inc. is a Bay Area bike light company. Our light’s different. We create, develop, market, and sell next generation, wheel mounted bicycle headlights and taillights. Makers of the award winning (patented) Revolights bike lighting system.

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UbiqIt™ simplifies the collaboration, management and review of business knowledge and processes for the equity compensation industry.

BeUbiq™ developed UbiqIt™, an on-line collaboration application to help stock plan professionals and their business partners (Legal, HR, Tax) manage and organize business knowledge and processes to maximize compliance. Companies offering equity compensation as part of their total rewards benefit. Finding historical information during an audit could avoid the potential for public embarrassment (e.g. fines/jail) due to non-compliance.

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Video Step

Breakthrough end to end video recommendation and advertising platform deployed by over 50 publishers.

VideoStep is the first company to provide online publishers with the technology required to effectively monetize the videos, photographs and keywords they embed in their content. We take no pixels on the page, keep users on the site and our solution can be implemented in 5 minutes.

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June 2013 PitchForce Companies

Business Exchange

business exchange logoB2B digital transaction business. Place to discover best performing B2B companies on the market, based on what’s working for others.

Business Exchange, connects buyers and sellers on B2B market, using verified reviews from other B2B companies, showcases and mutual companies on the market as search vectors. Tailored for industries such as: web, construction, media and advertising, print, legal services and retail market.



capy logoWe offer frustration free CAPTCHA for smartphones. Instead of using twisted characters, we use all kinds of sensors to verify a human.

Capy provides user-friendly security solution to web service providers. Our current service is a Frustration Free CAPTCHA which only takes a single navigation stroke on a touch screen to finish a game or puzzle to complete verification. It is much easier than a conventional twisted alpha-numeric CAPTCHA. Of great value is that Capy offers customization function including customizable images for a CAPTCHA, security level, and a type of CAPTCHA. In the future, Capy provides more CAPTCHA solutions using all kinds of sensors on smartphones to enhance usability for both site owners and site visitors.


Funds 4 All

Funds 4 All logo


B2B SaaS for the $10 Billon School and Sports team fundraising industry.

Our customers, companies that sell and manage fundraisers for schools and recreational sports teams, love our SaaS solution because it solves the customer retention problem that plagues this $10 B industry. Our service helps them increase revenue and enables them to effectively “lock out” their completion. These customers ran 677 fundraisers on our service in 2012 positioning the Company for rapid national growth in 2013.




Meograph is democratizing the creation of digital multimedia by turning simple inputs into rich media.

Meograph enables anyone to easily and quickly create professional-quality rich media. Our first product pairs maps, timeline, links, and multimedia, and offers viewers a new form of interactive story that they can watch in minutes or explore for hours. Our vision is to be the storytelling layer for any digital object.



metacruitFind better hires with the people you know.

Metacruit is a peertopeer referral system that enables small businesses, startup owners and individuals to find and refer the right people for projects and positions that fit their qualifications. In other words, it’s a CrowdSourced Recruiting service. Linkedin+Mechanical Turk. Metacruit allows you to find better people, faster. You begin by posting a bounty, consisting of specifications and a reward, to your network. Once you share the bounty, ‘networkers’ refer their connections to you. Upon accepting a good candidate, you reward the network that sourced the candidate.



produk-meProduct relationship mgmt company that measures and transforms post purchase consumer product interactions into brand retention and revenue!

We solve three problems for consumer product companies/brands. 1. We reduce paper inside the packaging and have rethought the post purchase data and service discovery experience. 2. Enable one click product registration to improve product registration rates to drive retention and upsell opportunities. 3. We provide tools to gain insights into post purchase product consumer interactions!



repost logoWe’re changing the way content goes viral.

Have you ever seen an article on another website that you wanted to repost but couldn’t figure out how to do it easily and legally? Did you ever wonder why you can embed a video but not the rest of the content? We did, too, so we created the Repost platform, which allows you to republish complete articles (including images, links, & multimedia) anywhere quickly, easily, and legally – just like video.



scribleWe make online info usable and useful. Annotate online articles in your browser and easily save, share and collaborate on them in the cloud.

We make useful online reading and research apps for consumers and publishers. We have a web app in beta that improves how you consume online articles and webpages. This powerful productivity/collaboration system is broadly useful for enterprise, legal, “prosumers”, etc., but we’re focusing on education as a beachhead thanks to demand from students and instructors. Publishers are also interested. So, we’re also building apps and tools for them.


Treode, Inc.

treode logoParse for a relational database

Treode makes it easy to build the backend of a web or mobile service, so that developers can focus on the front-end. Companies like Kinvey, MongoHQ and Parse (now Facebook) have shown that there is demand for this, but they lack relational concepts from traditional databases, which would simplify data processing on the backend. Treode preserves relational modeling and can reach developers who value it and have ignored Kinvey, MongoHQ and Parse.



viakooApplied diagnostics and proactive monitoring for on-premise, video surveillance infrastructure leveraging cloud and big data analytics.

Events like the Boston Marathon bombing highlight the challenges facing Chief Security Officers and Chief Financial Officers whose job is to mitigate brand risk, contain legal liabilities, and prevent adverse economic impact. Situational Awareness, specifically high fidelity Information & Intelligence, is increasingly mission critical. Video camera networks are the “eyes” that contribute crucial images for realtime tactical response as well as post-incident investigations. There is increasing demand for higher performing video camera networks and “missing video” is no longer acceptable. Viakoo’s Software as a Service model coupled with our video-qualified support engineers combine to offer a Monthly Subscription to deliver a service like an “OnStar® for video camera networks”, ensuring resiliency and availability of crucial video images. Founded in early 2013, Viakoo is already producing revenue.

May 2013 PitchForce Companies


breathreserchMobile respiratory health and wellness applications for individuals, small business and enterprise.

BreathResearch presents a new health and fitness metric to measure and track breathing patterns that have been validated by leading health researchers to provide diagnosis, indications, and metrics that can be applied to many important health areas and athletic performance tuning. We create and customize easy-to-use mobile applications and API data share services for consumers, health insurance, and health and fitness companies.


We help companies flourish by providing their managers with trusted guidance for finding, choosing, and implementing cloud services.

CloudBase3 provides listings of cloud products, companies, and outsourced implementation services, layered with cutting-edge media tech tools and in-depth product recommendations. It’s devoted to helping line-of-business managers cut through the morass of confusing, competing and often overlapping options to discover, select, and implement the services best suited for their particular purposes.

DIY Workshop

DIY workshopA day use & membership woodworking & sewing workshop where members & non-members alike can also learn how to work with wood, sew &/or craft.

A day use and membership woodworking and sewing workshop where tools and equipment for woodworking and sewing are supplied. Classes in woodworking, sewing and crafting will be offered for members and non-members alike from beginner to advanced. We will also have a retail store with a selection of woodworking tools and supplies. Emphasis will be put on creating a safe and fun environment for members to collaborate, network and enjoy creating.


incuvoCreate fun games in minutes using mobile device, share with your friends and discover new games!

You’ve probably heard of Minecraft. It has earned around $300 million so far. And it is a game about creating your own worlds. We believe millions of people want to create whole games, not only worlds. But they lack the skill. That’s why we’ve made Createrria which turns making games into a game – super-easy, fun process for everybody out there. It’s a product for mobile platforms. We’re releasing it mid 2013.


studysoupStudySoup is a full-circle digital publishing, and education collaboration tool targeted at University students.

We provide an easy way for bookstores and publishers to securely deliver interactive, digital materials to students across any web browser. Faculty can create study materials directly on our platform including readings, videos and more. Students need one central location where they can access material, and collaborate with peers, and that’s what StudySoup can provide!


ThrsholdCMThreshold is changing the way the building industry photographs their jobsites using mobile & web apps, clean design, and fair pricing.

Threshold organizes the vast amount of photos that construction projects create. We’re using elegant design and UX to delight customers that are traditionally used to bulky and expensive software solutions. Our paying customers range from large multi-national corporations working on $300M+ commercial projects to small residential contractors. We’re currently unfunded and have added over 100 unique construction projects in March and April.

Visulon Inc.


Visulon has developed web based SaaS cloud software products for Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Brands to make B2B Sales, Marketing and Merchandising operations highly efficient while shortening the time to market.

Visulon creates the structured database of the seasonal new products that include images, attributes and videos for Brands. Sales Teams, Dealers, Independent Reps and Buyers access it online as Digital Workbooks and searchable database. Using Visulon’s software platform they create custom assortments and custom digital workbooks for buyers, plan and place orders and overall improve the sales and marketing processes significantly.  Visulon’s products are designed as enterprise portals with tight security, roles/permissions based personalized access, with customized workflow, agile database and can be used with all browsers and all devices including iPad. They are also designed to work in unconnected mode and sync when connection is available making it extremely easy to run in the tradeshows, while traveling or without access to hotspots. This is a $340 billion market segment of which approx. 70%  are B2B sales. Visulon’s team has invested two years in development and is already selling to the major brand names.

Euro Demo Day Winner

Aliance logoWinner of Euro Demo Day TBD

April 2013 PitchForce Companies


AlminderAlminder delivers real-time, contextual knowledge to business consumers via a smart mobile calendar app.

Alminder’s NeverLate application saves users time and arms them with the information they need to be prepared, organized and on-time. The calendar is a great predictive source of user intent. The Alminder smart calendar uses this and context provided by the smartphone to bring critical knowledge to the user. Alminder focuses on the business professional but will solve problems for the whole person and not just the work part of life.


FabbitA fun, easy, social design platform for the 3D printing market, giving customers the power to create their own products on demand.

Fabbit opens up the rapidly booming economy of 3D printing to creative customers who love design but don’t have the time or money to learn expensive, difficult software. Like Cafe Press or Etsy, we provide a design marketplace, but offer the ability to easily create totally online, in a fun, social environment that requires no uploading. Fabbit’s revenue comes from a percentage of items ordered, plus vendor partnerships and premium subscriptions.


fotonotesFotoNotes’ innovative mobile and cloud based platform transforms the way that enterprises collect, manage and share mobile information.

FotoNotes is a mobile and cloud software company transforming the way that enterprises capture manage and share information. The FotoNotes platform makes it incredibly easy for real estate, construction, facilities management, field inspection, and other businesses to “mobilize” their operations to increase efficiency, improve real time communication and better serve their customers. Paying customers include Valligent, Teknion and McKesson.

Froovie Organics

frooviefroovieTM is an innovative organic beverage dispensing solution that combines fruit, vegetable and grains into a “Drink with BenefitsTM”

froovieTM is the first certified organic, gluten free cold-blended complete beverage solution. Created by food-service veterans, Roger and Eric, Froovie fills a market void by providing consumers a tasty, truly healthy beverage/snack that has significantly less sugar and calories than other “juice based” solutions while it’s mobile, labor-free “Bag in a Box” fountain-style delivery method allows for ease of installation and operations by users.


ittaviExpense management & bill payment system for child support – ending child support conflict while saving parents time & money.

Over 298 million parents worldwide exchange over $990 billion dollars every year in child support. Since there has not been a standard process or system, parents are forced to figure out how to manage this complex process on their own, resulting in conflict, wasted time & money. Ittavi provides an easy to use application to manage, track & pay child support, providing transparency, reducing conflict, while saving parents time & money.


Loyakk LogoLoYakk enables Instant “Shared Experience” Communities – o n-mobile and on-demand. 

We are re-imagining how we engage in  local conversations and give users the ability to  instantly engage with communities organized around any “shared experience” at any location. Users can “enter” any venue and engage in relevant conversations with others sharing the same context and experience.

College students can now converse with other students on campus, sports enthusiasts can communicate with each other during a sporting event at a local stadium, or  like-minded residents can converge a topic of local importance – all in the context of their local experience. We jettison the mandate to “join” groups, alleviate the requirement to “subscribe” and remove any need to “check in”.


pervillePerkville helps small and medium sized businesses retain customers by providing them with a cloud enabled loyalty platform.

We’re already used by nearly 1,000 businesses and several hundred thousand users around the world.

Picture Marketing

picturemarketingFotoZap® turns consumers into Superfans: Fans that actively contribute social media to any brand’s Facebook page or preferred social channel.

Brands are searching for effective ways to place content into social channels, measure the results of those efforts, and then re-market to participants and their friends. Most attempts at branded social sharing bring disappointing results. True success comes only when engaged consumers actively contribute content, and share it in ways that tell the brand’s story.

Using front-line employees (or paid brand ambassadors) to capture a photo or video of the consumer’s experience is a proven way to create active fans that willingly share a branded social media story with their circle of friends. Picture Marketing has created FotoZap as a complete solution, with multiple ways to: Capture images, Share them onsite, deliver them online via Social, and Manage campaigns.


pixtPixt is a fun and easy way to make collaborative walls of photos and videos with your friends and family. 

Pixt Walls are real time and collaborative. You and your friends can drag and drop pictures and videos onto a Pixt Wall for instant sharing. All you do is drag and drop your content onto your “Wall”.  You can drag and drop from anywhere and everywhere you have content – your hard drive, linked devices, like cameras, smartphones, tablets, flash drives; and Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Picasa, etc.  You can also link to, and send your Walls to your Facebook page and other social and photo services.



RealtyShares is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace where Accredited Investors can passively invest in pre-vetted real estate deals.

RealtyShares is an online real estate investment marketplace where high-quality real estate Investment Managers with pre-vetted real estate deals can raise capital from Accredited investors looking to passively invest in those deals. Small to mid-size real estate Investment Managers spend more than 40% of their time seeking capital instead of on real estate and most Accredited investors have limited access to quality RE Investments.