September 2013 PitchForce Companies



Muzzley is a middleware in the cloud focused on human and machine interaction. Muzzley is the layer over the internet of things that makes everyone speak the same language, inclusive the human.


friendtrusted-logoRevolutionizing the way we do home improvement.

A free price comparison and booking engine for home improvement. You can think of FriendTrusted as the Kayak and Expedia for the home improvement industry.


rabblTell your bands where to play.

RABBL is a social booking platform taking the risk out of the $9B live music business, where venues & bookers are swamped by millions of bands. We use crowdfunding to help artists play shows, let venues book with confidence, and give fans a real voice in where and when shows happen.


poster_logo_isolated-page-0 Helping kids read books with their long distance families.

Kindoma Storytime combines books and videochat to help young children connect with their long-distance families.  Books give families something to do together and something to talk about, leading to much longer and richer interactions over videochat.  The service is monetized through a subscription to a premium book catalog, or the purchase of individual books.

logoF-p182cvpss82ao15aivi21sbtqGet your cooking questions answered by professional chefs via a live video chat!

Cookstream is an educational platform where people can get their cooking questions answered in real time by a professional chef via video chat.
We are making professional chefs accessible by any one from the comfort of their home.
Now People have a chance to learn from first hand experience using latest video streaming technology getting personalized cooking support.
Its an extremely useful tool for people who cook at home at least occasionally and professional chefs who’d like to get their name out and earn additional income.

 Health SaaS


The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform removes silo barriers to connect, aggregate, integrate and visualize disparate data from mHealth applications and biometric medical devices. Bringing patient driven data into the clinical workflow as an asset and making it actionable within backend healthcare systems can facilitate early intervention, lower hospital admissions, improve outcomes and lower costs.

Skill Gravity


Skillgravity is a business network, which can be described as Quora +LinkedIn in a more intelligent way. Your contact book is now a search engine. Build your professional reputation and engage with all key people you meet.
For networking lovers, young professionals & industry experts we provide an efficient environment, where you can organize your network and build your name and reputation:
• Transform all your connections from different social networks and add business cards;
• Easy search for professionals, you have in different social and business networks by a specific combination of expertise or by personal notes;
• Receive an advice from professionals you know, even if they are not in the Skillgravity business network
• Showcase your knowledge and build your reputation among your network;
• Create you personal opinion about all the key people you meet.



Smaarts analyzes massive volumes of streaming data from security-related devices and other sources and finds behavioral patterns that meet the criteria indicative of an infection, in real-time. It also automates the repetitive tasks done by security analysts in medium to large enterprises, freeing them up to focus on true attacks. Our Big Data throughput lets us look at ALL data sources to detect behavioral patterns so that incident response is accelerated and infections are contained.



Batiste is the first rum to be made in a state of the art distillery that creates no pollution and is powered by solar and bio mass energy. At the dawn of this new era, Batiste hopes that you will discover that rum made in an eco-positive and quality first method is the finest of the white spirits.


SmartFunded Logo

SmartFunded is an online fundraising platform specifically designed for public schools.  With SmartFunded, schools can stop selling unwanted products door-to-door and start collecting donations online by tapping into their vast social networks.  Schools raise more money and keep more of what they raise.