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This Week’s Presenting Companies

September 19th, 2017




mxHero helps organizations adopt new technology through existing corporate email. The company’s flagship offering, Mail2Cloud,  is a cloud service that stores email and/or email attachments to cloud storage. mxHero complements existing email plugin solutions by capturing all emails (both inbound and outbound traffic, from any device type, operating system or platform) with no end-user intervention or workflow disruption. When an end-user uses an email-to-cloud plugin, mxHero enhances the experience, with no plugin conflict.


As your concert ticket concierge, Agora provides fans with a more cost-effective and convenient solution to get tickets to events you want to go to. You can pay the current “Buy Now” price like existing secondary markets or make an offer and tell us how much you are willing to pay. Through our technology, broker relationships, and dedication to physically monitor every secondary ticket platform from Stubhub to Facebook, we can be sure that the moment tickets drop to your desired price, we’ll be there to scoop them up.

No more stressing over tickets, aimlessly searching for better prices, or paying too much. Agora is here to do all of the heavy lifting so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Brain+Voyagers_Website-01Brain Voyages

We create Virtual Reality games for kids. Our first product is a space adventure game. Brain Voyagers runs on a smartphones, coded in Unity, and is compatible with the mobile headsets in the marketplace today. It’s a game experience like no other.


Knowmatters develops knowledge-based software using natural language processing and advanced business logic & reasoning technologies.  We’re focusing on selling SMART policy & regulatory compliance solutions in the Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance (eGRC) market to FinTech providers.  The eGRC market is on track to generate about $22 billion this year.  Gartner identified, cofounder & CTO, Paul Haley as one of the “Visionaries” in the rules-based, business logic & reasoning world.  We also have collaborative AI software initiatives with Intel and are in discussions with other major” Big Tech” companies.

September 14th, 2017


Siembra is the first social education network, customized to the needs of the fastest growing demographic in the US, primarily focused solutions addressing Latino education. More than 50% of this indigenous demographic fail HS. This is an unsustainable metric for US Compeitiveness. Siembra goes directly to the heart of the problem using a culturally attuned platform and business.

Is your process knowledge walking around in people’s heads, buried in unread procedures or embedded in fragmented automation? That limits your agility and makes it hard for your people to do the right thing. We have an approach proven in over 1,000 companies across all industries and delivered through cloud-based software.


Kallfly is an On Demand Virtual Contact Center which provides experienced call agents for Customer Support, Customer Survey, Telemarketing, Virtual Assistants, Appointment Setting and Lead Generation for both small and medium businesses.

With a proven track-record of facilitating thousands of hours of work from our call agents, and more than 3 million phone calls, plus flexible terms such as month-to-month, quarterly and bi-yearly engagement model, Kallfly has established itself as the best option for companies seeking reliable and affordable live agent support for new or existing campaigns, whether seasonal or long term.


Livzo is a total healthcare solution, providing simple communication and engagement tools for providers and outpatients. Livzo tools empower patients to better adhere to their post-discharge care plans, reducing readmission rates and improving quality of life for patients with chronic disease. Our personalized approach uses gamification, along with smart monitoring and hybrid AI (combination of human experts and machine learning) to provide more effective and accurate recommendations.


ActionDesk is a software as a service:
• That is connected to your business database and to the other Saas you are using
• That allows you – without coding – to define alerts based on all your data (ex: order still not delivered for more than 25min)
• Those alerts:
• Will create tickets in your favorite saas (Salesforce, Zendesk, Trello, etc)
• Or will act automatically by writing in your database (create a coupon or change a price for example)


Knowmatters develops knowledge-based software using natural language processing and advanced business logic & reasoning technologies.  We’re focusing on selling SMART policy & regulatory compliance solutions in the Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance (eGRC) market to FinTech providers.  The eGRC market is on track to generate about $22 billion this year.  Gartner identified, cofounder & CTO, Paul Haley as one of the “Visionaries” in the rules-based, business logic & reasoning world.  We also have collaborative AI software initiatives with Intel and are in discussions with other major” Big Tech” companies.

September 7th, 2017



Parknav is the parking solution for car drivers who need street parking spots fast. Car drivers find best street parking with turn-by-turn navigation or heatmap. Efficient and cheap way to find street parking for car drivers. Parknav is available in the USA and Germany.

Car drivers can also purchase discounted parking in garages via Parknav partners.



Clinical Maestro

We are passionate about transforming the way biopharma companies manage their clinical business operations. ClinicalMaestro is a revolutionary ecosystem of modular and integrated business applications, that can radically improve the way companies initiate and manage clinical contracts throughout their lifecycle, plan and control total clinical costs and perform study, program and portfolio scenario analyses by combining operational and financial drivers in a singular and entirely novel way.


SmartCatch is focused on creating innovative products that support sustainable commercial fishing. SmartCatch is committed to developing innovative, cost-effective products designed to help fishermen increase their profitability and lighten their ecological impact.




ZenSports is a mobile app for recreation/amateur sports that makes it easy for you to find and schedule matches with other players and teams near you, as well as find, register, and pay for leagues, tournaments, pickup games, and social sporting events. Whether you’re looking to play a serious match with your best friend or a practice match with someone new, ZenSports has you covered.

ZenSports lets you live stream your matches to show your friends and the world all of the winning that you’re doing. You can also follow along live with your friends’ videos. ZenSports keeps track of all of your match play results, stats, and rankings. Others can see your match play results and stats in real time as they’re happening.




mxHero helps organizations adopt new technology through existing corporate email. The company’s flagship offering, Mail2Cloud,  is a cloud service that stores email and/or email attachments to cloud storage. mxHero complements existing email plugin solutions by capturing all emails (both inbound and outbound traffic, from any device type, operating system or platform) with no end-user intervention or workflow disruption. When an end-user uses an email-to-cloud plugin, mxHero enhances the experience, with no plugin conflict.



Siembra is the first social education network, customized to the needs of the fastest growing demographic in the US, primarily focused solutions addressing Latino education. More than 50% of this indigenous demographic fail HS. This is an unsustainable metric for US Compeitiveness. Siembra goes directly to the heart of the problem using a culturally attuned platform and business.




WE’RE BUILDING THE NASDAQ FOR THE MULTIFAMILY INDUSTRY. A secondary marketplace where investors can buy and sell contracts they already own. We offer exclusive OFF MARKET analyzed deals, risk management solutions, market trends and joint venture partnership opportunities.


logo 50_50Dilettante Walks

Dilettante Walks is a trip preparation and gps guided tour software consisting of two parts: web app and mobile app. We are providing in-depth information covering lesser advertised cities like Naples, Italy. Each walk has attraction points with text and audio plus links to Wikipedia and other resources.



Knowmatters develops knowledge-based software using natural language processing and advanced business logic & reasoning technologies.  We’re focusing on selling SMART policy & regulatory compliance solutions in the Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance (eGRC) market to FinTech providers.  The eGRC market is on track to generate about $22 billion this year.  Gartner identified, cofounder & CTO, Paul Haley as one of the “Visionaries” in the rules-based, business logic & reasoning world.  We also have collaborative AI software initiatives with Intel and are in discussions with other major” Big Tech” companies.

August 3rd, 2017


Swishh is an app designed to share social media accounts at the speed of sound. Swishh helps eliminate the problem of inefficiency when it comes to exchanging contact information. The solution is Swishh which is a contact sharing app through ultrasonic audio technology that is universal, fast, and unified.



BIPRONUM is an enterprise software company allowing people to visually design and organize their day-to-day work to get stuff done.bipronum_pos_rgb



e Track

e Track is an IoT-enabled predictive maintenance for equipment. Its end-to-end IoT-enabled predictive work orders save 20% or more on equipment maintenance.



Gate Labs, Inc.

Gate Labs is the personal assistant for your home. This assistant provides convenient and verified access for home deliveries and services.





mxHero, Inc

mxHero bridges email to the Cloud divide. The way mxHero works is that it is an intelligent, optimized, seamless, and non-disruptive system. This benefits the organization because it allows for a single pane for documents and email, security, and reduced costs.

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uQuote provides 1-on-1 instant digital quotes on any car from everywhere. Dealers and sellers have instant and personalized quotes to thousands of in-market buyers across all marketing channels.



July 19th, 2017


CORA premise is to create a marketing automation suite that’s mobile first for the world’s best freelancers and a marketplace to find them.

download 2.35.33 PM








Vet Guardian 

Vet Guardian is a monitoring sensor that sends a micro-doppler radio signal to an animal. The sensor helps monitor the rise and fall of the chest as well as the movements of the heartbeat. This wireless device can help with constant respiration, heart rate, and movement measurements without requiring the contact of the patient involved.

Locale IQ

Locale IQ starts by using CMS and digital map building tools such as content and mapping and then adds functionality that is critical to land and infrastructure managers such as social features, alerts, events, surveys, etc.

download 2.04.34 PM






Vend.Op allows for all supplier information in one place and provides many benefits to the market such as cost and lower supplier risk. Also, Vend.Op increases efficiency, reduces supplies in the supply chain and increases buying power.


Cordially provides a new and more efficient way to send wedding invitations. Each guest receives a unique website URL with a personalized invitation and each new template is different than the others. Also, Cordially offers analytics for emails (once they are delivered, opened, clicked and RSVP).


Swishh is an app designed to share social media accounts at the speed of sound. Swishh helps eliminate the problem of inefficiency when it comes to exchanging contact information. The solution is Swishh which is a contact sharing app through ultrasonic audio technology that is universal, fast, and unified.









SwayPay helps to leverage the leading technology to deliver an app with superior biometric verifications. It also provides users with a solution of automated registration so shoppers can skip the forms and keep their personal details safe which helps to simplify the checkout process. The whole idea of SwayPay is to help combat the loss of in abandoned carts.

July 11th, 2017

Vet Guardian

Vet Guardian is a monitoring sensor that sends a micro-doppler radio signal to an animal. The sensor helps monitor the rise and fall of the chest as well as the movements of the heartbeat. This wireless device can help with constant respiration, heart rate, and movement measurements without requiring the contact of the patient involved.


CORA premise is to create a marketing automation suite that’s mobile first for the world’s best freelancers and a marketplace to find them.









Streetography is an app that contains photos with online maps. Streetography uses photos to help the viewer understand what an area looks like before they visit. Streetography is reinventing the streetmap on your smartphone. We overlay maps with curated, high-quality photos to give you a taste of the local flavor of each block, neighborhood, or city.









Ring 4b3KkbcvQ_400x400

What Ring 4 offers is that smart phone numbers for texting and calling are able to be on demand. Also, Ring 4 allows an employer to manage employee phone numbers as easily as email accounts.






Hyphen helps to get rid of employee disengagement in which 70% of workers are disengaged which is the #1 concern of 60% of CEOs. Hyphen helps with this problem by giving anonymous opinions with real-time insights which leads to better actions earlier.









Locale IQ starts by using CMS and digital map building tools such as content and mapping and then adds functionality that is critical to land and infrastructure managers such as social features, alerts, events, surveys, etc.







Colabus helps to streamline data by making it easier for the user. It helps to organize the fragmented data and chaos by organizing it into logically integrated data. The context based knowledge is used to help organize your data. Colabus provides faster value realization by using real time analytics and artificial intelligence.





June 14th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.59.45 PMPreacute

Works to lower runaway healthcare costs by engaging patients with medical conditions worsening to acute stages before they occur and save $4.2 Billion with their model. They also utilize AnaVis (Analytical Vision) which is their machine learning Clinical Predictive Model. Also, with their complete Data Driven Care Delivery Service it can save $100 billion or more in improved population health management.


The Peak Beyond

The Peak Beyond is a developer of interactive smart tables for cannabis retail spaces. Our goal is to provide consumers with the educational benefit of a digital patient consultant with the pleasure of enjoying a self-guided museum tour.



Crisp Lab is a biotech startup transferring the relevant genes from marijuana into yeast, with the intention of producing first THC then CBD directly from sugar and vitamins, circumventing the farming process, intended both for recreational and medicinal use.  Models suggest a 30x cost reduction.



Getting to a high-quality action plan can be a major challenge – that amplifies with many options and stakeholders. Complexity like this is where Ethelo shines. Ethelo guarantees the highest quality results with the greatest possible participant buy-in, saving you time and money and earning you a mandate for action.

Ethelo’s powerful algorithmic technology harnesses the powers of optimized consensus and scenario analysis within a comprehensive engagement framework.

Arovia download

First foldable display company TV-Sized tablet in your pocket. Arovia has a spontaneous pop-up display with words like a projector connected to an umbrella and it folds like a rugged umbrella to the size and weight of a book.

Water & Life

Gravity-driven membrane based household water treatment system for developing companies.

Dples Co., LTD: “Smart driving assistant system”Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 2.26.30 PM

Dples Co., LTD makes smart driving assistant system for drivers to decrease the accident rate with a mission of keeping people safe and healthy from an accident.

BA Energy

Zero energy building with 100% renewable energy. The product consists of a solar panel with a high-efficiency insulation panel and energy storage material. Also the building energy management system (BEMS) provides power quality analysis as well as energy storage material operation analysis.




June 8th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.56.36 PMLifeSpark: Turning ideas into action

LifeSpark is an interactive alternative to workshops as well as parenting books. Parents can become engaged by using the LifeSpark App by using the chatbot feature and learn more about how to be a good parent. LifesSpark fits the buys lives of parents.


SimplyVital Health      Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.58.33 PM

In a value based care world, seeing the entire patient care pathway is crucial. Existing solutions – faxing and EMRs – are ineffective in capturing the complete, big picture. From MACRA to Alternative Payment Models, our tool connects providers, supporting their transition to value based care regardless of their clinical affiliation.


Crisp Lab is a biotech startup transferring the relevant genes from marijuana into yeast, with the intention of producing first THC then CBD directly from sugar and vitamins, circumventing the farming process, intended both for recreational and medicinal use.  Models suggest a 30x cost reduction.

Preacute  Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.59.45 PM

Works to lower runaway healthcare costs by engaging patients with medical conditions worsening to acute stages before they occur and save $4.2 Billion with their model. They also utilize AnaVis (Analytical Vision) which is their machine learning Clinical Predictive Model. Also, with their complete Data Driven Care Delivery Service it can save $100 billion or more in improved population health management.

Evaline      Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 2.00.24 PM

Evaline is a designer of intelligent electric vehicle optimization solutions for work, home, and life. The Evaline Scheduler is an intelligent shared EV charger scheduler. The scheduler is Cloud-based and operates on intelligent SaaS.

eigoMANGA    Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 2.01.15 PM

eigoMANGA is a mobile VR app for digital comics. The COMX VR is a mobile VR App for digital comics. The App is a mobile app that will work on all types of Mobile VR headsets.

November 17th, 2016


A team of passionate technologists from Silicon Valley who are dedicated to understanding the art of decisions made by the subconscious mind to yield powerful business outcomes. We do this using the science of psychological, structured/unstructured social or enterprise data and machine learning to build an AI platform to tap into the subconscious mind of humans.



Flashbrand is a real-time employee feedback and instant e-learning solution. It simplifies HR and inspires a growth mindset by empowering all employees to continuously share their views and own their performance and development. Employees get better faster, and organizations adapt to the new world of work.








GoGoGuest is an end-to-end solution to turn commercial spaces into flexible work spaces. We’re currently focused on the convenience retail (coffee house, tea bars, pubs) segment.



The Gooroo app is a trusted community for people to list, discover, and book tutoring sessions — all from a smartphone. Gooroo helps users find the best match between tutors and students for in-person meetings. We are building meaningful and productive relations through our app, and spread the lifestyle of learning and sharing. We believe in the diversity of talents, and whoever has talents should be the Gooroo in life!



NoMiddleMan is a direct to consumer retailer of home furnishings doing business online at We bring a wide selection of items to the consumer and reasonable prices. We source everything directly from the factory and avoid any unnecessary costs such as warehouses, extra offices, trading companies, or anything else we don’t need. We deliver directly to homes and businesses across the United States. NoMiddleMan has a larger selection and can maintain lower costs than other companies.



POWERbahn is entering the $6B fitness equipment marketplace with its patented Natural Resistance™ and Music Beat Cadence Synchronization™ for exercise machines. Natural Resistance™ duplicates the mass and momentum of every user in every virtual reality environment, and Music Beat Cadence Synchronization™ automatically changes resistance to keep users in sync with music beat regardless of how hard they ride or pedal to music or videos to achieve an unparalleled fitness experience.



Souper Seconds



seesaydo-logoWe make work more rewarding. We use algorithms, content and mobile tech to reward employees when they See, Say and Do things that increase job satisfaction and increase profit per employee. Through our clients we reach 40 000 people while letting companies know just how engaged their staff/communities are – and help them improve so they don’t have to worry about it.



Swarm Vision is a crowd-powered innovation company. We have developed a unique patent-pending process for scalable innovation crowdsourcing, and for profiling individuals on their innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Our approach enables us to deliver superior innovation results, in significantly less time, and for less investment, than traditional innovation methodologies.




Wave Solar connects homeowners with qualified solar installers and financing. After applying online, a homeowners profile is enhanced to determine if they would be a good fit for solar and financing options. Solar industry partners bid on opportunities through an easy to use self serve portal.

September 27th, 2016


Grain is an iPhone app that helps you discover the world of investing alongside people you trust. You can finally overcome the confidence barrier that new investors face by: » Discovering the stock market with a search tool that instantly connects any familiar keyword or idea to relevant stocks and ETFs » Collaborating with a community of friends and family » Linking to a personal brokerage account to invest directly from Grain » Enjoying the experience with a clean app flow and attractive UI.


ShopInbox Unlocks All Your Credit Card Protections To Get You Refunds When Prices Drop, Extended Warranties And A Whole Lot More! It allows you to Automatically track all the benefits on your credit card, know the coverage you have for every individual product, and includes chat interface that makes it easy to claim your protection.



RealKey’s mission is to make the most user friendly and easy to use application to manage life’s biggest financial decision. RealKey provides an unprecedented view of how realtors and lenders actually perform, and facilitates the entire process of buying, selling and financing your home. By uniting previously private data sources, RealKey enables a new level of insight to buyers and sellers. Sync directly income and asset providers to streamline document collection, and search for realtors and lenders based on your specific needs.


Bitwage creates tools to help workers find and manage clients and receive their wages in flexible distributions. We aim to reduce payroll costs and increase transfer speeds for freelancers, contractors, employees, and employers.



OpenInvest is socially responsible investing made easy. OpenInvest provides you with the optimal portfolio for your finances, your future, and your personal values. OpenInvest is the game-changing platform making it easy to shape the world everyday. The future is truly in your hands.

December 16th, 2015

asterRIDE Logo-04

AsterRIDE is the for limousine or luxury vehicle on a single platform.  We aggregate match licensed and commercially insured luxury ride services with passengers’ ride requests.  We offer a branded app – asterRIDE and a white label solution to a fast growing network of chauffeurs.  AsterRIDE was recognized in June 2015 by the Entrepreneur Magazine as one of their Top 100 Brilliant companies and was the only limo or taxi app to make Amadeus’ top 7 travel apps.



1806 is the first on demand cocktail delivery application.  We have put together a curated menu of cocktails that users can order to their doorstep within an hour on their smartphones.  1806 is the perfect way to start an office happy hour or pregame before a night out. Check out the app in the App Store!



Jobspeaker is a collaborative software platform that enables students and career professionals to work together to achieve better career placement outcomes.   It helps students manage their job search and find matching job openings; career services understand who to help, see real-time metrics and meet regulatory demands; and employers find and recruit the right candidates.



Stellup is bringing alumni networking and fundraising to mobile. We are powering customers such schools and universities around the world. Download Stellup from the App Store or go on



Navagis Enterprise organizations run their businesses via Google Maps and Google Earth. Navagis provides enterprise web and mobile solutions that are built on top of the Google Geo platform. Navagis is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in the USA, Singapore, Philippines and Japan.


November 18th, 2015


 Lenderwize is a novel Fintech Service which seeks to replace small savings accounts (which offer very low interest), with a year end payout of +7,2%.   We have integrated two distinct markets we are experts in:  Crowdlending & Telecom. Our Mobile APP will be an instrument for saving,  investing, and creating loyalty.  Our goal: 1 million


image015 Donehire is crowdsourcing headhunting. We are the first job platform where both organizations and users are profitable! Focused on quality, Donehire allows organizations to find and hire quality candidates spending less time/money, allowing users to profit from it.



GamePlan™ help employers with selection, hiring, training and mentoring of entry level employees using sophisticated software to determine suitability and skill level. We match supply with demand in the job market.



Roadgazer Inc. is an Artificial Intelligence Assistant to plan and manage the car trips on the go, for Connected Car Infotainment. Real Time and Voice – driven, it transforms your Connected Car into a personal trip co-pilot.


image021Semiautomatic Semiotics provides wearable minimalist immersive digital signage solutions. Initial metrics have shown 3D and augmented reality to have profound effects upon consumer attitudes including a 64% increase in purchasing likelihood (




Trnio is a 3D scanning company.  Our app and technology converts any iPhone into a hi-resolution 3D scanner.    Our upcoming product allows anyone to instantly create a hi-quality avatar ready for any 3D game or VR environment.



Everfave was recently named “Top 10” most viewed startups in the U.S. by Looksharp. Everfave’s mobile platform converts your customers into your evangelists and enables businesses to grow.



Onpublico is the news community where ordinary people report news they witness to keep their peers informed. Onpublico brings personalized relevant news to each user by matching the “what”, “when” and “where” of news and users. Onpublico’s users interact requesting further information from other users and organize themselves to take action over something that matters to them.


WhoKnows finally unlocks who knows what and who knows who in your organization.  Our discovery platform can automatically derive expertise and relationships, WhoKnows can contextually recommend the best colleague to provide answers or warm intros in your favorite web apps and search engines.image022



Curb Ninja allows motorbikers to find & share safe, secure parking in busy urban centers.


October 21st, 2015

Azure Logo v2 Azure Mobile Market Insight’s Software as a Service tracks and reports mobile consumer behavior in near real time. It captures mobile-device activity from opt-in panels of consumers and provides clients with a complete view of mobile consumer behavior.


Filmbuildr is a wfilmbuildr_logoeb-based animation platform for global collaboration and outsourcing of animation, game assets, and visual effects work. Created by a team of former Pixar engineers, Filmbuildr provides a marketplace and proprietary tools to bridge the gap between studios and outsourced artists.

Language Zen Logo

Language Zen is the most effective way to learn a foreign language. We create totally custom experiences for every user and let you learn through real music and personal interests. We’re proven to be 2.2X more effective than Rosetta Stone and 1.5X more effective than Duolingo.


LOKL Original (Black on White)

LOKL is the easiest way to buy farm fresh food. We offer freshly prepared meals made with ingredients sourced directly from friendly farmers and ordered through a mobile app with pickup or delivery service. Order in advance or on demand, fast food is now the opposite of junk food.


Nommery maNommery logo smalltches you with awesome people for shared meals at great restaurants. Whether you’re looking to meet new friends, build business connections or find the love of your life, Nommery will help you meet the right people. Reserve your seat at one of our tables with a simple RSVP fee, or purchase all-inclusive tickets to our family-style feasts


PiQ logo final 650x650PIQ is being built to become a leading platform in the future Internet of Things. PIQ has a host of innovative apps and GPS tracking services



Phenom Logo Phenom is a service for brands to gather insight, reviews, ratings, and sentiment from young athletes.


Swiftiswiftify logo 2fy is the world’s first Objective-C to Swift converter. It helps iOS developers to learn Swift and save plenty of coding hours by converting code blocks, files and whole projects, both online and offline. We made reusing existing code bases written in Objective-C really easy and fun – it all works just in one click!


VeloPalVeloPal | RunningPal is a fast growing global online community of athletes and bike commuters. VeloPal makes it easy to track, share, and analyze workouts/bike commute.


WageSpot app logoWageSpot is the world’s first user-driven and location-based salary app. Its purpose is to answer a question that crosses everyone’s mind “What is everyone around me making?” A “Zillow for Salaries” – WageSpot gives an opportunity to every individual user to anonymously share their salary information directly with others.

August 19th, 2015

GreenTowers Logo


GreenTowers delivers everything you need to grow your own greens with minimal space, time, and effort so you can start eating fresher and healthier.



Corpus-e offers a Software-as-a-Service solution for shoe retailers that digitizes shoe fitting. Based on our proprietary database of 3D shoe-inside scans of all shoes in a retailers’ inventory, our sophisticated best fit engine uses the 3D foot scan of a shoe buyer to identify fitting shoes.



Club Cooee is the biggest virtual club zone with 6.5 million users worldwide. We enable our users to meet, party and connect to new friends in a fun way. For that we built a crossover of a social network, 3D virtual clubs and a 3D mobile messenger.



Blayz’s mission is to reduce student debt before it even happens.  We help students’ find their passions BEFORE they get to college, so they don’t have to waste time and money trying to figure it out then.



Machineparty will close the loop on B2B transactions in the Industrial IoT.  The first step is allowing buyers the ability to broadcast what they need.  Machineparty calls this a “meep”. Sellers get to filter through the meeps as free leads, like a news feed.  This reverses the current inquiry/quotation workflow in industry where buyers hunt for materials, processes and parts while sellers hope to be found.


TimeJoy is a unique combination between a smart calendar and a personal assistant. TimeJoy makes life more efficient and productive for overcommitted and overscheduled professionals. The app plans your day in an entirely new way, eliminating the need to hop from one app to another. This allows modern, increasingly mobile professionals to plan complex logistics.

July 22nd, 2015 

logo-cutout provides a cloud based reservation and management system for homeowners to rent houses to companies and executivs wanting extended stays in homes rather than hotels. Enabling home owners to more than triple rental income, companies to reduce hotel costs, and executives to stay in more comfortable surroundings Home-tels provides users a complete reservation and property management system.


NEW Logo-1

Kids are absolutely obsessed with touchscreens, but the evidence suggests that most apps, especially the wholesome & educational apps preferred by parents, fail to deeply engage kids (1 month retention rates of kids apps average ~10%). Our premise was simple in creating DigiPuppets: bring the best of classic play back to the touchscreen generation. We create amazingly engaging stories with well-developed characters and package them into educational apps that teach state standard-aligned curriculum and social skill development. We make our apps exceptionally fun by creating physical finger puppet stylus toys of all of our characters, which are used to play our apps. These touchscreen finger puppets become learning companions and serve to build deeper connections with our characters. By focusing on great original content and adding a physical toy to a digital medium, we stimulate more key areas of the brain than traditional screen time, resulting in truly engaging play. By harnessing engagement to entertain and teach, we’re creating a brand that kids will love and parents can feel great about.


1 Looks. is an iPhone app that instantly arranges items in a woman’s wardrobe into stylish outfits  and adds items to those looks that can transform her style.

We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that creates outfits with no human involvement and learns user’s tastes with every swipe, while collecting data on their likes with their current shopping habits (brands, frequency, categories, sizes, colours, patterns, etc. across merchants) based on their existing wardrobe – gold dust for retailers.



HELLO STAGE is the LinkedIn for Classical Music. We provide an online social network platform for the one million professional classical musicians searching for their next engagement. We support musicians at every stage of their career from graduation to world renowned star. HELLO STAGE reflects the leading trend of gearing towards a more freelance, maker-oriented creator economy.


VideoFactory_logoVideoFactory is Web-Based Video Maker which lets you make professional quality of video in a few minutes.

It is like WordPress for Videos. Designers can upload and sell Video templates and Customers can choose from the templates and, with a snap, there comes the Video!


1 LogoOJOO, a revolutionary mobile app for creating, playing, sharing and selling location-

based games from any mobile device, is turning the world into one big playground. With OJOO, everyone can build and play spectacular city games, excursions and guided tours that combine online elements with real-life gameplay





floss|time is the first-of-its-kind smart floss dispenser elegantly designed to help both adults and children develop better flossing habits. floss|time beautifully mounts to your bathroom mirror, automatically dispenses floss at the push of a button, and uses LED lights to make flossing fun, easy and habit-forming.



DDSports is a team sports platform fueled by player performance data gathered via wearables and smart equipment in games, team and individual practices. Dramatically improving individual and team performance. We believe that individual performance drives team performance, and that you cannot improve what you don’t measure.



Beautified is the easiest way for ‘on-the-go’ beauty enthusiasts to discover and book the best in beauty.   Our mobile application connects users with last minute open appointments, and allows beauty & wellness merchants to variably price these appointments to stimulate demand.  This allows us to tackle the multi-billion dollar yield management problem in beauty and wellness much more dynamically and efficiently than Groupon and similar discount schemes.  We’ve also developed proprietary technology that eliminates the number one pain point that limits our competitors.





June 17th, 2015

Splyt.jpgSplyt is a new mode of transport. A mobile application offering the world’s commuters a new and cheaper way to get from A to B using minicabs by enabling shared journeys, and hence shared costs, for passengers going a similar direction. Built on a complex, proprietary and scalable algorithm designed around a strong consumer insight. Offering on-demand convenience, a seamless user experience and a roadmap of unique, innovative features.

Logo (06.01.15)acuteIQ finds customers that are interested in buying or learning more about a product. We then deliver this audience to a marketer’s page and guarantee conversion down the consumer buying funnel. The company’s unique approach is the process of finding engaged consumers and the profiling & scoring of them. acuteIQ already has 20 customers (including The North Face, Starz), many of which have run repeat campaigns, and is profitable.


Adways offers a revolutionary online platform enabling anyone to make interactive videos. Enrich your Educational, Advertising, Media and Corporate videos with clickable contents to boost audience engagement and monetization by providing the right information at the right time within your videos.


Blackfire, a SaaS delivered solution, is a game changer in web application performance management. It fuels your business by making sure your apps perform faster with every new release (and improves developer’s productivity by giving them the right information at the right moment)




Pradeo provides apps security solutions for Smartphones, tablets and IoT devices. Its apps behavioral analysis engine Trust Revealing™ is able to reveal all actions performed without the user’s knowledge by a mobile app: retrieval of private/ professional data, phone tapping, etc


Insanely easy legal practice management. With Jarvis, lawyers can draft and share documents, manage cases and clients, track their time and edit bills. They stay focused on their expertise as Jarvis pulls data and content from the documents and puts clients, cases, bills and much more together automatically. Lawyers stop wasting valuable time and start speaking with their clients, jurisdictions and colleagues again.


Resurvey sits on the cusp of where transportation and technology intersect, by offering modern solutions to an outdated process.  In an industry that has always relied on in-home surveys, and struggled with the inefficiencies that they present, Resurvey enters the market to revolutionize the process. We put the power in the hands of the moving companies by providing them with simple, yet secure, solutions utilizing video support platforms that are capable of delivering services anytime, anywhere.  In short, Resurvey is a cost-effective business communications tool.Through our secure video interface, businesses can communicate, record, playback,share, and archive customer information and interaction.



StreetHawk is Mobile Growth Automation.

Mobile App owners use StreetHawk to organically acquire, onboard and personally engage users in real time, on a single platform, at scale.  77% of App downloads are from referrals and recommendations but until now App onboarding was broken – we’ve solved that with Personalized Onboarding, Referral Tracking, and Predictive Engagement. StreetHawk is your platform for viral growth.

With Customers from retail, loyalty, travel and startups StreetHawk will drive user growth and monetization for all Apps that want to growthhack there way to dominance and reduce addiction to Paid User Acquisition.





May 20th, 2015


HEXO+ is the first self-driven flying camera, which follows and frames you autonomously, enabling everyone to shoot Hollywood style videos using only a smart phone and HEXO+ solution. HEXO+ is unique in the way it allows users to set a frame and lets the smartphone pilot the hexacopter carrying an action cam. HEXO+ has recently been rewarded 3 times at the CES (Best Innovation, iOS App and drone) and won the ISPO Brandnew award for accessories.


Evercontact is the flagship product of Kwaga, an up-and-coming French startup launched in 2009. Evercontact is the cloud solution that saves you time by automatically creating & continually updating your address book for Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce and more.


After inventing Business Objects®, the CEO of TellMePlus introduces a new cocktail of Predictive and Prescriptive Objects® to deliver actionable Next Best Actions®. Its disruptive, patented and multi awarded technology of Meta Active Machine Learning is miniaturized and embedded in the object itself allowing any device to analyze a situation and take action, autonomously. Tellmeplus is going to revolutionize the IoT world!


Adways offers a revolutionary online platform enabling anyone to make interactive videos. Enrich your Educational, Advertising, Media and Corporate videos with clickable contents to boost audience engagement and monetization by providing the right information at the right time within your videos.



Manta Tools allows large enterprises to save the millions of dollars spent each year on keeping their business intelligence (BI) environment from falling apart. With our unique capability to manage massive amounts of custom code in BI, our software is important to both large enterprises like Vodafone and Société Générale as well as big vendors like Informatica, IBM, Oracle, and SAP.



TapNSell is The World’s Garage Sale making it easy for people to buy and sell items with each other using their smart phone.




envelope logo2 Envelope offers customers a simple, automated way to share and manage encrypted email communications. Our patented encryption sharing solution makes setting up encrypted email communications as easy as clicking send. Our platform also offers direct HIPAA-compliant HISP to patient email communications.



Digital Retail Apps provides award winning mobile shopping solutions to make shopping more convenient and fun.

SelfPay®, the flagship product, is a convenient mobile self-checkout solution for on-the-go shoppers and fits their busy lifestyles and preferences. With SelfPay, shoppers use their phone to scan and pay for items in-app and skip the checkout line. Scan. Pay. Go. It’s that easy.

Included in our solution is a mobile retailer verification component for loss prevention. It’s patented.

Other products include SelfPay® Staff, the mobile customer engagement tool to help retail staff boost sales, loyalty and conversion.

Digital Retail Apps is based in Toronto, Canada and has a wholly owned US subsidiary incorporated in Delaware.



In an era where shifting demographics, environmental changes, and technological advances are constantly reshaping our world, Nutrient Guru believes in the power of business to bring people together in making positive contributions that serve the common good. Our Northern California roots run deep – we are human beings passionate about our pursuit of environmentally-friendly innovation and dedicated to the creation of a prosperous and sustainable future for ourselves, our children, and our planet.


Wipster is a video collaboration platform that allows marketers to efficiently work with video producers, and is being extended to give them more tools to set and track their video marketing, and hire video producers directly through a marketplace.

In the six months since launch, we’ve achieved a quarter million in recurring revenue, and are used by brands such as Evernote, NBC Universal, Time Inc and Shopify.




April 15th, 2015

DA_Horiz_Logo_w_tag_LRGDwellAware is a Data Analytics Company serving the Residential Real Estate Sector.

A home is a consumer’s largest asset, liability and expense, and housing is the largest debt and equity market in the US.  Despite this, the businesses that assume the risks associated with a home purchase don’t currently have a way to quantify in advance of the purchase decision the risks they are taking on.  DwellAware solves this problem by helping these businesses better predict these risks and reduce their costs. 

We do this by digitizing critical, but previously non-existent information about homes.  We then analyze this proprietary information to identify and predict the unique risks for each business. Our insights significantly reduce the information asymmetry that currently exists for these businesses, and allow them to make better financial and risk assessments in advance of supporting a home purchase decision.

Our target market includes mortgage underwriters and securities purchasers, GSEs (Fannie/Freddie/etc.) credit bureaus, insurance underwriters, utilities, brokerages, listings & rental companies, shared housing (e.g. Airbnb), home services providers, developers and private equity buyers, amongst others.




Selly Automotive is a mobile first sales platform for dealerships and sales people. We offer the sales person a freemium app with all the core tools they need to prospect and the ability to buy leads on demand. For the dealership we provide an intuitive end to end sales system with minimal training for a replacement of legacy competitors. We are disrupting the $4 billion automotive software space.



logo-rectangularLoyalis Technologies, Inc., was founded in 2014. by three European entrepreneurs, with a goal to solve the biggest problem of a $1.5T e-commerce industry – the inability to efficiently maximize customer value and retention.

This problem was first identified by the CEO of Loyalis, Rade Joksimovic, while he was running his previous company serving the same e-commerce businesses. After having that company acquired, he gathered a team of extremely talented co-founders and went on a journey to build a solution.

Thesolution-Loyalis- isthefirstlearningplug-and-playloyaltyprogramforsmall and medium online retailers which adapts based on customer behavior to motivate higher spending and maximize customer value. With only 15 minutes and zero know-how, retailers are now able to launch their own self-optimized loyalty program with this SaaS solution.

Company’s vision is to grow into a business intelligence solution for online retail which will not only provide insights on what drives customer loyalty, but also tools to act on that data to maximize individual spend of every single customer.


Logo_Grey_HHNaked Labs has developed the only smart scale that visualizes your results by creating & analyzing your 3D body model, guiding you to your true form. Founded in 2014, Naked Labs is pioneering the revolution of moving health beyond a number with an experienced multi-disciplined EE, ME, CS, optics and business team.


Qinetic_LogoQinetic is a live streaming and on-demand video platform for the health and fitness space. At Qinetic, we make healthy living easier and more efficient by providing great quality content from some of the best faces in the industry. Qinetic live streaming allows users to experience real time interactive workout classes with our top-ranked coaches and trainers. Our classes consist of a mix of unique fitness workouts, nutrition segments,and motivational talks that can be viewed right from the comfort of your own home and at no cost. With a variety of classes hosted at various times throughout the week, finding a class to fit your schedule is seamless, and with our “on-demand” feature, you never have to miss a class! We understand leading a healthy lifestyle has its challenges. With Qinetic Live; everyone is given the opportunity to meet their fitness goals. We’ve eliminated your excuses for not making it to the gym.


March 18th, 2015


logoCountless charts, dashboards and reports have overwhelmed marketers and are creating a newer, bigger problem: DATA NOISE. They don’t have the resources to understand the data or know how to make money from it.

Cognetik solves the growing “data noise” problem by connecting to a customer’s existing data sources and, using proprietary algorithms, generates answers to only the most important business questions about marketing performance, product sales, and user experience. The result is accelerated business decisions and increased revenue.

Cognetik is doing for digital analytics what TurboTax has done for tax preparation. Cognetik’s business model is simple: sell SaaS licenses. There is no setup required; businesses can sign up and get insights immediately.



axence_logo_transparentAxence is a developer of software for the comprehensive management of computer networks. Our software responds not only to the needs of network administrators and IT infrastructure/security engineers, but also those of the executive staff. We have already noted more than 600 000 installations of our software worldwide, and the number is still growing.



logozeotap empowers Mobile Network Operators to unleash and activate their rich subscriber data for precise audience targeting in mobile advertising.

zeotap was founded by a team with extensive experience at Vodafone, IBM and Fyber (RNTS Media) and is backed by the HitFox group and prominent business angels including former executives at Deutsche Telekom, GfK, McKinsey and AOL.


Avolved logo 300Avolved’s patent pending sensor technology tracks the presence and movement of people so space can be used more efficiently, economically and more comfortably by it’s occupants. It’s sensors see people in 1 square foot pixels so their privacy is maintained while their anonymous activity can help organizations reduce energy consumption, save over 20 times the cost of the system each year and boost employee productivity and satisfaction.



Find properties based on due diligence results

We save real estate investors valuable time on due diligence by finding properties based on ROI, CAP rate, Discount, Upside, and many other criteria



logo standard on transpAltoserv empowers consumers to Know What They Own by identifying their assets and preparing for disaster.  This process brings disruption to the insurance industry by fundamentally changing the way that contents claims are managed.  Altoserv saves carriers up to 50% of their administrative costs and brings change to the process that engages the policy holder at the single most important contact point that exists between the carrier & the policy holder.


Telefun LOGOSmarter than the game show contestants you see on TV? Now you can compete with other viewers for prizes, and see yourself on live TV too. Telefun makes massively multiplayer TV games possible, without the need for pricey and complicated set-top boxes, computers or gaming consoles. Our patent-pending PlaySync platform ensures that the games are fair, in spite of video delays caused by viewer distance from the broadcast facility.

All you need is a TV and any phone.

Telefun has powered several live multiplayer game shows, watched by millions. We are currently co-producing PlayTV, a 24-hour interactive TV gaming channel, coming soon to a cable/satellite TV operator near you.

QuorumRoboticsLogoArtificial intelligence is suffering. Performance is dependent on 30-40 year old algorithms running on bleeding edge hardware that doesn’t scale to everyday devices or applications where AI could be most useful. Quorum Robotics aims to change that with Engram, a real-time, on-device AI engine that learns continuously from your device and its environment, enabling it to interact intelligently with you and the world around it. Through Engram, Quorum Robotics aims to put AI on every device and in every environment, and with Engram, your devices are about to get much, much smarter.






Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.38.40 AMThe explosion of publicly available real estate data has separated real estate agents from property buyers. Intellagent bridges the communication gap between buyers and agents with a focus on continuous communication and collaboration. Intellagent simplifies the most common requests during the home buying process, making it easier for agents to respond faster. Real estate agents find it far simpler to understand their clients preferences, keep in touch with their clients and stay organized. Intellagent eases and enhances the home buying process for home buyers making the process easier while enabling their agent to serve them better.


February 18th, 2015

Hate waiting in restaurants? With Appthetable you can browse the menu, order and pay from your smartphone – at the table.  Welcome to the new way to dine out. Say goodbye to waiting in line, waiting to order, and waiting for the check.  Appthetable even gives you personalized recommendations based on your profile and actual order histories. It’s also the best way to pay quickly and securely – and even lets you easily split the bill among friends.  Check us out at and sign up to try our Beta!


raw-shorts-logo-pngBusinesses recognize the power of video but find that producing high quality content is often difficult, expensive & time consuming. Raw Shorts solves this problem with a cloud-based, explainer video builder that empowers businesses to create videos with no previous production experience. Using a template driven system businesses can easily create explainers through an intuitive drag and drop interface. With Raw Shorts businesses can now look beyond the “30 second spot” and easily produce a variety videos to communicate with their customers or employees throughout various touchpoints.

Over 40K businesses have benefited from using Raw Shorts for their explainer video needs. The company launched its commercial product in the summer of 2014 and has had double digit revenue growth mo/mo since. Raw Shorts is backed by Mosley Ventures. To learn more visit:

lmdi logo jpegWhat began as a non-profit for wounded veterans and the disabled to enjoy water recreation on motorized kayaks and stand-up paddle-boards (SUPs), is becoming a business. With the addition of GPS, emergency call buttons and a tracking/billing system, our first target market is kayak and SUP rental agencies. Future markets include kayak fishing, ocean-going life guard rescue boards and low-cost yacht tenders.
Our “clean” components are batteries and non-polluting electric jet motors. Other technologies include wireless controls (or joy sticks), GPS, hydraulics, waterproofing all components, software and electronics. It’s this low-cost patented combination of varied technologies along with a “give them-away-free-to-rental-agencies-in-return-for-a-portion-of-the-rental-income” that makes an attractive business model. GPS billing model allows daily bank transfers of rental revenues enhancing cash flow and eliminating receivables. Rental agencies who do not meet minimum rental hours per week (20 — $200.00) can lose their units to a competing rental agency. 
Target markets include Southern California, Hawaii, Australia, Florida, where year-round mild weather produces more income.
We estimate 6-8X return over three years on each motorized unit. We’re looking for multiple investors at $25-50K who will also receive weekly revenue from one rented SUP. Once demand is sufficient, we can tool up manufacturing and reduce costs-per-unit. This will permit sales to the public via our web site or licensing technologies to kayak and SUP manufacturers as additional revenue stream.
Bubble it!Bubble it! is a product from the Cologne (Germany) based company codekarussell. We have been focusing on building interactive mobile map technology for the last 15 months until recently bubble it! as a geolocation based communication app popped up as an idea to make places social. Since then the founders team of two electrical engineers, one product guy and a former musician, who knows how to entertain large crowds are working on making your city more social and interactive


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.36.17 AMThe Next Revolution of Personal Transportation. Today CarSharing is a small business, on a worldwide scale, it is much less than 1% the size of the Car Rental Industry. We are driving it mainstream by fulfilling the overwhelming worldwide demand to create new Car Sharing Operators around the world.

January 2oth, 2015

audiotrip-1AudioTrip is a storytelling app that changes your smartphone into a personal, local guide.  With our app you will be able to discover at your own pace, without being shackled to a tour guide or a group and finally admire everything around you without your eyes being glued to books or gadgets.


BetterWorld Wireless is here to revolutionize the world’s largest industry: telecommunications. We’re a mobile company that offers calling, texting, and data plans powered by Sprint. We donate a free phone or tablet for every customer, with the goal of ending cycles of poverty for women and children in need. Think Tom’s Shoes meets Virgin Mobile. We’re also the first company to only charge our customers for what they actually use, so 94% of our subscribers save money when switching. Finally, we’re working on an exciting app to connect customers with the folks they help, driving customer acquisition and retention by personalizing social impact.


Launched in June of 2014, Flipcause provides best in class fundraising software to help any sized nonprofit raise more money. Flipcause’s cloud-based technology gives nonprofits instant access to all of the fundraising tools they’ll ever need, on-demand without any technical experience. In the first 6 months since launching, Flipcause has already signed up over 150 paying organizations generating over $100K in recurring revenue. Flipcause is disrupting a massively under-served market segment and is transforming the nonprofit fundraising space. You can find out more about Flipcause at

InteractioInteractio brings audio translation into your phone. Our app replaces translation equipment used in the conference room



kiDon’t get hacked. Get Ki. Ki is a Cyber Security startup that aims to disrupt the existing access control infrastructure. The impossible task of securing, managing, and remembering multiple passwords is now a thing of the past. With Ki you can now secure and automate your login experience. Want to protect your information and online identity? Then Ki is for you. Forget your usernames and passwords? Ki will remember them for you!


-1nurx is a complete model for obtaining prescription drugs, from issuance of a prescription to order fulfilment by hand delivery taking no more than 2 hours. Our company will eliminate the hassle and expense of obtaining select prescription medications where only simple doctor patient interactions are necessary and increased availability has significant societal benefit.



standardPixbi enables individuals to discover products through any image, anywhere. Beginning with digital and print publications, Pixbi is changing the way people read and shop by allowing consumers to view, save, share and purchase products directly from images.



The biggest problem facing the 2.5M real estate brokers and agents in the U.S. right now is that all of the technologies that exist out there to help them do their job are antiquated, fragmented, and clunky. There doesn’t exist just “one system” that does everything — CRM, Transaction Management, Marketing, etc. Reesio solves for this pain point by providing a beautiful product that combines all of these fragmented products into ONE product, which allows brokers and agents to manage every aspect of their job in one place. Brokers and Agents combine to spend $10B per year on fragmented tools that don’t work. It’s a huge opportunity.

App and game developers are spending billions of dollars on user acquisition each year. Problem is, there is no way to get usage analytics for the App Store page, and so marketing budgets are only buying installations, not insights.

logo_300TestNest helps to discover: How users interact with your app’s App Store page. Which version of your app’s icon, screenshots, preview video and description engages your app audience the most and how you should update your App Store page next time you submit an app update to get more conversions

wegrowWeGrow is a platform intended to improve the quality and transparency of the workplace through honest, anonymous, & professional feedback. We help employees take action to manage and improve their professional performance and reputation. Our platform also empowers managers to improve the effectiveness of their employees and their teams.



December 17th, 2014

Amuseway logo

Amuseway is a wellness and virtual reality sports service platform company. We provide a network that connects stand-alone fitness equipment in a fragmented fitness market and sync connected equipment with a variety of contents such as, game, simulation, and fitness apps, through our middleware technology. Our highly motivating platform for exercise gathers users’ fitness data, which is then analyzed by various partners to promote a healthy society. Fitness equipment incorporated into our network will be used as an interface to control avatars in VR sports.



CloudGifts is a social gifting app for Twitter. The app provides a simple real-time social gifting experience. In the classic use case, CloudGifts users are able to send birthday gifts over Twitter by sending a Tweet with a single @user as the recipient and the text #CloudGifts. CloudGifts is building a global social gifting platform in 140 characters or less.



Stashbox LogoStashbox provides electronic rental lockers with phone chargers to bars, nightclubs, restaurants, coffee shops, and many other locations. Store your purse, jacket, backpack, or other items without worrying about them getting stolen. Charge your phone with the Android and iPhone charging cables inside each locker. Customers choose a locker on the touchscreen, choose a PIN, insert cash or credit card, and the locker door opens automatically. Currently at 11 locations in San Francisco.


VMT (Blue & Grey)With the push of a button, your Smartphone becomes Brilliant! Visual Mobile Technologies delivers Enterprise SaaS mobile video collaboration with a combination of real-time video streaming, the instant capture and sharing of images, document sharing and live chat in an easy to use mobile and web platform. All media is tagged with metadata, custom tags and cloud-stored for immediate retrieval and sharing.

Our vMobile Collaborator technology makes it possible for geographically distributed teams and knowledge experts to have “eyes on site” when they can’t be improving problem-solving activities and minimizing the effect of unplanned incident impacts. A digital media audit trail improves support efficiencies, becomes a training tool and drives Best Practices.

“A picture is worth a thousand words and video has thousands of pictures”

What our customers are saying: “vMobile is a communications and collaboration paradigm shift for our industry” RB-Avison Young



Waxelene creates the waterproof barrier doctors recommend petroleum jelly for, without the petroleum. Our patented aeration process makes the first ever waterproof barrier that is breathable and won’t clog pores. Combined with the highest quality natural ingredients available for the skin, Waxelene is the best thing for dry skin, chapped lips, athletes, babies, and 100s of other uses. Waxelene is available in over 10,000 stores including CVS, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Whole Foods and more. Our lip tubes have register placement in over 1,300 stores.




November 13th, 2014

BlueBoard Blueboard helps companies like Eventbrite & GoPro increase employee engagement and increase their competitiveness in the war for talent through awesome rewards & recognition plans. The Blueboard platform allows companies to reward their employees to curated experiences with the click of a button – activities like skydiving, wine tasting, massage and mixology.



CloudDock addresses the issue of cloud storage fragmentation by making cloud storage services compatible. Until now, to enjoy the collaborative features of cloud storage, like shared folders, both users had to be on the same service. This has led to many people having accounts on multiple cloud storage services – and their files scattered across multiple locations. We make it easier for people to collaborate together, by simplifying how they use cloud storage services


fitzform logo Pitchforce

fitzform connects the world through the digital completion and processing of forms. Now users can complete forms anywhere, anytime using their smartphone or computer and organizations instantly receive reports. Users and organizations stay connected so that any new information, e.g. change of address, is automatically relayed to all linked organizations. No more form hassles and no more bad data.



PixelTag enables its customers to target online advertisements using their CRM or marketing database. We currently have a suite of email retargeting products, including an integeration into and a proof of concept on Eloqua. Our key advantage is in our ability customize our solution through professional services to meet additional customers needs as well as assist with ad creatives and implementation strategies. Find out more at


Qounter LogoQounter is a disruptive social network where users earn cashback on their purchases and their friends’ purchases at participating businesses both online and in-store, all in real time. :Qounter doesn’t have any ads; it is completely passive and frictionless.

Our business model is patent-pending in the US and internationally. We have already validated our business model with top 40 global chains and local business (e.g McDonald’s, Claro Telco, Quiksilver, Groupon) with a proof-of-concept beta in a trial market with 100K users.



SayPay makes paying bills faster, easier and more secure. When billers include a one-time “SayPay Password” on their bills, customers simply speak the code into their mobile banking app–without needing to sign in! SayPay matches the code to the bill, biometrically authenticates the customer’s voice, and displays the bill details. Upon review, the customer simply presses “Pay”. SayPay also works for e-commerce checkout, website sign-in, P2P payments, and more. The SayPay Password is cryptographically calculated so it can’t be predicted, replicated, reused, or replayed. SayPay also uses out-of-band and 3-factor authentication, and never provides sensitive financial information. More at



1 billion bikes built for land on a planet that is two-thirds water. Schiller Bikes designs and manufactures the world’s most most advanced water bikes. Merging iconic design and precision engineering, the Schiller X1 is built for speed, adventure and stability on the open water while letting the rider have a totally dry water sport experience. Easy to assemble, transport and store, the X1 features Gates Carbon Drive belts, integrated handlebar steering, twin-propellers, rugged inflatable pontoons and LED lighting. Leave the paddlers behind in your wake and escape the cars, buses, lanes and asphalt for the thrill and serenity of biking on the water.



SportsLab’s mobile and cloud platform helps high school and college coaches track athlete data in the weight room, classroom and on the field. Tracking is overwhelming…coaches use forms, spreadsheets and emails. With SportsLab, athletes track themselves, compete for higher goals, and share achievements…coaches have more time to coach…SportsLab uniquely help athletes get support to achieve their dreams.



UtilityAPI is a B2B SaaS company for solar and energy management companies. We are automating the manual process of collecting utility bill history by building API adapters for utilities nationwide.


October 8th, 2014




ChatGrape is a business communication solution with deep service integration to make all data from your cloud services available to your team right as you type. Today’s modern businesses have their data distributed over countless cloud services like GitHub, Google Drive, etc. Our search engine analyzes all files, appointments and tasks and allows your team to intelligently mention them like you would mention a friend on Facebook, making the “Lookup-Factor” a thing of the past.



Complete, the first social to-do app, revolutionizes how we take on life. Complete is a full task management solution with one amazing differentiator. Our users have the ability to make any task public. Public tasks are sent to the Complete Feed, where friends, neighbors and experts provide the motivation, information and connections needed to get things done. We’re leveraging a habit hundreds of millions of people have (making a task list) to create a innovative social platform that empowers people to-do more.


FiskkitLogoFiskkit is an internet commenting site that simultaneously crowd-sources fact/quality checking. The macro goal is to own the “feedback layer” of the internet, starting with comments on, and discussion of, news articles. Our Bayesian algorithm analyzes the feedback of readers and allows us to determine, sentence by sentence, what the merits and flaws are of an article or argument. This “Doc Review” of the article is made available for anyone to check in real time— like a Wikipedia page for the news.


F4A Logo Large

We are developing a new kind of marketing channel that enables brands to connect with consumers on a more personal “relevant” level. We can deliver deep brand awareness, good will, hot leads and customer conversion opportunities by using our world-class fundraising platform (over 1000 fundraisers to date) that allows any group that wants to raise money free access. Marketers pay to sponsor these “free” fundraisers and via this symbiotic relationship, groups like schools, teams, churches and nonprofits prosper; they make more money and gain access to powerful technology they otherwise could not afford. Meanwhile, brands are able to associate themselves with causes that are relevant to their consumers.



GeriJoy makes dementia care cost-effective and joyful. GeriJoy’s specially-trained remote caregivers offer 24×7 companionship, supervision, and clinical support for older adults through tablet-based avatars, improving care, increasing peace of mind, and lowering overall cost of care. The avatars appear as adorable talking pets, allowing GeriJoy to build joyful friendships with people who are otherwise difficult to engage due to cognitive, memory, or behavioral issues. The startup has won numerous accolades from organizations like AARP, TEDMED, the US Senate, and the government of China, and is currently being deployed at leading care providers across the US. See GeriJoy in action at



LOFT 1001 is a Startup community live workspace in Emeryville. A revolutionary real estate concept provides living and working space for up to 250 startup founders from 500$/month. We’re planning to buy, rehab and convert existing 44 000 SF property in Emeryville/Oakland by 2016. LOFT 1001 will have lots of perks for community – organic canteen, roof deck for parties and events, cinema hall, car and bike sharing, and more!



Nevados-LogoNevados Engineering designs and manufactures solar mounting structures that can decrease the overall cost of solar power. Our intelligent control system and novel mechanical design enables commercial and utility scale installations on any terrain. We improve project profitability by eliminating major direct and indirect costs of construction and make solar power an increasingly economic and viable source of renewable energy.

OwlizedOwlized produces OWL®, is a public, outdoor virtual reality viewer that shows users the future or history of a place. Designed for city planning departments, property developers, corporate marketers, historic sites, parks, and anyone needing to tell a compelling visual story about a place, OWL—often referred to as “time goggles”—offers an immersive visualization experience that helps everyday people connect deeply with their surrounding environment.


favicon playyon

PlayyOn is a software development company that has built a mobile platform for everyday athletes and amateur teams. It is like a LinkedIn for sports and extra curricular activities. PlayyOn gives teams and individuals an online ID an that not only highlights participation & achievements, it also provides a digital ID that can be used for participation registration as well as recommending and purchasing of equipment & apparel.



Quoty makes people happier and get what they want in life. When you read quotes everyday that aligns with your goals you will be more focused and get what you want faster. Anyone with a smartphone can use Quoty to find his or her favorite quote or saying and then quickly create a beautiful quote photo to save and share. We are doing to quotes, what Instagram did to photos.



September 11th, 2014


DailyNoodles supports young children learning Mandarin Chinese as a second language and their schools, teachers, and parents. We offer a platform of original content for kids to access and engage in fun Chinese enrichment beyond the classroom. Our curriculum, developed by US-based Chinese teachers and tested by American kids over the past dozen years, features video, songs, games, stories, and printable crafts. Elements of the curriculum are currently available to consumers a la carte. Our mission is to complete the development and implementation of our curriculum to offer consumers “Mandarin Chinese kids gobble up” through annual and monthly subscriptions.

中文天天见 Let’s noodle in Chinese every day!




EasyPaint saves 90% of the time and hassle of getting your house painted. From hiring a verified painter– to managing the job– to payment, EasyPaint makes sure your job gets done right. You post your request on EasyPaint, and receive 3 bids submitted by their network of verified painters, without ever scheduling an in-home estimate. EasyPaint also has a payment and job satisfaction guarantee on all projects, so you can have confidence that your work will be done the way you want.

Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 11.31.13 PM


Hummingbird is a food sharing economy that connects the untapped resources of farmers, food businesses and eaters of all kinds. Users find free, discounted, and the finest local and seasonal treasures in places they wouldn’t expect; public fruit trees, homegrown veggies, funny-looking farm-fresh “seconds”, and unique artisanal creations are revealed throughout everyday life. Nearly 40% of food grown in the US goes uneaten. Hummingbird brings this abundance back to the table by allowing anyone to sell, share, or donate food on the go in less than 60 seconds. Uber did it for transportation, AirBnb did it for lodging, and now Hummingbird is doing it for food.




Lens lets you capture photos that are watermarked by date, time & location, giving your photos context. You’ll never ask when or where a photo was taken again! Nowadays content we view is lost in a sea of distribution because the majority of it lacks context, it lacks the ‘when’ & ‘where’. There is a missing link between when a photo or video is taken, & when someone views it. That missing link is context – the context of when & where any photo or video was taken & displaying it in a photo or video & Lens provides the solution to this by pulling the date & time from our servers & the location from the phone’s GPS. More importantly though, we watermark all this information ON the actual image, making it easily visible to anyone viewing it.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 7.10.32 PM


Founded by a 19 year-old Thiel Finalist, Pilot Labs is redefining learning with an interactive, data-driven platform that can measure the engagement and pace of students to increase the mastery of concepts. The platform allows educators to identify and correct knowledge gaps in real time. Pilot is currently working with Cambridge University and GEMS Education, the largest K-12 provider in the world.





-1ProGrids’ technology matches related products to content in the form of a native advertising unit. We have built a proprietary product matching technology that reads complex content and incorporates disparate signals in order to serve up the right products at the right time and to the right person.

Advertisers are able to bid, in real-time, for their products to show up in the ProGrids Product Widget. They are then able to manage and optimize their campaigns by publisher, placement, and products through the ProGrids interface.




Trabliss is platform for crafting personalized trips that are optimized to user interests and budget. We make it easy for users to ask questions like “what are some romantic beach vacations that include wine tasting in France” or “will a trip be cheaper if I shift my travel dates by a few days”. At the heart of Trabliss is a novel drag-n-drop UI which is closely integrated with booking engines. We present interest specific skeleton itineraries across regions that can then be easily customized and provide real time pricing for the overall trip cost.




Webpgr is the new web builder platform for people that just don’t like mediocre. It’s for businesses that want to present their products ahead of their competition and sell through emotion. Webpgr make websites as fluent as mobile apps using intuitive gestures, zooms and swipes. And it comes packaged with a super easy on-site graphic editor. Think of it as the Photoshop for the next web.







Tired of having #NothingToWear? Not anymore. WiShi is a social styling platform where you can upload items from your real closet and get personally styled. Users can request styling for their real life events and get styled by the community (which includes professional stylists). Because of our growing community, no styling request will be ignored. Additionally, users can peek into the closets of others and style outfits for them.


August 21st, 2014



MediaArchiTechs is an ‘AirB2B’ (pun intended) for expert advice. Our vision: To make one-to-one expertise accessible and affordable to even the world’s smallest enterprises — through a matching, billing and data mining platform that supports segmented, contextually relevant “magnet” media properties. We’re already making this vision a reality in the first of our vertical properties — our already launched, devoted to helping buyers choose services in in the $174B cloud-computing market. There, our smart Q&A platform matches a buyer to the most qualified expert to answer their questions as they confront an overwhelming number of complex, competing, and often overlapping choices.




We’re an angel-backed gaming company focused on creating premium quality social and mobile games. Composed of MIT & Zynga alumni, we’ve worked on some of the biggest franchises in gaming such as Call of Duty, Zynga Poker, FarmVille, and Midnight Club. We aim to leverage our development and marketing experience to create accessible, yet engaging games that reach millions of satisfied players. Our hit game “Letter UP” is the only live, multiplayer game in the Scrabble market. With lightning-fast games, Letter UP has generated genre-best revenue metrics on Facebook, and is releasing this summer on iOS and Android.


groopie-t shirts-2560x1440-01



Groopie is a social video network that empowers groups of friends to create shows together. Instead of following individuals, you can follow groups of people through their show pages. Every cast member can post their own episodes to a show page and contribute to the group’s story as a whole. Stories are told better together!




guardingo™ is the first pure software solution that transforms WiFi devices already at home into presence detection sensors without the need of dedicated hardware. The software can run in a plurality of devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs and it can be distributed via app stores online. guardingo’s one-click home security solution taps into the booming smart home/DIY home security segment and has a total addressable market of more than 70 Million people in US alone.


ladada logo 1080


Ladada is a personalized fashion subscription service delivered monthly. We get to know everything about your lifestyle and leverage the data to personalize a monthly ladada box filled with the latest from up and coming designers while utilizing an innovative algorithm to select the exact style and fit for you. But most importantly, we are your personal shoppers that take the chaos out of shopping, save you time and money, and you only pay for what you keep!



17abdb2b55a24c9c6b6654ef5f8d2608_largeMartin Marino is an innovative e-commerce platform that offers premium made in Italy leather handbags that are fully customizable to reflect a woman’s personal style as well as providing inspiring designers an avenue to launch their designs, inspire new trends, and build their own personal followings.



SaPHIBeat Technologies Inc. is a Silicon Valley based startup corporation focused on becoming a leading developer and marketer of safety wearable devices bringing peace of mind to outdoor sport enthusiasts. Safety is a tangible concern for any individual who engage in outdoor sport activities and their families. Our core mission is to develop and commercialize high-value wearable devices and services specialized in increasing safety level, improving emergency rescue team efficiency, and augmenting the user experience.



Siva Cycle is a bicycle & technology company aimed at ushering cycling into the 21st century. Our flagship product, the Siva Atom is lightweight generator that seamlessly converts the momentum of riding into USB power, to charge phones, lights, and other electronics while you ride; power is stored simultaneously in our removable battery pack for clean power off of the bike. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we’ve sold-out our first production run, generated industry interest from REI, bicycle & tech distributors, and their European counterparts. We are poised to expand rapidly in the exploding market of commuter, touring, and performance cycling, an audience of 272 million cyclists in the U.S. and Europe alone. Ride a bike, charge your device, and create your moment, one pedal at a time.



SmartyPans is a smart cooking pan that monitors weight of ingredients, temperature and humidity and transfers it to a smartphone app in real time. The app uses this information to give you tailored step-by-step cooking instructions based on your cooking environment.

The motivation behind SmartyPans was to reduce guesswork from cooking and make recipe apps more intuitive. We did this by putting 3 sensors on the pan that act as user input for the recipe apps, helping them make smarter decisions.


July 10th 2014

Alternate ArtCorgi Image is the ultimate place online to commission original portraits, designs, and illustrations from up-and-coming artists. Tell ArtCorgi your budget, concept, and desired product (be it wall art, an avatar photo, or a gift for a friend), and ArtCorgi will match you with the perfect artist, provide you with a draft to review, and deliver your final work of art in a large digital file (along with any physical prints you may want). With prices that start at $20, ArtCorgi makes sure that anyone can become a patron of the arts.



Countless charts, dashboards and reports have overwhelmed marketers and are creating a newer, bigger problem: DATA NOISE. They don’t have the resources to understand the data or know how to make money from it.

Cognetik solves the growing “data noise” problem by connecting to a customer’s existing data sources and, using proprietary algorithms, generates answers to only the most important business questions about marketing performance, product sales, and user experience. The result is accelerated business decisions and increased revenue.

Cognetik is doing for digital analytics what TurboTax has done for tax preparation. Cognetik’s business model is simple: sell SaaS licenses. There is no setup required; businesses can sign up and get insights immediately.



Era81 is a democratic revolution in consumer ecommerce. Usually all the decisions on the products such as product design, price, and edition are made by companies. At Era81 we transformed this status-quo into Crowd Selection, Crowd Pricing and Era81 Shop to make ecommerce sector Fair, Transparent and Democratic. In Crowd Selection designers from across the world pitch their ideas to public and people vote on the ideas to select best ones. Selected products are listed for Crowd Pricing where public quotes fair prices to each product. ERA81 manufactures these selected products at places around the world known for their craftsmanship since ages. In short, at Era81 you will get the products you demanded for, at the prices you quoted, with curated designs from across the world and at the highest quality of craftsmanship from across the world.


Flipcause Arrow Logo Black-01

Launched in mid-May of 2014, Flipcause provides on-demand fundraising technology to help any size nonprofit raise more money online. Our cloud-based software plugs into an NPOs’ existing website, giving them instant access to all the fundraising tools they’ll ever need, without technical experience. Within the first 45 days of launching our product, we have closed $5,000 in annual recurring contracts, and have processed over $40,000 in transactions. Our modern technology is creating and serving an entirely new class of enterprise fundraising customers.



invi Messenger lets you continue messaging your friends while you use other apps.You can watch YouTube clips, play games, read articles, listen to music, browse the web, and take and edit photos while chatting with your friends. These features combined with invi’s beautiful and innovative design makes it a truly incredible texting experience.




Minutta is a mobile and social application to help members of large families stay closer by sharing heartwarming photo stories. Launched initially as a social app in Russia in 2012, it became extremely popular with more than 32,000,000 registered users (June 2014) and up to 1,000,000 daily minuttas created. The reason it grows so fast is because people always want to connect on a deeper level than an instant message. Personal photos are the best source of positive emotions to share with loved ones. Minutta newly developed mobile app allows to turn camera roll photos into slideshows and send them directly to any mobile or computer device via text (sms) or e-mail.




Pinshape is a community marketplace for 3D printable models. iTunes for 3D printing. We make exploring, sharing, selling, downloading, and ordering 3D prints simple & fun. Soon, millions of models will be uploaded to the web… users can’t page click through millions of disorganized and irrelevant models. Our pinboard platform is community curated and prioritizes models for each individual user based on behavior, social interaction, relevance, quality and popularity.





Sensilk is a smart sports apparel company focused on helping people take ownership of their fitness. By seamlessly weaving technology into the fabric of activewear, we make it easier to track, improve, and maximize workouts without the hassle of extra devices. Sensilk is where fashion meets function, bringing comfort and motivation to each experience.



ThinkSpider is a smart-enterprise solution – a game-changing, seamless integration of teams, tasks and files in a very fluid, frictionless solution with strong end-user appeal. It is designed for enterprises – and owned and administered by the enterprise. ThinkSpider brings innovative new capabilities – from security clearances for all employees / contractors, a user gamification and productivity rewards system, highly efficient document saving and retrieval, and fluid task and team management to produce dramatic reductions in wasted time.


PiP My Pet is an iPhone and Android application that uses proprietary facial recognition technology to positively identify and match lost and found pets. The application also acts as an “Amber Alert” system for registered pets. An owner of a registered pet should they loose them can activate an alert, our customer care team will reach out to them and gather any additional pertinent information and then broadcast that information out to every Veterinarian and Animal Control agency within a fifteen mile radius. We are also harnessing the power of the internet and social media pushing the information about the lost or found pet through the many different channels.

June 12th, 2014


Bidaway LogoBidAway is the eBay for your luxury travel and entertainment. Through real-time online auctions, we match the excess capacity of premium service providers with discerning customers. BidAway is the new industry outlet for releasing unsold inventory in luxury leisure and additionally… we allow our club members to bid for unique experiences in exclusive venues, meet and greets, VIP events, and backstage passes. BidAway empowers its customers by allowing them to set their own price for each deal. We are currently operating in Spain with over half of the 4-5 star hotels in the country and the top cruise lines in Europe, and we are now expanding to the US with our mobile app coming soon.


Bit6 Logo

Bit6 revolutionizes how developers integrate communication features into their mobile and web applications. With just a few lines of code, developers can dramatically change the user experience by adding features like voice/video calling, texting, and multimedia messaging directly into their app. Instead of spending up to 2-years developing their own communications stack, developers can leverage Bit6’s cloud-based, real-time communications platform, SDKs, and APIs to quickly and easily add communication features that work across smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and websites. Bit6 already powers top apps in iTunes and GooglePlay. Download the Bit6 beta-SDKs today.




Focused on the core operations of home builders (sales, contracts, construction, service), Builder Lynx enables our clients to build a better brand, improve the home buyer’s experience, and cut operational costs, and de-risk their communities. Builder Lynx is in revenue for 7 years. We have a strong reference list of ~30 builders in Ontario. We focus on our clients with implementation, setup, and support to ensure successful solution delivery.



Logo_Contract Live

Contract Live is a cloud-based platform which help companies manage all their contracts (supplier, client, HR, partnership, etc.) throughout all stages (creation, negotiation, e-signing, managing) in one single safe place.



Laflife is the world’s first web app powered by your unique sense of humor. Your sense of humor is a powerful attractive force that all of us already use to decide what and who we are attracted to. Laflife delivers personalized experiences tailored to your sense of humor. We have achieved a major breakthrough in understanding how sense of humor works and how to apply it in online markets. We have built a recommendation engine that can map anything humorous and an api that can power an array of apps across big verticals such as social networking, online dating, recruiting, entertainment and marketing. Sign up and get a personalized humor feed everyday.


Live is the “Facebook” of private media sharing. Live makes media-sharing fun, instant and engaging by live streaming of videos and photos to groups of mobile users, with and overarching audio channel for conversation. Friends can save media to their device with sender’s permission. Live never stores any private user data or user content. And, no advertising in the app, ever!






LuckyPennie is the first social app that marries song and concert discovery. For every song shared on the app, we use your device location and auto-integrate the closest upcoming concert with an affiliate link to purchase. Since our primary goal is for music fans to discover new artists and buy tickets to their live shows (i.e., digital music is simply a means to an end), we have the luxury of aggregating music from the top online services and libraries. In three months, LuckyPennie has been publicized on TechCrunch & Venture Beat, featured on the App Store over 11 weeks straight, and has received 110 out of 118 five-star reviews.


Presentain is an online presentation tool that makes presentations truly interactive. It helps speakers engage their audiences during and after presentation-based events. Interactive features like real-time polling, Q&A and slides broadcasting ensure better involvement at a presentation or class. Presentation recording, commenting and embedding functionality allow for effortless capturing of the presentation content and keeping it available anywhere, anytime, on any device. Check out to start engaging and growing your audiences now!


so_trender_dark_on_with_bgSotrender is the social media ninja in a box. We provide companies with actionable insights enabling them to optimize social media marketing.

Our SaaS solution:
• Tracks data from major social media platforms and turns them into actionable insights
• Tailors insights to a single user using our exclusive big-data algorithms
• Provides tools to execute these recommendations
Sotrender was founded by experienced team with long record in research, who wants to democratize agency work and disrupt market of local social media experts.


Spot Labs enables brands and retailers to integrate their digital presence with their brick-and-mortar footprint. The Android-based NVPlatform is built to remotely power tens of thousands of displays of all sizes running any Android or HTML5 application.


May 13th, 2014

Bellybaloo Logo & Slogan




Bellybaloo embraces a mom’s ability to share ultrasound images directly from the OB/GYN offices in real time. She can share these precious first images with her family and friends around the world. Bellybaloo: Sharing Baby’s First Images Simply, Socially & Securely.

couplewise provides couples with the tools & personalized guidance couples want & need to deepen, strengthen, & sustain their most important relationship, by drawing on the following: Expert research on long-lasting, happy marriages & committed relationships. Best practices used by experts to save & revitalize relationships. The wisdom of other couples, couples who’ve been through what the user is going through. The most effective lessons from gamification & nudge mechanics used in other successful behavior-change online-based services. Increasingly better user interface design based on continuous user usability feedback

flyr_logo_latest copy_black

FLYR revolutionizes flight booking with a simple premise: never overpay and escape change fees. With FLYR, you simply search and select your flights. For a small fee, we protect you against rising airfare for seven days. We find better deals and you can switch or cancel without any penalty.


InYourClass is a campus environement configured as a social network that allows students, teachers, tutors, advisors, administrators… Everyone who is impacted by, and who, in turn can impact the education life of a student, a class, a college, a university, a research collaboration, group of students linked by an online class but otherwise separated by thousands of miles… to communicate.

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Loudr is the only music licensing and distribution platform where artists can sell any recording – from cover songs to mash-ups to original music – at no upfront expense. Powered by a team of musicians in San Francisco, California, Loudr eliminates music business headaches and allows artists to spend more time doing what they love: creating.

logo (1)

MyFrequency is a sports marketing firm that has developed a proprietary gaming software that combines Radio Frequency Identification technology and Social Media components to activate fans during live entertainment events. The My Frequency platform awards fans for attending, activating and sharing social content, that further enhances the fan experience while providing event organizers with novel social and behavioral trends.


Equity compensation platform developed to address the needs of private and public companies and their stockholders. Technical accounting & administration consulting arm specializing in stock options and all equity compensation instruments. Product offering addresses: stock administration, shareholder communication, nonstandard equity transactions and technical accounting.

Tradelab Trading Desk’s platform manages & directs display, mobile and video campaigns of advertisers and media agencies, purchasing ad space through Real Time Auctions. Tradelab’s Trading Team prides itself in reaching specific audiences, developed through the use of proprietary technologies (own data management platform and optimization technologies, tag management system and viewability optimization).


TrustCentral Logo RGB






TrustCentral will provide a user-friendly, workable end-to-end cryptography solution for encrypting information both in transit and at rest. Such a system is not in common practice today because, until TrustCentral, the challenges with authentication had not been cracked. TrustCentral’s initial focus will be in the Financial Services industry, addressing the problem of money and paper being wasted mailing statements & invoices. (After 10 years pushing the “come-and-get-it” method, still 60% of customers remain on snail mail). Complimentary features of Digital Transaction Signing and Digital Signatures enhance the solution’s value.

Vizigy Media Technologies helps businesses enhance their software products, customer satisfaction and support with video-enabled training, help and support from the cloud. Vizigy provides a wide range of enterprise level features delivered from a secure worldwide cloud infrastructure including comprehensive course management, enhanced video delivery, social media and eCommerce.

April 9th, 2014


For consumers and SMB who need to organize and access their digital assets, Alterante automatically discovers, classifies, and manages all user-generated data, giving instant access from any device, safely and privately (no VPN required). Alterante manages backup and data replication across all available storage resources automatically (hard disks, USB drives, cloud storage), creating a low-cost, infinitely scalable backup solution that grows with user needs.



Amity™ helps SaaS companies keep and grow their customers by removing time-wasting complexity from the customer success process. And with personalized customer engagement, companies can build trust and motivate people to invest in an ongoing relationship with their service.


You have a territory to manage, and Badger can help. The Badger Map plots out a day on the road, keeping you or your team on top of each appointment. See how Badger makes your day more efficient and helps you make more sales.The Badger Map allows you to see which customers are around you and filter them to focus on the ones that are important. Now it’s easy to plan a drop-in visit to a customer that you’re overdue to see while you’re in the area.



logo (2) (1)

Bowerbird is a tangible property management platform and service for high net worth individuals. We bring the same level of sophistication to tangible property that top wealth managers bring to financial assets through the one-of-a-kind combination of software, services and support.



Cargo Chief is an emerging online aggregating freight broker that helps shippers to get the best trucking service by uniquely connecting with a network of direct carriers, other brokers, load boards, trucking firms and freight sites. Conceptually, this is like for the trucking industry, aggregating aggregators.



Daylighted provides luxury locations with an interactive art gallery service.
We display fine art photography via digital canvas. On their dedicated online platform users control their canvas in real time, adapting the displayed art to suit their atmosphere and clientele as often as they need. The displayed artwork is available for immediate sale (printed version) to their guests through a mobile application.”



Gummicube helps app developers improve their organic downloads and increase revenue through a process called App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO is like SEO for Apps. We have developed a platform that leverages exclusive data from within the App Store and proprietary algorithms to help apps rank for important keywords and search terms inside App Store search. Customers pay us a monthly fee per app to access our platform in a SaaS like model. Gummicube has more than 350 clients globally and a world class management team that has been involved in mobile distribution for more than 15 years.



Get exposure and revenues from our exclusive partnerships with luxury businesses around the world, without any cost. We disrupt grocery shopping experience: from item-based to meal-specific! We democratize the cooking-box concept, by adapting the concept for the grocery stores. We reduce the choice to 3 recipes a day and make decision “what to cook today after work?” simple, by linking the products & prices of the major grocers to the shopping list – we make it easy to decide “what products and where to buy”. Through step-by-step cooking help with pictures we facilitate simple cooking.


ReviverMx is hard at work on an innovative connected car platform with the potential to connect millions of vehicles to a new class of fully integrated transportation services. ReviverMx’s patent-pending Platform-as-a-Service mobility solution delivers messaging, telematics, and electronic fee collection functionality to all vehicles on one device.


Visidom is a visitor experience analytics company focusing on in-page web analytics and conversion rate optimization. From words Visitor + Wisdom, Visidom helps people to understand visitors’ behaviour on a website, reveals bugs and errors of a website conversion strategy such as uncompleted goals (form and cart abandonment) or navigation and design problems. Visidom is a cloud web analytics tool that shows website owners and digital agencies how a visitor exactly feels when using their site just as if they were looking over his shoulder.


March 12th, 2014



Ever been faced with banks of TVs at a gym or sports bar or airport where you cannot hear what you want to hear? Audio Everywhere enables you to listen to the audio from public TVs or other enabled audio sources on your smart phone or tablet using our App. And it doesn’t burden your data plan. Audio Everywhere also works for museums, casinos, houses of worship, digital signage, and many other types of venues and applications.



Cloud Lending is reinventing the way small and medium businesses lend. Our solutions are extremely flexible and natively built on the cloud, using which lenders can scale, quickly bring products to market, stay compliant and focus exclusively on their borrowers


Dealflicks is Priceline for movie tickets. $40 billion dollars are spent every year on movie tickets, popcorn, and soda, but 88% of movie theater seats are empty. Dealflicks partners with theaters to fill these empty seats by selling movie tickets and concessions for up to 60% off.


fun2rent logo transparent a peer-to-peer boat and powersport rental market place. It’s the fastest growing insured rental marketplace where owners, rental operators and dealerships receive income from renting their idle equipment, and renters have access to convenient, affordable and insured rentals. There are 30 million registered boats and powersport vehicles/vessels in US. All are costly to buy, own and rent, and are utilized less than 5% of the time. Current rental market is underserved, overpriced and renters are not insured. Founder, Shawn wanted to rent a snowmobile in Lake Tahoe, CA however declined due to no insurance and overpriced. He asked himself why there was no Airbnb for powersports. Now we have Fun2Rent and it’s easiest way to rent a boat, jet ski, ATV, dirt bike or snowmobile for your next adventure.



Hackers/Founders has developed a startup incubator in San Jose that grew out of a meetup group launched in 2008. It works with four small classes a year, each with six or seven startups. Partners spend between 80 and 100 hours with the startups over three months, and the program offers up help with talent/hiring, design, growth, sales, video pitches, an investor week, immigration/policy and real estate.

Hackers/Founders claims 11,000 members in Silicon Valley and more than 70,000 global members in 52 chapters in 22 countries. The partners say the 19 startups they have worked with have a combined market cap of $70 million, including two acquisitions.



Lisa Curtis witnessed the challenges that rural communities in West Africa face as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger. After a few months with limited fruits and vegetables, she found herself experiencing early signs of malnutrition — a condition that affects over 18 million children across West Africa. Then a friend told Lisa about moringa, a local tree with highly nutritious leaves and handed her a bag of kuli-kuli, a Hausa food made from peanuts, to make a delicious, nutty moringa dinner. Lisa incorporated moringa into her diet and began to regain her strength.

Lisa saw a solution to the malnutrition and poverty in her village growing in the nutritious leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. Upon returning to the U.S., Lisa worked with her childhood best friend, Valerie Popelka to create the first prototypes of what became Kuli Kuli Bars. Jordan.

g_plus_mg enables you to add Real-Time or Recorded Audio to your Pictures. Combine your voice with moments in life with our lightweight format called Mashgrams. Share your Mashgrams in Private or Public. Entertain. Connect. Combine your photos with Officially Licensed Movie Quotes and other sounds from our library, or your own contemporaneous sound recordings.


Shield Logo

Over the last 2 years, the National Academy of Athletics has grown from 36 camps in 6 cities, to over 200 camps in more than 40 cities across Northern California. We are now Northern California’s largest and fastest growing Youth Sports program provider. We offer year round, multiple sport programming for young athletes, coaches, officials and parents who want to maximize the youth sports experience. Through our established, contracted partnerships in more than 40 cities, our trained and licensed partners in 7 different territories will implement our programs. This model is completely scalable, and regional expansion of the business model is planned for 2015, with national expansion the following year.



Onvedeo revolutionizes video marketing by 
giving businesses everywhere the power to create top-quality video ads easily and affordably. Thanks to a video generation engine so advanced it delivers customized, localized and scalable videos in minutes –– automatically ––


The Evolved Experts Network – Skillsapien is a platform for searching, booking and rating professional experts across legal, financial management and technology sectors. Think of us simply as: eBay + AirBnb of professional consultants. Our mission is to bring visibility and efficiency to the professional services industry globally, so that companies no longer have to be plagued by solvable problems, while consultancies can avoid unprofitable “bench-time” by allocating time to the most suitable projects with full view of future pipeline. We match the two sides of this marketplace through our unique patent-pending platform, where price fluctuate in real time according to supply and demand.


February 12th, 2014



Accidentally Extraordinary is a brand of personal lifestyle audio accessories, creating unique products that embody the company name. Transcending the gap between technology and urban fashion, AE style offers access to a lifestyle that infuses art and design into personal accessories. Collaborating with the fashion industry for design inspiration, AE works with a high-volume headphone factory, pioneering bold construction that combines sustainably-grown wood such as walnut and bamboo with the strength and style of stainless steel. Our tagline, “Real Wood, Real Steel, Real Style” captures that product and brand identity. AE is a community that includes educators, artists, singers, poets, entrepreneurs, parents, students, and so many more. We’re proud of our partnership with a pioneering headphone factory in China working to source real materials, with an aim to taking pieces of environmental impact out of these products we love so much.



Apozy is the Enterprise Human Firewall. Data breaches and malicious attacks are at an all time high costing companies millions – but what if these attacks could be mitigated? Cybersecurity needs a human touch because existing solutions are failing. Apozy uses a simulation game environment to engage the most important asset in your company, the people. We replace the boring security training that exists now with a fun environment where users can act freely have fun learning. Using the behavior data collected from the game, everyone in the company plays their part in stopping hackers. For the first time, we can measure human security. Information security teams gain actionable insight into their human security and we make their job easier by empowering them with the information they need to implement smarter policy — all while streamlining the process of compliance and saving the company money.


Beforei is a social networking application that helps individuals to build clearer pathways to life goal achievement through education, organization, motivation, activation, and also with the expenses associated with achieving a life goal.


boARd 3D® is a unique technology for interaction using augmented reality. Games using the technology equip players not only with a digital device, but also with a special paper map – a boARd™. This interaction allows players to literally have cameras in their hands, controlling their own view, allowing them to explore every possible angle on the virtual world. Furthermore, players share the same boARd™ for their games, bringing the players together back to the table for gaming.



Conceptua Math is the leader in online visually-interactive math curriculum. Our company was founded by a team of educational publishing and research leaders with a mission to transform the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Create Logo Alpha

Create instantly analyzes any real estate investment so you can easily find the best properties in your city and manage any project from construction to sale. Visualize different building scenarios and track how design, construction and market activity impact property values in real time.



Inoviva is a healthcare platform to help YOU discover, validate, and connect with the right healthcare practitioner. We want people around the world to make empowered decisions and feel confident about the practitioners they choose. With Inoviva you can Find the right practitioner for your needs. Learn in-depth information about practitioners world-wide and discover solutions for wellness and health. We want Inoviva to benefit everyone involved. Practitioners can use Inoviva to establish an online presence and reach a much broader community. Inoviva makes it easier to engage with new leads and reach new audiences at the same time building stronger relationships.



Looly’s is here to make a leap forward to astonish the food industry by offering world delights that nourish the body and nurture the soul. connecting health & diet to yumminess, and authenticity to trendiness and slow food to quickness.



SimpleQL democratizes the ability to analyze corporate data by shrinking a wealth of business intelligence power into a search box. That search box makes it incredibly easy for users to conduct powerful data analyses directly, without the intervention of a data scientist or analyst. Business users can not only create their own analyses, but they can setup and share their own dashboards, periodic reports and alerts. It’s all supported by a powerful semantic engine that connects SimpleQL to any underlying database or application, along with a provisioning environment that automatically tests changes before they’re provisioned to users.



SAAKO products are inspired by the vibrant, diverse and sensual style that is unique to Barcelona. The scarf-like necklaces are animated, tactile and earthy; vibrant; Mediterranean, and beg to be touched. Each is handmade, by local women long familiar with the proud traditions of Portuguese and Spanish textiles. In the spirit of environmental responsibility, all of our products are hand-made using recycled materials.


January 15th, 2014


Althea’s goal is to leverage emerging technologies to change how health research is conducted for rare and neglected diseases. With 30M people in the US afflicted by rare diseases (and 75M family members impacted), rare diseases are hardly rare. However, because the population for any single condition is less than 200K, these groups struggle to attract attention from researchers and pharma companies. We provide a platform to empower them


Blink Awards provides small and medium-sized businesses with a seamless way of allowing employees to award each other for often overlooked, everyday accomplishments in order to inspire employees and create a more harmonious workplace.

Coworks-square Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.31.29

Coworks is a closed and curated marketplace for quality freelancers, specialized in creatives. We solve three pains for our clients: Finding trustworthy candidates quickly, manage remote collaboration including payments and tax compliance globally, and lowering the costs of staffing. Coworks platform is built around social connections, and use social vetting to match clients and creatives. We target marketing departments in 100,000 US businesses with 100-1,000 employees. Our goal is to establish leadership in online staffing of creatives, and our vision is to become the world’s premier online workplace for creatives.


Embera NeuroTherapeutics, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing treatments for smoking cessation, cocaine dependence and other addictions, for which there are a limited range of effective drug therapies or no approved treatments. Embera is developing an innovative drug combination (EMB-001) targeting the stress response system and specific brain functions that lead to craving and relapse associated with these disorders, an approach based on years of NIH funded research on the role of stress in addiction and potential treatments.


MENA360 is the e-commerce enabler for the Middle East – Northern Africa (MENA) region. We help brands from the US and Europe to come and leverage the fantastic growth of MENA’s e-commerce space. We provide bespoke solutions for brands including: website customization and optimization for the region, Arabic content management, bilingual social media and digital marketing and our top notch delivery services. We breathe e-commerce and have gathered a team of experts who built all the major e-commerce players in the ME to help you grow fast.


Qordoba was born out of a passion for languages and a deep disgust of bad translation. We knew we could use technology not just to make localization faster, but to make it better – by connecting clients to the best talent globally and maniacally implementing quality controls. We provide a full range of language services including content development, document, website and social media accounts translations.


SixCreeks helps you find quality service providers, like dentists, caretakers, piano teachers, or hairdressers, through word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family by connecting your social network with your network of service providers. We all need trusted service providers, and unlike looking for a restaurant or movie recommendation, finding a trusted service provider is much more difficult. SixCreeks helps by supplying you with a trusted service provider with a reference you know.

SpeedTrack Logo Simply Information JPEG

Healthcare is undergoing a tectonic shift. SpeedTrack provides the ability to explore and analyze public healthcare data to make discoveries which save money, identify revenue opportunities and assess quality indicators. SpeedTrack has invented an information discovery platform that eliminates the friction between data and information. Complex data mining tasks are now as easy as online shopping.


Spotsell is a mobile-enabled peer-to-peer marketplace for finding parking. Our platform allows any user to sell a parking spot as they leave it to a user who wants to occupy it after them for an agreed upon price.

If you’re looking for parking, all you have to do is let us know where you want to park, we handle the rest. When you’d like to leave a parking spot, you let us know who you’d like to sell to based on their bid and arrival, we handle coordinating the exchange, payments, and sellers make real money deposited directly into their bank or paypal.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.19.29 PM

Reduce wastes of plastic bags. Reduce the rate of female unemployment. Create innovative products. Used plastic bags are collected, washed and delivered to passionate women who then cut the plastic into strips and crochet them into creative products that are then sold with proceeds going back to the women and their families.


December 5th, 2013



BluBond takes curated lifestyle products to renowned celebrities and uses their social media to create sales of distinctive and original products from up and coming designers. BluBond will share the proceeds from sales with the brand, celebrity, and most importantly, the celebrity’s charity. Users will enjoy a rich storytelling experience and directly participate in supporting their favorite celebrity causes.



Buzzstarter is a data driven growth engineering platform that generates massive return on investments for businesses’ marketing campaigns. Buzzstarter’s technology identifies the best distribution channels for businesses based on crowdsourcing and data science, and then optimizes on them to produce on average 6.7x better results than existing advertising solutions.

Buzzstarter’s client list includes global brands like Dove, Axe, Degree, Clear, Meijer, HEB, Lionsgate films, Corona, Budlight, CBS, Bonobos, Lotus F1 Team, NCAA, Aeropostale, BMO Harris Bank, and many more within the first four months.


CrowdPlat is a crowdsourcing platform that enables developers around the world to collaborate virtually to develop software applications. The Platform will deliver applications faster and cheaper to enterprise customers at better quality as well as provide secure access to source code. Customers would not only benefit from good quality software at lower cost, but will also be able to leverage the platform for marketplace and idea generation.


Business users just want answers to questions – they have no desire to become data analysts. EMANIO enables average business users to do advanced reporting and analytics without having to learn any new skills. We have created a “data analyst in a box” so you can ask questions of your corporate data sources (CRM, ERP, etc.) in ordinary English, and the system answers you in plain English with auto-generated charts where applicable. We launch first with with quick expansion to other data sources.



Mimir is looking to reinvent B2B Sales and Marketing. Based on purchase data and external data about companies and buyers, we identify factors that affect purchase behaviors such as interests, location in purchase cycle, and social connections. These relevant factors then allow us to automate the identification of the right buyers at the right prospect companies and influence them in a personalized way – one person at a time at scale.


We offer a popular iOS productivity app, My Things – Where Are They?, to help you easily create a visual inventory of the stuff in your garage, basement, moving boxes, or collection and find it quickly when you need it. Moms, movers, collectors, and small business owners love how simple it is to use, calling it “addictive” and “life-changing.” We’ve just launched the My Things Cloud, with secure cloud storage for user data. Our ultimate goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem of apps and services based on the data that users share about their things.


Peerlyst: Product-Centric Social Site for Enterprise Tech Professionals

IT pros tune-out vendor marketing claims and struggle to find unbiased product reviews and user insights, especially when it comes to new technology. They want new ways to connect with peers in their industry who have similar needs and firsthand experience with products. Vendor-centric marketing has shifted to social networks so tech vendors need new ways to be in these conversations, and to connect users with prospects faster.

Peerlyst is unique in delivering an unbiased social presence for products, bringing the capabilities of familiar consumer social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, TripAdvisor) to enterprise tech pros, making it easy for them to find and compare product alternatives—and to learn from other IT pros’ real-world experience with the products they use.


Phalula’s algorithm predicts personality type & preferred communication style using social data (Facebook now, Twitter coming soon). The four primary types are: analytical, emotional, thrill seeking, traditional.Understanding personality type is essential to understanding how consumers and employees may behave. For example, a “thrill seeking” type may be less likely than a “traditional” to pay back a loan or use credit responsibly.

We are focusing on two enterprise verticals: HR (through a leading provider for candidate screening and employee assessment) and financial services (Lenddo). We will also distribute the algorithm to brands and agencies through DataSift as part of their augmentation marketplace launching early next year.



Prevently aims to become the premier global health and wellness platform that empowers consumers with the information, products, and personalized care they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. The company provides consumers with physician-reviewed health content, physician-approved health products, social networking, and telemedicine consultations which are complemented by a world-class suite of health apps whose data is integrated into a centralized patient profile.

November 7th, 2013



BarTrendr brings significant value to the $1.7 trillion beverage industry by providing brands a window into their most coveted demographic while they’re out consuming. BarTrendr created a fun way for consumers to share the current vibe of the bar scene, where friends can connect, chat and share photos of their night, all in real-time.


Eko Devices is changing the way doctors diagnose heart murmurs using smartphones and innovative digital hardware. Eko records, visualizes, and analyzes patient’s heart sounds combined with a stethoscope attachment that transmits the heartbeat from any acoustic stethoscope to the doctor’s smartphone. The hardware component integrates with the acoustic stethoscope and relays this information through the audio jack into the smartphone. The mobile application then displays possible diagnoses to the medical professional to make the final decision.


GoRefi is the first website that lets homeowners refinance their home online, from rate quote to close. We integrate with today’s technologies to offer customized rate-quotes, electronic signatures, and document upload features. This allows clients the ability to complete their transaction without a single sales call, saving time and money. Mortgage is a $1T+ market where 80% of homeowners begin their mortgage search online, but 0% actually finish it online.

lovewithfood is a marketing and online market research platform that’s disrupting the $60B snacks industry. Think marketing + survey monkey for CPG brands.

Our platform combines big data, e-commerce, online/offline advertising channels with a monthly sampling subscription service to create a new innovative distribution and marketing channel to reach consumers nationwide and collect useful quantitative and qualitative data for food brands. For $10/month, our sampling subscribers receive a box of 8+ surprise organic or all-natural snacks at their door each month. These subscribers are genuine leads for these food brands.


Megaki combines data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing systems with external data like social media, news, and finance for the purpose of identifying predictive indicators and useful information for sales people. We integrate with the CRM tools people already use, starting with This allows reps to use the process they already know. Our backend supplies data and research to this integrated front-end.


PhysioCue, Inc. is a medical device company that has developed an FDA Class II neuro-stimulation medical device clinically shown to immediately reduce the blood pressure of hypertensive patients. The device is non-invasive and works by simple controlled cold therapy contact with the skin in the appropriate area. Unlike traditional drug treatments, PhysioCue is efficient, safe, easy to use, non-invasive, and has none of the side effects associated with anti-hypertensive drugs.


Get the most out of existing technology with the desktop robot that instantly turns a tablet into an interactive conferencing experience. KUBI delivers the best in local meeting moderation and global collaboration easily, and cheaply without depleting IT resources.Take telepresence to the human level with always-on telecommuting portals, plug and play popup meeting rooms, and a more dynamic experience in every conference room.


SquareTrend ties together promotions and customer feedback. We drive promotions and aggregate feedback via various channels including social media, surveys, SMS, email, phone, web forms etc. Businesses can measure customer satisfaction at various level, for ex, corporate level and regional level. Our advanced promotion tools, inbound and outbound feedback collection tools provide tailored and branded solutions for customers


Tame is the first context search engine for the real-time web. It delivers at a glance the most shared links, most important topics and most mentioned users from Twitter. Within seconds, Journalists, PR and Marketing Experts find useful information and sources.


ZipKick is a travel search and booking site that brings unique, relevant results to their users on both mobile and desktop devices. Mobile travel search has been named one of the top trends in 2014. With such limited space on mobile devices, ZipKick aims to remove the clutter of irrelevant search results and provide information that caters to each user’s way of traveling. Users now have the ability to find what matters to them without scroll bars, radio buttons or searching thousands of different flight combinations through a simplistic and repeatable process. ZipKick will bridge the gap between desktop and mobile travel search.

October 10th, 2013


Airborne Wind Energy Labs commercializes a novel technology, providing an order of magnitude decrease in wind energy costs.


MBientLab is a design studio that specializes in wearables, Bluetooth, low-power, and battery devices. We connect daily objects to the internet. We also have great industry relationships and manufacturing capabilities in the US and overseas. Cubit is our first product and exemplifies our work. Our customers are smart, stylish, and young smartphone owners.


Crowd911 PNG (24 Aug 13)

White Cheetah develops enterprise mobile apps that use the power of alerts and geo-location to keep people informed, alerted, connected and safe. Crowd911 is White Cheetah’s first product. It is a social safety enterprise application that keeps people safe during emergencies by alerting them, displaying their location on a map and allowing them to easily communicate via social circles.


SMU Logo- Oct PF

SetMeUp helps you leverage your own trusted social circles to build relationships. SetMeUp is a Facebook matchmaking app that allows you to meet new people through recommendations from mutual friends. Once you connect, SetMeUp recommends a first-date activity based on common likes, interests, and mutual checkins.
SS Logo- Oct PF

The StudySoup Education Marketplace is the 1st platform to empower educators with the ability to create, curate and monetize courses. In a publishing space that is both expensive for students, and difficult to manage for educators, StudySoup provides refreshingly easy-to-use course creation and delivery tools. There are over 100M students in the US, and 1 Billion worldwide – institutions can’t keep-up. Now educators can browse the StudySoup marketplace, which provides a massive database of both free and paid content including: Audio, Video, MOOCs, ebooks, OER and more. This content can then be curated into a single course that is then sold on the Worldwide Education Marketplace earning royalties for educators, while providing students the recognition they deserve.


GC Logo- Oct PF

GistCloud is a brand that identifies a suite of content creation, curation, and dissemination tools ­all hosted in the cloud, built upon a future-proofed communications platform: highly secure, globally accessible and intuitively simple. GistCloud has partnered with the State Press Associations across America to create an unmatched distribution network for delivering that multimedia content to the media – initially in the form of a press release.


LI-Logo Oct PF



Load Impact’s on-demand services detect, predict, and analyze performance problems – providing the information businesses need to proactively optimize their websites, apps and APIs for customers. With its roots in work for NASDAQ and the European Space Agency, the Stockholm-based company has been redefining load testing since 20011 by making it cost-effective, instantly available, automated, and very easy to use.

Load Impact’s mission is to enable all online businesses – regardless of size, budget or technical proficiency – to know what it will take to satisfy customer demand now, and in the future.






Information overload in a complex cloud? CloudLeaps is the big data intelligence on top of your existing enterprise information management systems, so teams improve their productivity without having to change how they work. Our behavior-based algorithms deliver the updated files relevant to your current task so you (1) find information faster (2) are aware of changes impacting you for reduced rework. Our patent pending tech is a spinout of Stanford PhD research funded with $530k from companies needing to improve information flows. Two Global/Fortune 500 companies are our first paying customers.






My Frequency, Inc. is an interactive social marketing firm that designs, builds and manages digital/physical user platforms for live events. The proprietary software and user activation experiences integrate social media, RFID/NFC, mobile and custom interactive user dashboards to create a dynamic relationship between event organizers, sponsors, fans and friends of fans. This dynamic relationship yields valuable fan metrics that define measurable ROI on live engagement and advertising investments. My Frequency has secured key successful partnerships in different market segments such as: professional sports, arenas, marathon tours, music festivals and health clubs.








TriggerEX, the latest product from TiWi Digital, is software-as-a-service which increases digital and mobile advertising engagement by delivering “In The Moment” ad messages to online and mobile users. This tech is an ad-delivery enhancement tool designed to help advertising clients and ad agencies provide more relevant ads to consumers across multiple platforms including ad exchanges. The TriggerEX platform provides a dashboard that allows an advertising client or agency to upload multiple ad creatives and set up triggers to dictate which ads appear in which scenarios. For example, a coffee company could advertise its cold beverages in areas experiencing warm weather, and its hot beverages in cool climates. The triggers can include any data point about a website visitor, from political interests to buying habits. Once the creatives have been uploaded and the triggers assigned, TriggerEX generates an ad tag for placement into an ad delivery system and delivered across networks, both direct and exchange seamlessly.

August 8th, 2013






muzzley is a technology which allows an amazing interaction experience between all kind of smartphones and other appliances (computers, smart tv’s, set top boxes, digital muppies, others).

muzzley aims to be an interactivity experience standard in our daily live.
If you see the muzzley symbol, you’ll know that you can interact with it
in an enjoyable and user friendly way.



Answerbook is an Engagement Intelligence platform that helps salespeople close deals faster by providing deep engagement analytics.







dakwak is a website translation and localization technology that helps businesses in going global by launching multilingual websites with no technical involvement and no integration.

Translation quality is user-controlled through dakwak’s multi-layered translation system offering machine, team, and professional translation options. Translated versions of the website run initially under a dakwak’s temporary subdomain provided until the user configures it under his own domain.


Vajra Software



VajraSoft Inc., is a Web Software Application Products and Solutions Development Company based in Dublin, California, United States – building Cloud, Enterprise Applications products for the Enterprises. VajraSoft Inc. Our products won several Cloud awards including – UP Start Awards for Best Industry Application for 2012.







We have the most accurate residential real estate data on the planet! Zillow and Trulia have bad data. It’s old and inaccurate because they pull from MLS’s and county records, which takes days or weeks to update. Reesio, on the other hand, has the only up-to-the-MINUTE residential property data. How do we get this data? By offering an awesome productivity tool that agents use multiple times per day to manage their deals. Our product includes document storage, sharing, e-signing, workflow management, and offer-making.







Unda is the best and easiest way to video message the things you like to the people you love. Mobile video is growing rapidly. Short videos are becoming more and more popular, they are easy to shoot, quick and fun. Unda is like Facetime, but asynchronous. Unda is like Vine, but videos are private. Unda is like attaching a video to an email, but faster. Way faster!







Credii is a web platform that makes it super easy for companies to discover, select and buy the right software and services. Our apps blend expert guidance, product research and social signal into one intuitive interface, so businesses can make informed choices. All in a few minutes, and simply by answering a few questions.

July 11th, 2013


GPS Dashboard

GPS Dashboard Launches Check In, a Unique Location Based App, on’s AppExchange, the World’s Leading Business Apps Marketplace Founder Amin Mufti was a co-founder / VP of Business Development for @Road (acquired by Trimble Navigation) a market leader in Fleet Tracking/ Mobile Resource Management. Co-founder John Lankes was a VP of Marketing and Product Management at Teletrac and VP Sales and Marketing at @Road.


Blue Morph

BlueMorph sanitizes stainless steel drums & kegs using UV technology, eliminating the need for water & chemicals while keeping workers safe. Currently, wineries around the world use harsh chemicals and copious amounts of water to sanitize vessels in the wine industry. BlueMorph’s patent-pending technology takes the chemicals and water out of the process using UV technology. Our customers include wineries, breweries (especially craft breweries), and potentially the dairy and biotech industries.


Ryno MotorsTo satisfy the need for efficient transportation, RYNO Motors has designed a multiple use, self-balancing, one wheel, electric scooter that’s adaptable to wide range of uses including urban individuals, government, and industrial customers. Like a secret footpath through the woods, there exists a travel landscape that only RYNO riders can see. With a product like RYNO, a rider can slip behind a wall, cut up the alley, around behind the big oak tree, down though the park and emerge at a destination long before anyone driving a car could ever get there. Plus a RYNO can be parked anywhere a bike can be parked, free of charge.


Revo Lights

Force fields for your bicycle; Revolights are a better approach to bike lighting aimed at improving cyclist safety. Revolights, Inc. is a Bay Area bike light company. Our light’s different. We create, develop, market, and sell next generation, wheel mounted bicycle headlights and taillights. Makers of the award winning (patented) Revolights bike lighting system.



UbiqIt™ simplifies the collaboration, management and review of business knowledge and processes for the equity compensation industry. BeUbiq™ developed UbiqIt™, an on-line collaboration application to help stock plan professionals and their business partners (Legal, HR, Tax) manage and organize business knowledge and processes to maximize compliance. Companies offering equity compensation as part of their total rewards benefit. Finding historical information during an audit could avoid the potential for public embarrassment (e.g. fines/jail) due to non-compliance.


Video Step

Breakthrough end to end video recommendation and advertising platform deployed by over 50 publishers. VideoStep is the first company to provide online publishers with the technology required to effectively monetize the videos, photographs and keywords they embed in their content. We take no pixels on the page, keep users on the site and our solution can be implemented in 5 minutes.


June 6, 2013


business exchange logoB2B digital transaction business. Place to discover best performing B2B companies on the market, based on what’s working for others.

Business Exchange, connects buyers and sellers on B2B market, using verified reviews from other B2B companies, showcases and mutual companies on the market as search vectors. Tailored for industries such as: web, construction, media and advertising, print, legal services and retail market.



capy logoWe offer frustration free CAPTCHA for smartphones. Instead of using twisted characters, we use all kinds of sensors to verify a human.

Capy provides user-friendly security solution to web service providers. Our current service is a Frustration Free CAPTCHA which only takes a single navigation stroke on a touch screen to finish a game or puzzle to complete verification. It is much easier than a conventional twisted alpha-numeric CAPTCHA. Of great value is that Capy offers customization function including customizable images for a CAPTCHA, security level, and a type of CAPTCHA. In the future, Capy provides more CAPTCHA solutions using all kinds of sensors on smartphones to enhance usability for both site owners and site visitors.



Funds 4 All logoB2B SaaS for the $10 Billon School and Sports team fundraising industry. Our customers, companies that sell and manage fundraisers for schools and recreational sports teams, love our SaaS solution because it solves the customer retention problem that plagues this $10 B industry. Our service helps them increase revenue and enables them to effectively “lock out” their completion. These customers ran 677 fundraisers on our service in 2012 positioning the Company for rapid national growth in 2013.


meographMeograph is democratizing the creation of digital multimedia by turning simple inputs into rich media. Meograph enables anyone to easily and quickly create professional-quality rich media. Our first product pairs maps, timeline, links, and multimedia, and offers viewers a new form of interactive story that they can watch in minutes or explore for hours. Our vision is to be the storytelling layer for any digital object.


metacruitFind better hires with the people you know. Metacruit is a peertopeer referral system that enables small businesses, startup owners and individuals to find and refer the right people for projects and positions that fit their qualifications. In other words, it’s a CrowdSourced Recruiting service. Linkedin+Mechanical Turk. Metacruit allows you to find better people, faster. You begin by posting a bounty, consisting of specifications and a reward, to your network. Once you share the bounty, ‘networkers’ refer their connections to you. Upon accepting a good candidate, you reward the network that sourced the candidate.



produk-meProduct relationship mgmt company that measures and transforms post purchase consumer product interactions into brand retention and revenue!

We solve three problems for consumer product companies/brands. 1. We reduce paper inside the packaging and have rethought the post purchase data and service discovery experience. 2. Enable one click product registration to improve product registration rates to drive retention and upsell opportunities. 3. We provide tools to gain insights into post purchase product consumer interactions!



repost logoWe’re changing the way content goes viral. Have you ever seen an article on another website that you wanted to repost but couldn’t figure out how to do it easily and legally? Did you ever wonder why you can embed a video but not the rest of the content? We did, too, so we created the Repost platform, which allows you to republish complete articles (including images, links, & multimedia) anywhere quickly, easily, and legally – just like video.


scribleWe make online info usable and useful. Annotate online articles in your browser and easily save, share and collaborate on them in the cloud. We make useful online reading and research apps for consumers and publishers. We have a web app in beta that improves how you consume online articles and webpages. This powerful productivity/collaboration system is broadly useful for enterprise, legal, “prosumers”, etc., but we’re focusing on education as a beachhead thanks to demand from students and instructors. Publishers are also interested. So, we’re also building apps and tools for them.


treode logoParse for a relational database. Treode makes it easy to build the backend of a web or mobile service, so that developers can focus on the front-end. Companies like Kinvey, MongoHQ and Parse (now Facebook) have shown that there is demand for this, but they lack relational concepts from traditional databases, which would simplify data processing on the backend. Treode preserves relational modeling and can reach developers who value it and have ignored Kinvey, MongoHQ and Parse.


viakooApplied diagnostics and proactive monitoring for on-premise, video surveillance infrastructure leveraging cloud and big data analytics. Events like the Boston Marathon bombing highlight the challenges facing Chief Security Officers and Chief Financial Officers whose job is to mitigate brand risk, contain legal liabilities, and prevent adverse economic impact. Situational Awareness, specifically high fidelity Information & Intelligence, is increasingly mission critical. Video camera networks are the “eyes” that contribute crucial images for realtime tactical response as well as post-incident investigations. There is increasing demand for higher performing video camera networks and “missing video” is no longer acceptable. Viakoo’s Software as a Service model coupled with our video-qualified support engineers combine to offer a Monthly Subscription to deliver a service like an “OnStar® for video camera networks”, ensuring resiliency and availability of crucial video images. Founded in early 2013, Viakoo is already producing revenue.



May 9, 2013


breathreserchMobile respiratory health and wellness applications for individuals, small business and enterprise. BreathResearch presents a new health and fitness metric to measure and track breathing patterns that have been validated by leading health researchers to provide diagnosis, indications, and metrics that can be applied to many important health areas and athletic performance tuning. We create and customize easy-to-use mobile applications and API data share services for consumers, health insurance, and health and fitness companies.


We help companies flourish by providing their managers with trusted guidance for finding, choosing, and implementing cloud services. CloudBase3 provides listings of cloud products, companies, and outsourced implementation services, layered with cutting-edge media tech tools and in-depth product recommendations. It’s devoted to helping line-of-business managers cut through the morass of confusing, competing and often overlapping options to discover, select, and implement the services best suited for their particular purposes.

DIY Workshop

DIY workshopA day use & membership woodworking & sewing workshop where members & non-members alike can also learn how to work with wood, sew &/or craft. A day use and membership woodworking and sewing workshop where tools and equipment for woodworking and sewing are supplied. Classes in woodworking, sewing and crafting will be offered for members and non-members alike from beginner to advanced. We will also have a retail store with a selection of woodworking tools and supplies. Emphasis will be put on creating a safe and fun environment for members to collaborate, network and enjoy creating.


Aliance logoWinner of Euro Demo Day TBD




Iincuvoncuvo creates fun games in minutes using mobile device, share with your friends and discover new games! You’ve probably heard of Minecraft. It has earned around $300 million so far. And it is a game about creating your own worlds. We believe millions of people want to create whole games, not only worlds. But they lack the skill. That’s why we’ve made Createrria which turns making games into a game – super-easy, fun process for everybody out there. It’s a product for mobile platforms. We’re releasing it mid 2013.


studysoupStudySoup is a full-circle digital publishing, and education collaboration tool targeted at University students. We provide an easy way for bookstores and publishers to securely deliver interactive, digital materials to students across any web browser. Faculty can create study materials directly on our platform including readings, videos and more. Students need one central location where they can access material, and collaborate with peers, and that’s what StudySoup can provide!


ThrsholdCMThreshold is changing the way the building industry photographs their jobsites using mobile & web apps, clean design, and fair pricing. Threshold organizes the vast amount of photos that construction projects create. We’re using elegant design and UX to delight customers that are traditionally used to bulky and expensive software solutions. Our paying customers range from large multi-national corporations working on $300M+ commercial projects to small residential contractors. We’re currently unfunded and have added over 100 unique construction projects in March and April.



Visulon has developed web based SaaS cloud software products for Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Brands to make B2B Sales, Marketing and Merchandising operations highly efficient while shortening the time to market. Visulon creates the structured database of the seasonal new products that include images, attributes and videos for Brands. Sales Teams, Dealers, Independent Reps and Buyers access it online as Digital Workbooks and searchable database. Using Visulon’s software platform they create custom assortments and custom digital workbooks for buyers, plan and place orders and overall improve the sales and marketing processes significantly. Visulon’s products are designed as enterprise portals with tight security, roles/permissions based personalized access, with customized workflow, agile database and can be used with all browsers and all devices including iPad. They are also designed to work in unconnected mode and sync when connection is available making it extremely easy to run in the tradeshows, while traveling or without access to hotspots. This is a $340 billion market segment of which approx. 70% are B2B sales. Visulon’s team has invested two years in development and is already selling to the major brand names.


April 2, 2013


AlminderAlminder delivers real-time, contextual knowledge to business consumers via a smart mobile calendar app. Alminder’s NeverLate application saves users time and arms them with the information they need to be prepared, organized and on-time. The calendar is a great predictive source of user intent. The Alminder smart calendar uses this and context provided by the smartphone to bring critical knowledge to the user. Alminder focuses on the business professional but will solve problems for the whole person and not just the work part of life.


FabbitA fun, easy, social design platform for the 3D printing market, giving customers the power to create their own products on demand. Fabbit opens up the rapidly booming economy of 3D printing to creative customers who love design but don’t have the time or money to learn expensive, difficult software. Like Cafe Press or Etsy, we provide a design marketplace, but offer the ability to easily create totally online, in a fun, social environment that requires no uploading. Fabbit’s revenue comes from a percentage of items ordered, plus vendor partnerships and premium subscriptions.


fotonotesFotoNotes’ innovative mobile and cloud based platform transforms the way that enterprises collect, manage and share mobile information. FotoNotes is a mobile and cloud software company transforming the way that enterprises capture manage and share information. The FotoNotes platform makes it incredibly easy for real estate, construction, facilities management, field inspection, and other businesses to “mobilize” their operations to increase efficiency, improve real time communication and better serve their customers. Paying customers include Valligent, Teknion and McKesson.


frooviefroovieTM is an innovative organic beverage dispensing solution that combines fruit, vegetable and grains into a “Drink with BenefitsTM” froovieTM is the first certified organic, gluten free cold-blended complete beverage solution. Created by food-service veterans, Roger and Eric, Froovie fills a market void by providing consumers a tasty, truly healthy beverage/snack that has significantly less sugar and calories than other “juice based” solutions while it’s mobile, labor-free “Bag in a Box” fountain-style delivery method allows for ease of installation and operations by users.


ittaviExpense management & bill payment system for child support – ending child support conflict while saving parents time & money. Over 298 million parents worldwide exchange over $990 billion dollars every year in child support. Since there has not been a standard process or system, parents are forced to figure out how to manage this complex process on their own, resulting in conflict, wasted time & money. Ittavi provides an easy to use application to manage, track & pay child support, providing transparency, reducing conflict, while saving parents time & money.


Loyakk LogoLoYakk enables Instant “Shared Experience” Communities – o n-mobile and on-demand. We are re-imagining how we engage in local conversations and give users the ability to instantly engage with communities organized around any “shared experience” at any location. Users can “enter” any venue and engage in relevant conversations with others sharing the same context and experience.

College students can now converse with other students on campus, sports enthusiasts can communicate with each other during a sporting event at a local stadium, or like-minded residents can converge a topic of local importance – all in the context of their local experience. We jettison the mandate to “join” groups, alleviate the requirement to “subscribe” and remove any need to “check in”.


pervillePerkville helps small and medium sized businesses retain customers by providing them with a cloud enabled loyalty platform. We’re already used by nearly 1,000 businesses and several hundred thousand users around the world.


picturemarketingFotoZap® turns consumers into Superfans: Fans that actively contribute social media to any brand’s Facebook page or preferred social channel.

Brands are searching for effective ways to place content into social channels, measure the results of those efforts, and then re-market to participants and their friends. Most attempts at branded social sharing bring disappointing results. True success comes only when engaged consumers actively contribute content, and share it in ways that tell the brand’s story.

Using front-line employees (or paid brand ambassadors) to capture a photo or video of the consumer’s experience is a proven way to create active fans that willingly share a branded social media story with their circle of friends. Picture Marketing has created FotoZap as a complete solution, with multiple ways to: Capture images, Share them onsite, deliver them online via Social, and Manage campaigns.


pixtPixt is a fun and easy way to make collaborative walls of photos and videos with your friends and family. Pixt Walls are real time and collaborative. You and your friends can drag and drop pictures and videos onto a Pixt Wall for instant sharing. All you do is drag and drop your content onto your “Wall”. You can drag and drop from anywhere and everywhere you have content – your hard drive, linked devices, like cameras, smartphones, tablets, flash drives; and Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Picasa, etc. You can also link to, and send your Walls to your Facebook page and other social and photo services.


realtysharesRealtyShares is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace where Accredited Investors can passively invest in pre-vetted real estate deals. RealtyShares is an online real estate investment marketplace where high-quality real estate Investment Managers with pre-vetted real estate deals can raise capital from Accredited investors looking to passively invest in those deals. Small to mid-size real estate Investment Managers spend more than 40% of their time seeking capital instead of on real estate and most Accredited investors have limited access to quality RE Investments.


March 7, 2013


aSociete is a unique platform for millennials to discover, buy, and learn about all things fashion. aSociete is the first to offer a fully interactive shopping experience where shoppers can consume fashion content in a completely new way.







CaptureProof is a secure cloud based platform to store and analyze medical media in accordance with HIPAA


Patented, SaaS based solution to make healthcare more accessible & affordable and to improve employee productivity through a focus on prevention and data sharing.


GAIN Fitness turns your smartphone into a personal trainer. We develop fitness mobile apps that tailor workouts and coach you to your goals. Over 2M people have used our apps to date, and each app is created with a top personal trainer from different fitness disciplines—from bodybuilding to bootcamps, yoga to sport-specific training. Our team of ex-Googlers, serial entrepreneurs and college athletes is based in downtown San Francisco.


Run perfect events every time! Goombal provides a modern Cloud-based solution to easily manage the complete event life cycle and run ‘Perfect’ marketing and sales events – every time.


“Keeping the team on the same page…it’s just that simple.” To provide a seamlessly integrated software as a service (SAAS) solution that facilitates – vastly improved communication, a marked increase in productivity and consistent cost savings across projects. From the day the idea unfolded, we had paying customers. From idea to profitable company in two-years. We created an agnostic tool that continue to grow the value proposition while extending into new industries verticals.


We are building the first global interactive library for educational content across all levels of education, and starting at the university level.

We are leveraging students to help us produce content reflecting what’s being taught inside the classroom. Simultaneously, we allow tutors to utilize our platform as a distribution channel to create supplementary materials such as videos for each and every university subject. We emphasize on the quality of the content through gamification of badges and credits for top contributors. Today we have 100,000 registered students sharing across 5,600 different courses along with over 600 videos already created by our top tutors.


RlFaster, simpler, more efficient recruitment. For any company. We founded RecruitLoop after years of frustration with traditional recruitment. Agencies are expensive. But DIY recruitment can be extremely time-consuming. For employers, they’re both painful options. So what’s RecruitLoop? A platform for employers to automate and outsource the recruitment process, on-demand. We launched in Australia in mid-2011.


A remote interactive nurse equipped with a set of tools to enable continuous patient care outside of the doctor’s office. uses natural user interface to help assess patient’s condition and provide insight for the ongoing treatment. Our technology uses voice and body recognition, augmented reality, off-the-shelf devices, and an avatar to enable engaging and easy to use remote interaction between patients and doctors.’s vision is to become a comprehensive platform for automated, continuous care outside of the doctor’s office.

February 7, 2013


Agora Startup Icon (ASI) is an online startup pitch competition that allows startup ventures from around the world to gain access to users and qualified investors.

Contestants compete to attract the most users for their products and the ASI top prize. 64 companies are crowd-sourced based on number of users they attract during the pre-contest phase. Startup Icon adds a gamification layer to the broadcast to aid contestant user acquisition. This creates an exciting environment for audience members, contestants, and judges. ASI provides access to a worldwide pool of potential users, Silicon Valley capital and investor network for startups. ASI – helping awesome startups succeed.


A web and smartphone based platform that promotes better outcomes through direct engagement of patients and families. Althea Health’s ambitious goal is to disrupt patient engagement in healthcare. Lack of engagement causes many suboptimal outcomes, just one, non-compliance with prescription instructions costs $290 billion a year in the US. The industry lacks a platform for engagement due to fragmentation and structural issues. Our web and smartphone platform overcomes those issues and promotes better outcomes through direct engagement of patients and families.


Mainframe2 is a cloud workstation platform – a new way of deploying and scaling engineering, design, and scientific applications. Our service enables traditional software vendors to transition from PC to the cloud and spend 100% of their time on the core product, not managing servers, virtualization, or ongoing operations. Using Mainframe2’s cloud graphics and application streaming solutions, our customers can deliver demanding workstation apps to users on any device, instantly and effortlessly.


PriceHub takes the hassle out of buying used cars by creating a marketplace that is built around transparent pricing & research. PriceHub solves the one problem that all consumers have when buying or selling a car – revealing the true prices in the car buying process. 73% of consumers dislike the car negotiation process; PriceHub tips the balance of power to the consumers by providing real transaction prices of vehicles that were bought or sold for all makes, years and models. PriceHub is the ONLY source of actual prices paid for cars.


Sequorum is a brand new way to invest in real estate. We allow our members to co-invest with property owners in real property opportunities. Both investors and property owners benefit from this collaboration. Investors enjoy:
– The ability to invest in any property they choose with as little as $3,000
– Fully secured investments with recourse against both the investment property and the Owner
– Attractive annual returns for the life of the investment
– A share of the profits if the property appreciates

Owners enjoy:
– Quick, low-cost financing to replace or supplement mortgage loans
– Greater investment returns on their investment properties*
– A profit sharing structure that rewards successful Owners

Sequorum was founded in 2009 with a simple mission: to make the investment opportunities that were created by the 2008 housing crisis accessible to the millions of Americans who had lost the financial ability to participate in the housing market.


SYNQY Smart Brand Assets use the power of the cloud to keep brands up-to-date, track brand ROI and activate brands across millions of sites.

Today, companies waste $400B manually managing brand assets online. SYNQY works smarter. It’s a cloud-based SaaS service that links brand assets to embed codes that are then shared on third-party websites, creating a dynamic brand delivery network (like YouTube does). This marketing pipeline between the brand owner and the brand user’s site also enables rich media distribution, remote management of brand assets and unparalleled analytics.


Take a video, create new tags and publish it to your website or blog. The Mad Video is an interactive video solution that helps publishers, transform their online videos into a powerful sales channel, by tagging any element that appears in the video. Without hosting, without installation, just using their YouTube, Vimeo or Brightcove videos.



TriVision aims to provide “Customer For Life” SaaS product to SaaS companies to help them decrease churn and increase life time value of their customers.



The First Mile in Smart Cities Infrastructure. Since 2007, PADHE has been working with cities, utility companies, municipal governments and streetlight manufacturers, to develop a system, visioning the near term urban evolution in regard to security, electric cars, outdoor lighting, energy efficiency, energy consumption and alternative energies. There is no doubt about the inevitable trend to reduce CO2 emissions, which forces us to limit our ecological footprint and make our world more sustainable. PADHE is an essential tool in helping cities to work towards and make this goal possible with its Boradband Power Line Communication System (BPLC).

UVAX has developed PADHE (Prime Administration and Dynamica Handling of Energy), an outstanding system based on Outdoor Lighting Infrastructures, to make Street Lights more efficient, and a platform for additional Smart Cities Services.


Provides event organizers with a new means of sharing information and communicating online. Our proprietary web-based communication tools enable event organizers, associations, e-recruiters and businesses to better connect with their members and customers.

VisioFair is the only online virtual event platform that enables event organizers to create and manage their own online events. Our easy-to-use platform allows event organizers and exhibitors to populate content directly into the content management system and manage their own company profiles.



January 10, 2013


Video-based social e-learning platform and largest provider of online music schools. ArtistWorks® empowers experts & brands to teach the world and provide personalized online video feedback to their customers and fans. These videos are then available for all of our paid subscribers in 58 countries to learn from. Over 35,000 instructional videos & 10,000 video exchanges are published. Our Video Exchange™ technology powers our 24 music sites and we are now expanding into sports, health & lifestyle learning.


In the United States, over $1 Trillion of design and construction services take place annually. There are millions of small and large projects that use a variety of supplies and materials located in every city in the country. There is no platform, service or business that has real time information on the vast number projects throughout the US or the world. No one has successfully gathered this data (in real time) because the construction industry lacks a marketplace for sending “Invitations to Bid” and receiving proposals.

Construction industry leaders award projects by sending “Invitations to Bid” and receiving proposals. These “Invitations to bid” are distributed using SaaS applications. These applications are extremely expensive and only allow industry leaders to receive bids from their closed list of contacts. BuildingConnected provides a unique solution to the industry’s problems. They offer a free bid management service on a professional social network. Industry leaders can send “Invitations to Bid” within their network of contacts or to the BuildingConnected community for increased competitiveness. This will effectively create a marketplace for buyers and sellers in the design and construction industry. More importantly, it provides them the valuable data on the specifics of every project on the platform.


Shop Products From Pictures. 1st ever marketplace that allows you to easily shop products-in-pictures. Our curated collection of trending pictures features the worlds premier products. You will be able to shop by hashtag, demographics, and friends. Brands now have a new distribution channel. We all share pictures, we all shop, and we all look forward to the easiest social shopping experience around.



Mayvenn is an offline-to-online Amazon for hair products. They are leveraging the relationship between hair stylists and their clients to create a direct sales channel within the $9 billion Black hair products market. Stylists use Mayvenn’s web and mobile app to sell directly to their clients without having to buy or manage any inventory.

Mayvenn enables stylists and salons to add a retail component to their business without them having to purchase or manage any inventory. Stylists are provided samples and a personal ecommerce website, and a mobile point-of-sale app. Stylists can either direct their customers to their personal website or process orders in person within seconds via the Mayvenn mobile POS app. Mayvenn ships the product directly to the client and pay’s commission to the stylist within 24 hours. Stylists can increase revenue per client by 50%.


Enables customer-centric business processes through an integrated cloud based customer engagement suite. Next Principles is a Social Analytics and Engagement enterprise software company. Their solution helps companies seamlessly analyze data from Social Media channels, engage back on those channels and integrate with existing CRM systems. Their customers, which include SAP, EMC and Ariba, use it to enable a variety of Marketing and Customer Support use cases such as analyzing campaigns, engaging with influencers and providing integrated customer support.


Rentlytics, is changing the way that apartment property owners and operators are managing their portfolios. Using Rentlytics, owners and operators can aggregate, view, and analyze their property metrics more effectively and identify issues more quickly through our automatic alerts, trends analysis, benchmarking, and vendor recommendations. This yields actionable insights that lead to increased revenue, reduced expenses, and saved time across their entire portfolio.


It’s Priceline for limos and taxis! RideAuction’s mission is simple: To give their consumers the ability to travel in style and comfort for less, while providing small independent personal transportation companies the luxury of a far reaching online presence and efficient advertising.

RideAuction was created by professionals in the ground transportation and technology industry to bring personal transportation companies together with customers via a competitive online and mobile auction platform. The result, is a bidding and auction service allowing RideAuction customers a new and exciting way to interactively negotiate the best possible rate for private transportation.

RideAuction’s unique platform allows real-time virtual negotiations between the customer and the vendors. The customer is able to place a smart bid utilizing RideAuction’s online tool for bid generation. This tool calculates the average price for any ride within the customer’s area. RideAuction’s first market is the San Francisco bay area, with opportunities and the ability to reach every major city in the world.


The “Stumbleupon for shopping content meets Flipboard.” Shop2 is a personal shopping magazine used to follow channels curated by brands and bloggers. Shoppers can collect and build their catalog, follow updates of shopping content from people, store and bloggers they love in one amazing place that showcases products in a stunning magazine inspired user interface with a personalization engine that “gets” you. Shop2 turns brands’ cross channel content into a discovery experience using tablets as the new marketing channel.



A community of mobile app developers! TapFame is on its way to be the largest community of mobile app developers in the world. Their mission is to make it easy and fun for mobile developers to showcase their work, learn about new technologies and find more work. Businesses can come to TapFame to find and hire a mobile app developer that is looking for a freelance project.

TapFame is an exclusive marketplace that connects businesses with world-class mobile designers and engineers. Businesses love TapFame because they send them amazing talent. Developers and designers love TapFame because they send them customers and help them manage their portfolio and customers.


Where cultures meet! Crossings fulfills the entertainment and information needs of underserved ethnic communities through locally-oriented, produced and marketed programming and content and provides a connection to resources which meet their special needs. This offers an effective means for advertisers, multichannel distributors, service organizations, governments and community members to reach targeted demographics through a unique grassroots connection.



December 6, 2012


Candi applications interconnect the Web of Things. Their API, Drivers and Interface Library link products, protocols and relevant data over the web. They enable competitive advantages and compelling interfaces to empower device control, monitoring, data acquisition and service, regardless of platform, protocol, environment or manufacturer. This allows businesses to extend their brand footprint, reach more devices, and offer more value to commercial and residential customers over the web. Partners is a health insurance brokerage firm that will assist the 40 million individuals nationally set to enroll in health insurance exchanges. Beginning January 2014, all U.S. citizens will be required to have health insurance. 40 million will get substantial subsidies to purchase through newly created health exchanges. They have the team, platform, process and channels to get them enrolled.


EcoTensil Inc. creates the hippest, most eco-friendly paperboard utensils available. Their products are biodegradable, recyclable, made in the USA from sustainable material, and use less material than other plastic biodegradable utensils. EcoTaster is the only zero-waste, single-use utensil available. Less expensive than current compostable single-use utensils. Extremely space efficient in shipping & storage. It is the only disposable utensil that is both recyclable and compostable (ASTM D6868 compliant). SpoonLidz is the most cost effective & green on-pack utensil available. EcoSecurity Utensil can’t cause harm for at risk populations. All Products are U.S. made. brings consumers into the advertising game. They build the best tools and platforms to incentivize consumers to engage with ads. Gush Ad’s is a flexible, easy-to-use and open platform that enables consumers to earn from advertising interactions and advertisers to create incentivized advertising campaigns that drive better results for every dollar. Their clients include media agencies, brands and SMBs.

Solid ground for a cyber world. mSIGNIA founders created the concept of Mobile Service Management, or MSM, using over 40 years of combined mobile security and identity experiences. MSM is based on mSIGNIA’s patent-pending Dynamic Key Crypto that enables Online Service Providers to manage the services provided by the 25 billion mobile applications downloaded in 2011.

mSIGNIA is an authentication company that makes using mobile apps FAST, EASY and SAFE… ‘Just a PIN and you’re IN’… no more password friction. Patent-pending Dynamic Key Crypto secures the PIN by also validating the USER’s BEHAVIOR. Your actions personalize your device with 100’s of customizations which mSIGNIA can validate to uniquely identify you and the device. The same technology can also protect data without key vulnerabilities and provide a Service Reputation that benefits all protected apps.


slim.ioSlim is a mobile app that helps busy people improve their friendships. Slim auto-magically discovers your friends’ most important moments from all your favorite social media sites. It delivers the updates in a simple format and allows you to respond directly through a call, text or post, making it easy to instantly show you care. With the increasing activity and noise in your social networks, Slim makes it easy to stay aware of what matters most.


SortBox is the answer you have been looking for to deal with the volume you get from Craigslist job applications. How much time do you have to sift through emails? With SortBox, you get a custom job application system. After working in multiple industries, and being directly involved in hiring processes, it was clear that finding the right people quickly and easily was a challenge. There’s so many ways to find people, but not enough time to screen and organize them. So SortBox was born. is an e-learning platform that helps students from China connect with freelance English teachers in North America easily and securely with social integrations, video-classrooms, and escrow enabled payments. Students can find teachers, purchase live classes or pre-set courses, pay securely through AliPay or PayPal, and interact with our teachers through a proprietary social deck that connects Chinese and North American social tools (RenRen, QQ, Weibo, Facebook, and Twitter) to enable easier connections between our learners and teachers. WeblishPal also helps universities and colleges recruit and on-board international students from China. They provide an online recruiting platform, in-person opportunities to join an exclusively education-focused facility in Shanghai, China, and pre-arrival accredited English programs to make accessing and recruiting Chinese students a painless experience.


The marketplace connects writers directly with the vendors they need throughout the self-publishing process. Writers post biddable service requests on to find copy editors, designers, ebook specialists, marketers, etc. Most self-published books fall short of the author’s sales goals. solves this problem by enabling writers to create customized publishing support teams throughout the publishing and marketing process.


Yactraq is focused on fostering innovation within online video and audio. Their patent pending artificial intelligence software combines elements of speech recognition and natural language processing to convert speech to topics with a high degree of accuracy. Speech2Topics in turn enables a variety of applications and features like search, discovery, navigation, Speech2Ads and others.

November 8, 2012


Design your own custom toys online! Happy Toy Machine is a website that allows users to create their own cool, cute, and crazy custom toys. Visitors can create their own toy with our easy-to-use toy builder app, customizing colors, shape, features, and decorations, and personalizing the toy with a message. When someone orders, we manufacture their one-of-a-kind toy to order using our proprietary custom manufacturing process to give the customer a unique experience and product.


NuffnangX is a mobile app that helps you find, follow and communicate with blogs all over the world. Users can follow any blog they love, like posts and have conversations with bloggers. It is like Instagram for blogs!

How often do you read blogs on your mobile phone? Probably not very often at all, because there isn’t an easy way to. NuffnangX wants to change that! A mobile app that lets you find, follow and communicate with blogs all over the world. Users can follow any blog they love, like posts, comment and converse directly with bloggers via the mobile app.


Tapgreet places self-service greeting card kiosks in coffeehouses and cafe’s (think Redbox for greeting cards). Tapgreet offers a solution that cuts the space necessary to sell physical greeting cards by 75%. While our technology and provisional patent open up a lot of avenues to build a brand, our initial market centers around the placement of self-service greeting card kiosks in high traffic areas that lack space (i.e. coffeehouses like Starbucks). We launched in late August with the placement of three kiosks in the Bay Area.

Free Flow Wines

Prizereel App





The Daily Sales Exchange

October 11, 2012


Proactive automated personal safety smartphone app and API. Define how often we check on you. We contact selected friends if check-in fails. API and smartphone app. Automated personal safety system that proactively checks on you as often as you want, whenever you want. If we think there is trouble, we send everything we know about where you are and what you’re doing to your confirmed friends/family. Think about the times you weren’t sure how or when you’d get help if something went wrong. CheckInOn.Me is a reliable, virtual buddy system that reaches out even when you can’t.


JBF Kids provides a creative social platform to help children and their parents combat the growing epidemic of unhealthy social behaviours. Just Be Friends kids (JBF) is a creative, web based social education platform designed for children under 13 to cultivate friendships with active parental involvement. A creative solution to the growing epidemic of unhealthy relationships and behaviors online and offline. JBF kids specifically combats these issues through social development tools and helping kids find NEW friends just like them and puts power back in the hands of parents.


A news curation dashboard for teams and organizations. Keeping up with news is a struggle for the enterprise, and most still rely on individuals to find stories on their own and share them via email. Delve offers a powerful alternative: a curated database of stories and a simple way to choose relevant stories and engage with them across teams and organizations. Think of it as a Google Reader for your organization.


PushToTest continuously validates the User Experience of social/mobile apps under stress and load. Already with 600,000 developers using us. Successful brands engage their customers through Social/Mobile apps. These apps must continuously provide an excellent user experience (UX). Miss and customers switch brands and the apps receive 2 instead of 5 star rankings in the marketplace. PushToTest, already in use at 600,000 sites and 90% of the Fortune 500, is the required UX performance solution big brands already trust and need to achieve 5 star ratings for their Social/Mobile apps.


Welcome to the world’s first virtual amusement park! If you ask a kid where to go today, the answer is an amusement park. Kids would love to go there anytime. Our stellar team is bringing the amusement park experience to iPhone. Our game will contain popular amusement park attractions, such as roller coaster, bumper cars, and duck shooter in iPhone. Lunapark will be the world’s first virtual amusement park! has created a next gen wish list and product discovery site to make gift giving easy for family & friends. At we’re trying to revolutionize the way families give gifts. Imagine if there was one easy way to see what all the people you care most about were wishing for? Members could add items they like to their WishBoards all year round and anyone who is connected to them could check in and see what they’re excited about. Finding that gift for your nephew, your own child, or your spouse just got so much easier.


Collaborative viewing of medical images, anywhere, anytime. Nephosity created MobileCT, a medical image viewer for the iPad displaying images stored in full DICOM format for viewing of X-Ray, MRI, CT, PET, US, and other modalities. MobileCT allows fast user interaction, real-time streaming, and remote collaboration with our patent pending technology. Doctors anywhere can save time and increase workflow efficiency, and mobility with MobileCT on their iPads.


The Youbetme Product capitalizes on the growth of social networks and the booming mobile app economy to deliver the ultimate social experience for those who enjoy betting in any form. We are building the largest community for gamers, while making it accessible to everyone through the latest in social media and mobile applications. The social media enabled solution will allow users to manage their street cred and socialize the entire experience. YBM will be: $640K raised and seeking an additional



A push-button marketing tool for small businesses. Web marketing is hard for small businesses. Getting the word out about a shops weekly events and specials takes too much time, technical knowledge, and there are too many bases to cover. We simplify that with a push-button marketing tool that instantly propagates a shops ads to Social (Facebook & Twitter), Traditional (local publications), and Community (neighborhood and travel) channels. The average reach of one ad is 10 to 15 thousand local customers.


Discover Amazing Conferences. Find conferences, trade shows and speakers sorted by industry, city and date with the world’s premier conference discovery platform.

September 18, 2012


An Internet exchange for matching institutional investors with clean energy projects between $5M and $100M in size. Using Internet and social media technologies, RePowerCaptial matches institutional investors with the best clean energy projects, those too small ($5M-$100M) to attract investment bankers, and charges success fees that are 50% less. The Company’s objective is to finance 400-500 projects ($10B) over the next five years, (2-4% of the $500B market) and generate $100M in very high margin revenues. Customers are the 10K clean energy developers.


A beauty & wellness marketplace with price elasticity, bookable online. Today’s beauty & wellness merchants need to satisfy the post recession, post Groupon discount culture, yet daily deals are an inefficient and often damaging solution. allows merchants to variably price based on supply & demand. Sole competitor is successful which proves the concept, yet offers a better value proposition for merchants, a stickier UX, ability to bid, superior technology, & removes a major merchant pain point.


Class Junky provides people all ages Centralized Market Place for Learning on a vast array of topics for personal, professional, or educational enrichment. The centralized class information consolidates previously fragmented course information and makes it simple for users to search for classes in any number of disciplines. In addition, we offer an easy way for instructors to promote classes and sell their class materials nationwide. We also provide a simple solution for would-be teachers to schedule and manage classes either locally or remotely via online-learning tools.


ePACT!T is a new & exciting solution can revolutionize the way contracts are done today. ePACT!T is a unique end-to-end enterprise-class solution that provides a secure and convenient way to create & execute legally binding contracts online without the cumbersome overhead of printing, faxing, or mailing. The entire lifecycle of a contract is performed over the internet 100% paperless! ePACT!T offers complete visibility and control of the contract signing process, anytime, from anywhere. Our suite of e-signature services are flexible and powerful, accommodating the needs of individual end-users to SMBs to large corporations.
Meograph is democratizing the creation of digital multimedia by turning simple inputs into rich media, easy and quick enough for anyone to use. Our first product pairs maps/timeline/multimedia/links and offers viewers a new form of interactive story that they can watch in minutes or explore for hours. Will expand from there to be the storytelling layer for any digital object.


Customer Intelligence for the whole team – Unifyo unifies key customer data and brings rich customer profiles into all web applications. Unifyo is a Customer Intelligence web application to help all customer-facing employees at SMEs deliver better customer service without looking up key customer data manually or even leaving their application. Unifyo automatically unifies customer data from the business’ self-hosted applications, cloud applications and social media into one place, creates rich customer profiles and makes these profiles available inside all web applications.


At mutu we are building the infrastructure for the next evolution of media, doing for video what Pandora did for music. mutu curates, classifies, and analyzes user preferences and playback data to vastly improve the delivery of online videos. We are bridging the gap between content creators and users by streaming videos utilizing the Youtube API and adding intelligence to the delivery system. Our Social Discovery Algorithm will achieve preferred content discovery 50-100x faster than traditional searching. The current iteration is being called an Interactive MTV.


Yactraq video indexing software uses speech recognition to generate targeted ads and thereby help video publishers monetize & improve UX. Yactraq video indexing software uses speech recognition and natural language processing to generate a set of time-coded topics for live or stored audio/video content. Publishers can then use our topics to make their content more searchable, discoverable & navigable. Additionally Yactraq topics can be used to generate targeted ads, whose revenue is shared by Yactraq and the publisher. Version 1 is in the market, with paying customers.


Mobile Backstage came to be when two music business experts decided to fuse their vast knowledge of direct-to-fan marketing with cutting-edge digital technology. The result was a social media service that focuses on artists and their true fans. We firmly believe that one true fan is worth a million listeners!

Mobile Backstage changes the way bands connect with their fans. In a world where music is free, only true fans count. They are your street team, your brand ambassadors and your source of revenue. And we’re here to connect you with them.

Mobile Backstage is a sophisticated fan relationship management service. It will help you identify your true fans, start a direct dialogue with them, increase fan loyalty and analyze the tribe. Mobile Backstage will take fan relationship management to a whole new level.


HeadCase has developed a fool proof way of preventing you from losing your mobile device! 150 + million mobile devices sold in the US every year. Over 30% of devices every year are lost or left behind. How do you leave a public place like a bar, restaurant, airplane or meeting room confident that you haven’t left your mobile device behind? Over 70% of mobile device owners buy cases. Our “anti-loss” technology is embedded in the mobile device case that proactively prevents the loss of the mobile device in the first place.


August 9, 2012

“Craigslist + Meetup for social good” – a platform to discover and create service, volunteer and social good opportunities anywhere you are. Personify lets you quickly discover and create service, volunteer and social good opportunities anywhere you are. It’s simple, fun and effective. With the Personify mobile and web apps, you can find out where your friends, neighbors, family and circles are volunteering their time, join them and together make the world a better place. The kids version, PersonifyKids, uses the art of story telling to teach kids about service and volunteering.

Savvebook is a web interface for eReading on internet enabled devices, providing publishers with a 1:1 relationship with their readers. Savvebook is building an extensive content management system to automate the publishing of wBooksâ„¢. We will provide consumers with a dynamic and rich – yet simple, reading experience and offer publishers and brands the opportunity to interact directly with their customer base.


We enable consumer insight across multiple merchants and over time by aggregating receipt level data from the consumer. Ready Receipts enables merchants and data aggregators to collect data on consumer behavior across multiple merchants and over time by providing consumers an online receipt solution, automatically retrieving receipts from merchant POS systems. Consumers need access to receipts for returns, taxes, rebates, warranties, and budgeting but don’t “care enough” to perform additional actions to save it. We do it automatically for them.

Professional social networking platform designed for IT companies and professionals to connect, discover, collaborate, & find opportunities. Solaborate is free to use and will generate revenue through ads and sponsored stories. First-mover advantage and excellent contact base to initiate business traction.. Solution is in development and Beta version will be available in 8/2012.The target market is IT professionals and companies (Hardware, Software and Services).

FormVerse uses Msft Outlook to deliver a highly efficient business process automation solution to corporations and government. FormVerse provides a email-based business process automation solution embedded in Outlook that enables the rapid automation of business processes in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. FormVerse’s patented technology adds structured forms and workflow capabilities to Outlook, enabling organizations to leverage email as an agile and ubiquitous BPA tool. No other company takes this approach.


A buzz tool. Stimulate your guests and spread your events over Twitter. The best way to join the conversation and discover the latest news about your event! Your guests are visually encouraged to send tweets during your event, which results in a worldwide real time #buzz and greater exposure. Tweets will appear on a screen (your Twitter Wall), as they are sent, encouraging audience participation and promoting your event as it happens.


Save money and time with Toshl. The vast majority of the world does not have access to integration between banks and financial applications. Toshl Finance will change that. We’re building a system to automatically import online bank data worldwide and build a financial API on top of that. We’ve already built a finance manager that makes finance fun. We will use the financial data import system we’re building to improve it further. It’s live on and as a native app on iPhone, Android, Nokia, MeeGo, WP7 and BlackBerry.


Trace is a fun way to share and discover the things you buy. Trace connects your mobile payments for easy sharing and discovery. Trace is a fun way to share and discover the things that matter most to you. Trace leverages mobile payments for a better sharing experience. On Trace, you will find a network of people that share incredible rich posts about the places they have gone and the cool things they buy. We do this by connecting to your mobile payments, and using it as the catalyst for sharing.


The leading educator for digital marketing. The Online Marketing Institute is the leading educator and learning platform for digital marketing. Our core mission is to help professionals bridge the digital marketing knowledge gap so they can better execute, drive ROI and advance personal career aspirations. Originally founded as a content based organization, OMI is now transitioning to be the platform that powers all professional education online with our soon to be launched eLearning Center as the first go to market product to enable all learning from live workshops to on demand tutorials to happen online.


Add conversation to your Dropbox files. Dropbox makes it easy to share files. But not so easy to have conversations about those files. Finally, with Groupiter, you can instantly discuss Dropbox files with colleagues. Or get reactions from your boss. Or just share with friends and family—even grandma. (Yes, it’s that easy.) Now it’s simple to add conversation to Dropbox—in a way that “just works.”

July 12, 2012


Corey, The Smart One Touch Assistant provides just the information you need, when you need it right on your iPhone,iPad or Android device. Corey is Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) for mobile devices that follows your calendar and location and obtains most relevant information from Enterprise Apps, Cloud Services and Social Media. Corey pushes this info to your mobile device, such that you get instant access to just the relevant info, right when you need it. Corey was launched in Jan 2012 and is used by 1000 mobile professionals & organically growing at over 100 new users every month.


Social marketplace for parents: Discover the best children’s products from parents you trust and buy from brands you love. Parendipity is a social marketplace for parents. Here parents can discover the best products and brands for children that other parents recommend in the form of elegant images. Newly discovered products can be purchased directly on Parendipity from our merchants, or from affiliate sites.


Spyra is a mobile gaming studio that develops social strategy games on iOS and Android for the adult male mid-core market. Spyra is creating a suite of games that are creatively designed and analytically crafted for the adult male midcore audience. The Spyra management team consists of industry veterans ranging from EA, Zynga, Playdom, & Playfirst. Spyra is serving up content to the under-served market of male gamers looking for a meaningful games to play with their friends. Our games are platform agnostic and accessible from any iOS or Android smartphone or table.


We are re-inventing how people learn about and connect with clinical trials – an industry that spends $14 billion annually on recruitment. Corengi has a matching engine to help patients find clinical trials that is available both on a dedicated website and via a widget. This simple service provides referrals to trial sponsors and new revenue for health-related websites. Initial focus is on lead-generation – referrals for clinical trial sponsors, CRO’s and investigative sites. In the future, our technology and data will be leveraged to help trial sponsors plan trials.


engajer provides an interactive video and analytic-based cloud platform for selling products, services, and ideas. engajer provides companies with the ultimate communication tool to deeply link any product, service or idea to a potential customer. By utilizing professionally produced interactive video and industry-leading qualifying analytics, engajer delivers deeply engaging messages that stimulate the audience to literally self-target a company’s sales message directly toward their own specific area of interest. empowers like-minded consumers to wish a deal that brands can make a win-win real deal in real-time at disrupts traditional “spray & pray” advertising that creates unwanted background noise in our lives as consumers at an exorbitant $400 Billion marketing cost simply wasted by advertisers every year. We do that through co-creation consumer-brand. empowers like-minded consumers to wish a deal on any of their product needs that brand marketers can make a win-win real deal in real-time at


An “Energy Brain” for IT Networks: Software that saves up to 50% of the power to run IT networks & connected equipment. Ennetix is a software/clean-tech start-up, working with service providers, enterprises and OEMs including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and Juniper Networks to halve the power used to run IT Networks and connected equipment. This is a 700GW / $720Bn global market, equivalent to 300 new 2.5GW fossil-fuel power stations. Our initial tests have shown that we can reduce the power required to run networks by up to 50%.


“Seamless way to deliver your presentation from tablet during real event, stream your slides and speech to the Internet.” PENXY is a tablet app to be released for iPad in July. It is a presenter tool that allows anyone to wirelessly control your presentation during real event and stream your slides and speech to the Internet. Basically PENXY turns tablet into all in one device: remote, pointer and microphone combined with broadcasting feature. PENXY is deeply integrated with social networks and has rich communication features like: ranked questions, polls, etc.


VinPerfect is the first perfect closure system for wine bottles. It combines the reliability of the screwcap with the oxygen transmission of cork. VinPerfect has created a wine closure system that combines a ventilated cap with an oxygen-regulating liner. The liners are made by a contract manufacturer and the caps are already made by a number of suppliers. VinPerfect assembles and customizes the caps and forwards them on to the winery customer.


“Saving lives no matter how small.” MedicalCue enables monitoring and medical guidance to caretakers of newborns immediately after birth. The “NeoCue” system brings the world’s experts to the delivery of any baby, anywhere, anytime for a healthier world. Within seconds of brith, oxygen saturation, heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature and weight can be obtained and integrated into the care algorithm.

June 6, 2012

Vidora’s advanced content discovery solution enables content discovery across cable and online video providers. Vidora leverages machine learning, computer vision, and social data with user behavior and advanced metadata for universal discovery. Vidora’s solution enables tablets/smartphones to control the TV and transform into next generation remote controls.

Easy to use Social Media Engagement for businesses. MediaFunnel is the next generation easy to use engagement tool for businesses. It provides social media monitoring, social media management, compliance and analytics in one easy to use cloud based platform. It has been successfully deployed by major brands such as IBM, Kaiser Permanente, CNN, Agilent, Ergo Insurance and Zeiss.

An affordable, interactive, eBook subscription library for kids and a publishing platform for authors and publishers. Launched in 2010, is a “Netflix” style eBook library platform that offers unlimited access to an extensive and growing list of kid’s books from award winning authors and publishers from around the world. Like YouTube, we allow authors and publishers to add their books for free in exchange for a share of the revenue when their books get read. Our underlying platform is also available to license as a custom branded implementation.

The company is an intelligent web and mobile platform that reduces communications friction between patients and practitioners. is a web and mobile based teleconsultation platform that can be used by practitioners to offer interactive patient services to patients such as triage, vital sign collection, rehabilitation, and video conferencing. At the core of is an interview driven application that engages the patient in a conversation and uses natural user interface technologies such as touch, speech and body recognition to collect patient data.

Macroh has developed an interactive digital-out-of-home (I-DOOH) platform known as the AD POD, that effectively measures and captures advertising traffic, consumer engagement, and client lead data. The Out-of-Home advertising market is a growing multi-billion dollar industry, with the digital portion being the fastest growing segment. This market so far lacks a truly scalable interactive component and advertising is either static or consists of simple video loops, and fails to engage a large portion of consumers due to advertising clutter and uncompelling content.
Award-Winning, Patented Graffiti Detection Sensor Catches Taggers In The Act! Saves Taxpayers Millions – Makes Investors Ecstatic! GraffitiTech has developed a one-of-a-kind, patented, award-winning technology that alerts authorities to an act of graffiti vandalism while it is in progress. The GT-1, designed for law enforcement, has contributed to more than 100 arrests, in over 50 cities, on three continents. It is sold on a recurring revenue business model. Our GT-2 is designed for businesses with an existing alarm infrastructure and is currently in the post-beta phase.


Smartsy Corp connects you to objects with your smart phone and allows access to a new world of information, interactivity & commerce through smartApps. Integrating mobile apps with a cloud service, Smartsy’s visual recognition algorithms identify real objects in your environment through your smartphone, instantly connecting you to information, reviews, similar products, m-commerce, and much more. By bridging our real and virtual worlds, Smartsy opens a whole new way for consumers, advertisers, and businesses to interact, thus creating a huge new business opportunity.

TinCan Culinary operates a fleet of gourmet food trucks in the greater Bay Area. Serviced out of a centralized commissary offering a variety of concepts.

Tin Can Culinary, is developing a series of market-leading, high quality and distinctive food truck concepts which will be branded and marketed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. By leveraging a high quality product, innovative technology, economies of scale and intensive capital investment, Tin Can Culinary will exploit the inefficiencies currently experienced by the existing field of independent owner/operators – much like Kentucky Fried Chicken consolidated independently owned chicken shacks in the 1950’s


Health IT (HIT) cloud-based risk mitigation platform that allows hospitals to avoid costly litigation and medical errors a $29B problem. Medical errors are the third largest cause of death, medication errors start at IV tip. Evena has developed a proprietary, highly scalable error remediation platform that brings fast, low cost and user-friendly, vein access & IV patency visualization via a hands-free, patented, imaging/documentation system w/ PACS/EMR interface for MU. Evena is first-to-market with an infiltration/extravasation visualization platform & cloud-based telemedicine


“A place for geeks to share what they’ve done, who they did it with and connect with great companies and communities”

Born in San Francisco, is an achievement-based social portfolio builder where all bad-ass code monkeys around the globe can communicate, brag, build their street cred and get found. We founded because it was time for a united front, exclusively for developers, to build tangible credibility in the workplace.

Glomper reinvents the mobile calendar and makes it fun and social. We enable you to always know what your friends are up to. We are a dream team of 11 developers, designers and entrepreneurs, who are reinventing mobile calendar make it fun and social and to help people communicate better with friends and family members. We are a very dedicated and passionate team and are executing very fast. Our users love our product and we constantly iterate and improve.
People can’t find quality professional service providers online because Yelp, Angie’s List are broken. America’s Black Book is the answer! People want to find high quality professional service providers online and can’t because the only tools they have are Yelp, Angies List and Google Map Reviews. Yelp’s rating is 3 stars with 4355 reviews. America’s Black Book solves that problem with 75% more objective and subjective data then Angieslist, 90% more data then Yelp, and 95% more data than Google map reviews using America’s Black Book’s proven process.