Established Reputation

From Fortune 500 companies to early stage startups, we have been helping companies of all sizes solve their hiring challenges. Though we serve companies of all sizes, we have established a reputation as specialists in startup hiring. Most of our clients are innovative startups, early stage ventures, and companies in expansion or turnaround mode, who are building their name in their specific industry.

Experienced team of high tech recruiters

Our clients are in various businesses and a significant part of them are high tech companies including those in e-commerce, digital advertising, Web 2.0 and 3.0, biotech, green energy, software, electronics, scientific, wireless, telecommunications, and emerging technologies. Our recruiting team has years of seasoned technical recruiting and executive search experience for high tech companies. Some of our key recruiters have 20 plus years of experience in recruiting.

Specialized team of clean tech recruiters

We also specialize in serving clean tech companies including those in solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, and biomass energy, fuel cells, energy-efficiency and carbon reduction services. With a wealth of green energy industry knowledge and common sense in sourcing and recruiting qualified candidates, we help our clients fill roles in clean tech companies.

Our clients’ businesses are each unique, but what they have in common is the need to fill a key executive role on their team – a role that requires the perfect blend of experience, contacts and chemistry – and they rely on PeopleConnect and our team of experienced executive recruiters to find that person perfect candidate for them.

Drawing on our expertise in uncovering hard-to-find talent, we source, screen, evaluate and place C-level executives, Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers in executive management, business development, finance, legal, human resources, marketing, product development and sales. We also recruit for very specialized scientific and technical positions.

Expert recruiting services: Producing results with personal attention to clients

PeopleConnect client services include Contingency Plus for full-time placement, unique Employees Without Paychecks program, which places entrepreneurial executives with pre-funded startups on an equity basis, Outsourced Recruiting Solution for companies who need to hire a lot of people in a short period of time and, Interim Staffing for venture funded companies.

We work on contingency, which means we get paid only when we produce results, and we limit our active searches so we can assure personal attention for each of our clients. Our network is second to none, with valuable contacts in the venture capital and angel investment communities, as well as business connections with executives and entrepreneurs across the country and the globe.

At PeopleConnect, connecting great people is our business, and it is a business we love.

Execustaff HR

Since 1993, Execustaff HR, Inc. has partnered with national and international companies to help them manage their HR, payroll, and benefits responsibilities, giving them a distinct advantage in achieving their business profit objectives.

Our goal is to combine experience and technology with award winning customer service, while providing cost-effective HR programs and large company benefits to successful companies. Execustaff HR provides cost effective benefits through aggregation of our large client base to achieve economies of scale. Complex HR, payroll, and benefit responsibilities are simplified.

Our service philosophy is that we never forget the “H” in HR.

Execustaff HR understands that one of your biggest investments is your employees. Our reputation for providing our services “live” on site for all HR functions sets us apart from our competitors. Execustaff HR becomes your HR department and a strategic partnership is established. Your employees always have a live HR professional to help them with all of their needs, thus reducing the administrative time previously spent on these functions.

Execustaff HR’s human approach in providing HR services to companies, combined with a world class HRIS management and employee portal, has kept our client retention rate above 96%.

Successful companies recognize that the “Everything HR” model helps them gain back the valuable time they used to spend in managing their complex HR responsibilities. This key difference enables companies to focus on their core business model, thus achieving their goal of increasing their bottom line.