to connect promising companies with the talented people who can bring their business to the next level.


PeopleConnect is the most unique recruiting firm in the world! The reason that we can make that most audacious statement is that of our Employees Without Paychecks model which we created after the dot-com bust in 2001 to help startups who desperately needed top talent but didn’t have the funding yet to hire them. Our recruiters are experts at finding remarkable entrepreneurial candidates who are willing to work for Equity Only or Equity Plus Commission until a startup gets its next round of funding.


PeopleConnect’s unique Contingency Plus placement service is for full-time salaried positions and offers thorough research, expert vetting, leadership and personal search without requiring you to pay in advance. If you’re looking for “A” players, we can deliver them!


“Max is truly a leader in his industry. He has a gift for working with people and a unique insight into the world of high-tech start-ups. This leadership resonates through his entire company. But what I really want to stress about Max is that in our lifetimes we rarely meet people who give a damn – he does.”

— Paul Bragiel, Founder, CEO, Angel investor

“Max is a force of nature – he loves entrepreneurs and is a fantastic networker and service provider.”

— Mitchell Kertzman managing General partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

“We got excellent, quality candidates that we were immediately able to onboard. Roles were filled much, much quicker to the point where we’ve done several hires with PeopleConnect, and we’ve been happy with all of them.”

— Joe Inkenbrandt, CEO of Identify3D

“PeopleConnect recently helped Blurb hire two key people who both fit in and stand out. I highly recommend PeopleConnect as responsive, creative, and skillful recruiters who listen well and are well-connected.”

— Eileen Gittins, COB, Blurb

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Execustaff HR

Since 1993, Execustaff HR, Inc. has partnered with national and international companies to help them manage their HR, payroll, and benefits responsibilities, giving them a distinct advantage in achieving their business profit objectives.

Our goal is to combine experience and technology with award winning customer service, while providing cost-effective HR programs and large company benefits to successful companies. Execustaff HR provides cost effective benefits through aggregation of our large client base to achieve economies of scale. Complex HR, payroll, and benefit responsibilities are simplified.

Our service philosophy is that we never forget the “H” in HR.

Execustaff HR understands that one of your biggest investments is your employees. Our reputation for providing our services “live” on site for all HR functions sets us apart from our competitors. Execustaff HR becomes your HR department and a strategic partnership is established. Your employees always have a live HR professional to help them with all of their needs, thus reducing the administrative time previously spent on these functions.

Execustaff HR’s human approach in providing HR services to companies, combined with a world class HRIS management and employee portal, has kept our client retention rate above 96%.

Successful companies recognize that the “Everything HR” model helps them gain back the valuable time they used to spend in managing their complex HR responsibilities. This key difference enables companies to focus on their core business model, thus achieving their goal of increasing their bottom line.