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December 2012 PitchForce San Francisco Event Spotlight

Last night we hosted our final PitchForce of 2012, and I’d say we ended on a high note! We had a great crowd and another master tweeter, @alezante, who won the $25 gift card to Starbucks!

Our master tweeter with his well-deserved prize!

As for the winners of the actual event, we once again had a tie for second place with Slim.io and mSIGNIA. First place went to CandiControls who did a great job! We would also like to recognize and thank the Writer.ly crew for coming in all the way from Seattle, Washington! We really enjoyed hosting those lovely ladies.

From left to right: Paul Miller of mSIGNIA, Yair Levin of Slim.io and Max Shapiro, CEO of PeopleConnect

Max Shapiro with our first place winner, Steve Raschke of CandiControls.

Of course our night would not be possible without our great panel, fabulous keynote speaker and VC Sponsor, Chris Gottschalk of Blumberg Capital.

Our next PitchForce will be Thursday, January 10, and applications are already open to companies who would like to present. Best of luck and we’ll see you in 2013!

May you have a Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year!

By Melissa Glass