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July 2012 IGNITE! Santa Clara Event Spotlight

On Thursday, July 12 Ignite Fundraisers was proud to host ten innovative companies at the Citrix Startup Accelerator in Santa Clara. After an exciting hour of networking, pitches, and demos, five companies were given the opportunity to present in front of an esteemed panel of silicon valley veterans.

A big congratulations to Spyra Games who emerged as the top company of the night, with 23 out of the possible 25 points from the judges. Spyra will now have the opportunity to pitch privately to LightSpeed Ventures. Yet, the competition on Thursday night was so great that the 2nd place company, MediCue has also earned a private presentation with K9 Ventures. Congratulations and best of luck to both companies with their future presentations!

Finally, there was a three-way tie for third place between three exciting tech companies. Engajer, Coringi, and CoreMobile all earned 19 points from the judges. Congratulations to all these companies for their outstanding accomplishments.

Our next event will be held August 9, at RocketSpace in San Francisco. Click here to reserve your seat today. See you there!

By Brian Hertzog

May 2012 IGNITE! Santa Clara Event Spotlight

The May 3 2012 Ignite! Event was held at the Citrix Startup Accelerator in Santa Clara. The new venue and great people of Citrix helped to create a wonderful energy, which brought the twelve chosen startups, their guests, and VC sponsors together in one room.

Of the twelve startups to be selected at the event, six were chosen to present and one startup was selected, by vote of our distinguished panel, to pitch to our VC Sponsor. For the first hour, guests got a chance to check out the wonderful innovation of the twelve startups at their demo tables. With a wide array of startups on the floor, from the wine tap technology of Purevin, to the eco-friendly fashion brought to us by Amour Vert, there was no lack of interesting ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

The winner of the Ignite! Event was TourWrist, the app that allows users to create panoramas of their location and share them on TourWrist.com or other social media platforms. TourWrist was closely followed in the votes by LyfeChannel and Amour Vert.

To read more about the presenting companies at the May 3 event, see the Presenting Companies page.

Thank you to all of the guests who attended the May 3 Ignite! Event and we hope to see you at the next event on June 6, 2012 back at Rocket Space in San Francisco!


By Alexis A. Ramos

IGNITE! Winner Spotlight: Core Mobile Networks

At Ignite! Fundraiser’s most recent event held on March 13 at Rocket Space in San Francisco, Core Mobile Networks demonstrated their technology for One-Touch Assistant and mobile app, Corey Sales, and stood out as one of two winners of the startup competition. Core Mobile Networks™ CEO Chandra Tekwani, pitched the startup idea to Hummer Winblad Venture Partners last week. The company was founded in 2008, has obtained seed funding from Citrix Startup Accelerator and Hercules Technology Growth Capital and sees 2012 as the year for generating revenue and scaling their app.

Core Mobile Networks™ app, Corey Sales, debuted in 2012, obtaining 300 users within two weeks of its™ launch. Corey Sales provides one-touch access to the most relevant information by integrating Enterprise applications, Cloud based services and various news and social networks. By streamlining the way that we consume information, bringing multiple apps together on one small, user-friendly interface, Corey Sales makes it easier and more efficient to get the information you need, when you need it. The app is designed to act as a one-touch assistant by following your schedule and location, gathering information you input into Microsoft Outlook or Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle applications and extracting data that is most useful to you in real time.

Core Mobile™s One-Touch Assistant Corey allows the user to access and view the information from multiple systems on one screen, changing the way professionals in any industry obtain information. Corey Sales appeals to the needs of sales professionals & executives, bringing together meeting information, attendee profiles and relevant social media pages for actionable results. Core Mobile™s Corey Health, for medical professionals, provides One-Touch Instant access to patients’ medical records and treatment information, transforming the method and speed that medical professionals acquire patient records. Corey Pharma is another app, using the same technology, is currently in trials and targets pharmaceutical sales professionals and medical science liaison professionals.

With Core Mobile Technology being utilized in the sales industry and breaking into the medical field, the technology™s versatility gives the company an edge. Ignite! looks forward to seeing what new developments will come from Core Mobile in the future.

Ignite! Fundraisers will be holding the next fundraising event on May 3 at the Citrix Startup Accelerator in Santa Clara, featuring tech and green companies. We look forward showcasing exciting new technologies from the Valley and beyond. Hope to see you there!

By Alex Garcia and Alexis A. Ramos