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August 2012 IGNITE! San Francisco Event Spotlight

Congratulations to Chris Dyball from Groupiter for taking home first place at our August 9, Ignite! Fundraiser event at RocketSpace in San Francisco.

It was a great, energy-packed evening on Thursday, with ten companies eagerly waiting to pitch in front of our veteran panel of VC’s and angel investors. Ryan Stevens from Trace was awarded second place after making it out of the one minute elevator pitch round and Kirk Deininger from FromVerse came in only one point behind to take home third.

Groupiter will now get a meeting with Blumberg Capital, our sponsoring VC for the August Ignite! event. Best of luck to Chris and his team with the presentation!

Thank you to all who participated in on Thursday night. Ignite! would not be possible without our amazing guests, panelists, interns, and presenting companies. The next Silicon Valley event will be back at RocketSpace in September. Check back soon for the date and information about how to reserve your seat.

By Brian Hertzog

July 2012 IGNITE! Santa Clara Event Spotlight

On Thursday, July 12 Ignite Fundraisers was proud to host ten innovative companies at the Citrix Startup Accelerator in Santa Clara. After an exciting hour of networking, pitches, and demos, five companies were given the opportunity to present in front of an esteemed panel of silicon valley veterans.

A big congratulations to Spyra Games who emerged as the top company of the night, with 23 out of the possible 25 points from the judges. Spyra will now have the opportunity to pitch privately to LightSpeed Ventures. Yet, the competition on Thursday night was so great that the 2nd place company, MediCue has also earned a private presentation with K9 Ventures. Congratulations and best of luck to both companies with their future presentations!

Finally, there was a three-way tie for third place between three exciting tech companies. Engajer, Coringi, and CoreMobile all earned 19 points from the judges. Congratulations to all these companies for their outstanding accomplishments.

Our next event will be held August 9, at RocketSpace in San Francisco. Click here to reserve your seat today. See you there!

By Brian Hertzog

June 2012 IGNITE! San Francisco Event Spotlight

Congratulations to Geeklist and EvenaMedical for winning the Ignite! Fundraisers event this past Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

The startups that were on the floor this past Wednesday had some great concepts to present to the attendees. From the 5-D virtual world of Real5D to the delectable food truck concept of Tin Can Cullinary, there was no shortage of ideas and…well, fun! Glomper‘s event sharing social media ensures that you are always in the know of what events are happening and which friends are there.

As for our winners, Geeklist allows for developers to create an online profile and share what they’ve accomplished, while EvenaMedical‘s vein viewing technology means that the missed veins at regular doctor visits and emergency situations that happen everyday, never have to happen again.

Don’t miss the next Ignite! Fundraisers event at Citrix Startup Accelerator in Santa Clara! The next event’s date will be posted soon, so don’t miss out! You can secure your tickets at Meetup.com or Eventbrite.com.


By Alexis A. Ramos

May 2012 IGNITE! Santa Clara Event Spotlight

The May 3 2012 Ignite! Event was held at the Citrix Startup Accelerator in Santa Clara. The new venue and great people of Citrix helped to create a wonderful energy, which brought the twelve chosen startups, their guests, and VC sponsors together in one room.

Of the twelve startups to be selected at the event, six were chosen to present and one startup was selected, by vote of our distinguished panel, to pitch to our VC Sponsor. For the first hour, guests got a chance to check out the wonderful innovation of the twelve startups at their demo tables. With a wide array of startups on the floor, from the wine tap technology of Purevin, to the eco-friendly fashion brought to us by Amour Vert, there was no lack of interesting ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

The winner of the Ignite! Event was TourWrist, the app that allows users to create panoramas of their location and share them on TourWrist.com or other social media platforms. TourWrist was closely followed in the votes by LyfeChannel and Amour Vert.

To read more about the presenting companies at the May 3 event, see the Presenting Companies page.

Thank you to all of the guests who attended the May 3 Ignite! Event and we hope to see you at the next event on June 6, 2012 back at Rocket Space in San Francisco!


By Alexis A. Ramos

IGNITE! Winner Spotlight: EcoTensil

EcoTensil: A Greener, Safer Way To Taste

There were two winners from the March 13 Ignite! Fundraiser event and EcoTensil was one of the startups who pitched to Sierra Ventures. EcoTensil was founded in 2010, gaining immediate traction with the innovative and highly sustainable EcoTaster Mini tasting spoon, which is made from a smooth paperboard like a milk carton, and has already become a leader in the sustainable food packaging industry. EcoSecurity Utensil (ESU), has shared unexpected success in corrections facilities as a safer utensil.

All it takes is a spark to Ignite! a company towards sustained growth and the corrections industry provided that to EcoTensil. Corrections and mental health facilities across the nation were looking for an eating utensil that could not be used to cause harm to self or others. In a coincidental crossing of paths, Folsom State Prison reached out to EcoTensil in need of an eating utensil that was safe and sustainable. Since then they have grown to be in correction facilities in well over half the United States.

Retailers such as Whole Foods, as well as Manufacturers such as Stonyfield, and hundreds of others are using EcoTasters by the millions. Other product advantages, such as an 80% improvement in cube utilization over plastic, while boasting a 50% larger spoon area for a more satisfying tasting experience for customers, are why the companye™s utensils are replacing plastic tasters across the nation.

Beginning as an idea sparked by a car ride with the kids and a hankering for yogurt, only to discover there were no spoons in the car, Peggy Cross, founder and CEO of EcoTensil, has made disposable cutlery greener and safer, with improved functionality. EcoTasters are compostable, recyclable and use less material than any other plastic or biodegradable utensil option.

EcoTensil creates sturdy paperboard EcoTasters, EcoSpoons and SpoonLidz. The company’s EcoTasters have provided grocery stores and food producers a great way to sample their merchandise and help the environment at the same time. EcoSpoon is a larger, longer-lasting version of the EcoTaster, which is great for frozen yogurt shops, colleges etc. SpoonLidz is a convenient packaging lid that folds into a sturdy spoon for single-serve products like yogurt.

The products made by EcoTensil are both sustainable and cost-effective, creating growing sales traction and allowing the start-up to be close to running in the black. EcoTensil is working with angels to raise funds to expand existing product offerings and adding channels to meet market demand, including branded products, our new ice cream taster, Military MREs, along with international sales and licensing.

In the words of Founder Peggy Cross:

We are looking for angel investors with knowledge that could advise us in breaking into new markets and help increase the speed of our growth to take advantage of first to market advantages. It would be great to have an angel or two on the team that could support EcoTensil as a leader in the sustainable packing and food-service industries.

Indeed, the company has been called upon to supply companies abroad looking to go green with their environmentally friendly utensils. While EcoTensil products are just starting to become available internationally, hopes are high to take these cleverly made cutlery to the global market level.

For more information on EcoTensils please visit their website EcoTensil.com.

By Alex Garcia and Alexis A. Ramos

IGNITE! Kickoff Event

The Ignite! Kickoff event took place on Tuesday, March 13, at Rocket Space in San Francisco. With 150 guests and ten great startups selected to compete in the Ignite! Fundraising event on Tuesday, the evening was a great success. Five startups went on to present their startup concept with the hopes of getting the opportunity to be the one startup to pitch their business plan to VC sponsor, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. The contest was a close run, with two outstanding startups winning the competition. EcoTensil and Core Mobile Networks, Inc. tied for first place. EcoTensil provides an innovative and ecofriendly brand of paperboard utensils that are both cost-effective and sustainable. Core Mobile Networks, Inc. brings you the most relevant information by combining information from Enterprise, Cloud and Social Networks straight to your mobile device based on your schedule. The two startups will be pitching their concepts to Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. In an unexpected turn of events, a third startup was given the opportunity to pitch, surprising everyone in the room. Tractus, a startup that brings a more cost effective, early cancer detection method for dense breasted women, came in third place behind EcoTensil and Core Mobile, Inc., and is the third startup that will get to pitch to a VC.

Thanks to the excellent turnout and the exceptional startups competing, the evening was a great success. The Ignite! team looks forward its next pitch event on May 3 at the Citrix Startup Accelerator in Santa Clara. Hope to see you all there!

by Alexis A. Ramos

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