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June 2013 PitchForce Companies

Business Exchange

business exchange logoB2B digital transaction business. Place to discover best performing B2B companies on the market, based on what’s working for others.

Business Exchange, connects buyers and sellers on B2B market, using verified reviews from other B2B companies, showcases and mutual companies on the market as search vectors. Tailored for industries such as: web, construction, media and advertising, print, legal services and retail market.



capy logoWe offer frustration free CAPTCHA for smartphones. Instead of using twisted characters, we use all kinds of sensors to verify a human.

Capy provides user-friendly security solution to web service providers. Our current service is a Frustration Free CAPTCHA which only takes a single navigation stroke on a touch screen to finish a game or puzzle to complete verification. It is much easier than a conventional twisted alpha-numeric CAPTCHA. Of great value is that Capy offers customization function including customizable images for a CAPTCHA, security level, and a type of CAPTCHA. In the future, Capy provides more CAPTCHA solutions using all kinds of sensors on smartphones to enhance usability for both site owners and site visitors.


Funds 4 All

Funds 4 All logo


B2B SaaS for the $10 Billon School and Sports team fundraising industry.

Our customers, companies that sell and manage fundraisers for schools and recreational sports teams, love our SaaS solution because it solves the customer retention problem that plagues this $10 B industry. Our service helps them increase revenue and enables them to effectively “lock out” their completion. These customers ran 677 fundraisers on our service in 2012 positioning the Company for rapid national growth in 2013.




Meograph is democratizing the creation of digital multimedia by turning simple inputs into rich media.

Meograph enables anyone to easily and quickly create professional-quality rich media. Our first product pairs maps, timeline, links, and multimedia, and offers viewers a new form of interactive story that they can watch in minutes or explore for hours. Our vision is to be the storytelling layer for any digital object.



metacruitFind better hires with the people you know.

Metacruit is a peertopeer referral system that enables small businesses, startup owners and individuals to find and refer the right people for projects and positions that fit their qualifications. In other words, it’s a CrowdSourced Recruiting service. Linkedin+Mechanical Turk. Metacruit allows you to find better people, faster. You begin by posting a bounty, consisting of specifications and a reward, to your network. Once you share the bounty, ‘networkers’ refer their connections to you. Upon accepting a good candidate, you reward the network that sourced the candidate.



produk-meProduct relationship mgmt company that measures and transforms post purchase consumer product interactions into brand retention and revenue!

We solve three problems for consumer product companies/brands. 1. We reduce paper inside the packaging and have rethought the post purchase data and service discovery experience. 2. Enable one click product registration to improve product registration rates to drive retention and upsell opportunities. 3. We provide tools to gain insights into post purchase product consumer interactions!



repost logoWe’re changing the way content goes viral.

Have you ever seen an article on another website that you wanted to repost but couldn’t figure out how to do it easily and legally? Did you ever wonder why you can embed a video but not the rest of the content? We did, too, so we created the Repost platform, which allows you to republish complete articles (including images, links, & multimedia) anywhere quickly, easily, and legally – just like video.



scribleWe make online info usable and useful. Annotate online articles in your browser and easily save, share and collaborate on them in the cloud.

We make useful online reading and research apps for consumers and publishers. We have a web app in beta that improves how you consume online articles and webpages. This powerful productivity/collaboration system is broadly useful for enterprise, legal, “prosumers”, etc., but we’re focusing on education as a beachhead thanks to demand from students and instructors. Publishers are also interested. So, we’re also building apps and tools for them.


Treode, Inc.

treode logoParse for a relational database

Treode makes it easy to build the backend of a web or mobile service, so that developers can focus on the front-end. Companies like Kinvey, MongoHQ and Parse (now Facebook) have shown that there is demand for this, but they lack relational concepts from traditional databases, which would simplify data processing on the backend. Treode preserves relational modeling and can reach developers who value it and have ignored Kinvey, MongoHQ and Parse.



viakooApplied diagnostics and proactive monitoring for on-premise, video surveillance infrastructure leveraging cloud and big data analytics.

Events like the Boston Marathon bombing highlight the challenges facing Chief Security Officers and Chief Financial Officers whose job is to mitigate brand risk, contain legal liabilities, and prevent adverse economic impact. Situational Awareness, specifically high fidelity Information & Intelligence, is increasingly mission critical. Video camera networks are the “eyes” that contribute crucial images for realtime tactical response as well as post-incident investigations. There is increasing demand for higher performing video camera networks and “missing video” is no longer acceptable. Viakoo’s Software as a Service model coupled with our video-qualified support engineers combine to offer a Monthly Subscription to deliver a service like an “OnStar® for video camera networks”, ensuring resiliency and availability of crucial video images. Founded in early 2013, Viakoo is already producing revenue.