Investor Panelists

Participants in PitchForce events get outstanding feedback from angel and VC investor panelists. And, they have an opportunity to build ongoing relationships with them.

Both presenters and panelists tell us that virtual PitchForce events are the most important start-up and early stage investor pitching opportunities nationwide, and particularly in the Bay Area.


PitchForce Panelists

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August 11th Seed Round PitchForce 


Richard Pivnicka

gary goldman

Bob Kamm

Sandy Miller

Yasemin Kliman

Robert Padulo

Russell Brand

Jukka Alanen

August 18th Life Science PitchForce


gary goldman

Gary Goldman

Paul Gianneschi

Paul Gianneschi

Sandy Miller

Chris Apfel

Ephraim Lindenbaum

Elizabeth Cho-Ferkith

Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh

August 23rd Pitch Fest

Jeanne Sullivan

gary goldman

Ephraim Lindenbaum

Sandy Miller

Michael Mitgang

Sandy Miller

Marianne Cursetjee

      Nick Bellamy

PitchForce investor panelists are some of the most successful and respected VC and angel investors in American industry. Here is what they have to say about PitchForce:

  • “For entrepreneurs wanting honest, in-depth feedback about the quality and reality of their startup ideas, PitchForce is invaluable. Real investors from real organizations discuss exactly why they would or would not invest in your company and do so without pulling punches, and in a way designed to be helpful rather than merely critical. If you want to learn what investors really think of your company, come to PitchForce. It is great training and is the best way to debug your presentation before make or break meetings with your targeted investors.”

    – Ronald Weissman
  • “PitchForce has been a great place to find and meet with new and upcoming startups. The team at PitchForce does a fantastic job at pre-screening the startups and preparing them for the pitches. The demo events they’ve put on each week are always top notch quality, very informative and efficient. Our fund has started engaging with some of the startups from PitchForce since first started attending these events few months ago. We value our relationship with PitchForce, and we look forward to seeing more companies coming out of PitchForce!”

    – Lynn Yang
  • “PitchForce is a fantastic platform for early stage entrepreneurs to connect with potential investors, hone their pitches and get very valuable feedback and strategic advice from folks who have successfully “been there” on the founders’ journey. I’ve proudly known Max Shapiro for 17 years. He is a consummate professional and networker and I can attest that Max is one of the hardest working people I know – with great integrity. He tirelessly stays connected to all that’s happening in the Bay Area’s startup ecosystem; his insights, support and generous spirit are a treasure to this community.”

    – Shelly Alger
  • “I have had the pleasure of participating as a mentor on PitchForce sessions. More often than not the “zeitgeist” of other similar events is to be as complimentary as possible for the sake of not hurting anyone’s feelings. I believe this a great disservice to young entrepreneurs who should benefit from real advice and real feedback. PitchForce is one of the only such panel sessions which encourages direct and meaningful feedback. The “realness” of the sessions is therefore a welcome fresh air in a universe of fake panels.“

    – Armando Vitieri