The comments below were shared by attendees at our events!

“I really enjoyed watching the PitchForce A Round presentations today. This is the 3rd time I have watched your series, and I’m ready to pitch”                                             – Ron Lovick

 “Thank you so much. That was the best Pitch event I had attended.”                          – Samuel Kinfu              

“Very well put webinar, really enjoyed it”

– Cecile Michelli Gallegos

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Participating in a PitchForce event provides entrepreneurs with the training, practice, and presentation opportunities they need to compete for, and win, growth financing. Participants also have an opportunity to build personal relationships with VC and angel investors. And, to attract top management and technical talent that will work for options in lieu of a paycheck.

“I just wanted to say thank you for including me in yesterday’s Pitch Fest.  It was an amazing experience to be a part of.  Robin was so helpful in prepping me (which I really appreciated) and the whole event was incredibly well run and so worthwhile.  I was super impressed with the panel of investors.  Their questions were on point and their feedback very useful.  It was a great learning experience for me on how to present more effectively to potential investors. 

I am excited to report that an investor reached out right after my presentation to ask me to set up a phone call with him. 

  I felt like I was on Cannabis Shark Tank yesterday! 

 Congratulations on the success you all have created with PitchForce.  It is a tremendously valuable resource for entrepreneurs and I will help spread the word to others who I think might benefit from this experience!”

– Roberta Wilson

Dr. Norms


        “I have participated in several pitch events and by far the most productive event       has been PitchForce in terms of producing connections with potential investors         and C-level talent. I highly recommend PitchForce for any start up or                        entrepreneur from Seed through Series A rounds.”                                                       – Alan J Franklin                                                                                                                    MD, PhD, ForwardVue Pharma 

    2. “The judges were high caliber, and I am excited to have followup conversations with a few of them. Winning first place at PitchForce gave me a new talking point when reaching out to new investors. It helped me land more meetings.”

      – Laurie Peterson

          CEO of inkbrite

    3. “I had some great outcomes from my PitchForce presentation. It generated a number of quality leads resulting in two new sales channels for us, discussions with one VC and a group of Angels as a result of your event. Thanks very much for running these events Max. It’s a real platform and helps entrepreneurs far more than most things do. You’ve been fantastic support to me and BankVault – since 2008!”

      – Graeme Speak

         CEO of BankVault

    4. “PitchForce gave my team a wonderful opportunity to flex our speaking muscles. The exposure to real-time feedback from investors, who are focused on our sector, proved fruitful and helped us to further refine our vision and long-term strategy for success.”

      – Tiffany Yarde

          CEO of Shoki Beverages Corp

    5. “Loved the PitchForce’s this week, both in LA and Silicon Valley and learned a lot. Thanks so much for putting these on. I’ve been to 20 or so pitch events now and yours is by far the most helpful in terms of real, honest feedback and connections to real investors. Look forward to attending again in the future!”

      – Breezy Baldwin

           CEO of Ridesurf

    6. “This is the most professional and well-run pitch event I have participated in.”

      – Mona Defrawi

          CEO of Radivision

    7. “It was a total transformational experience for me. I am implementing every feedback for my pitch deck and strategy.”

      – Sambit Tripathy

         CEO of Transplanning

    8. “Pitch Force is the only event I have been recurrently attending since the pandemic hit. Its competitive format, coupled with Max’s high drive and focus, sets up the stage so that founders get what they have asked for: tough but constructive feedback. The format forces the entrepreneurs to compete for the audience’s attention at every moment, resulting in meaningful dialogue with panelists. Highly recommended.”

      – Carlos Gonzalez

          Consulting CFO at myStartUpCFO


    1. “We have participated in several “pitch” events and PitchForce was unique in several ways: 1) I felt Max and his team were “on our side” as the startup and helped prep us to ensure the core content was structured effectively and that technical issues where rehearsed and smooth for all 2) The panelists provided helpful feedback from their vast, varied experience 3) We generated interested investor and partnership leads from the event that we are following up on”

      – Amanda Reineke

      Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at NOTICENINJA

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