Presenting Companies

The full recordings of the events can be found on the home page and below!

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March 19 Seed Round

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  • Michaelangelo Guarise Volumio
  • Margaux Avedisian Beyond The Runway
  • Amogha Srirangarajan Carbon Origins (1st place) 
  • Pete Taylor FYR (2nd place)
  • Patrick Long Innosearch 
  • Anthony Sahakian Quantum Integrity

March 12 Life Science

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  • Jeyla Sadikova Illumicell (2nd place tie)
  • Andrew Sayles Livestock Labs
  • Andrew Huff MTRX, INC
  • Nina Grooms Lee Oralucent (2nd place tie)
  • Gary Wakeford SonoStik (1st place)
  • Jeff Lietzke VACERE Medical (2nd place tie)

February 1 Life Science

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  • Gary Altman Cambium Oncology
  • Gregg Lahti Cerebrum (2nd place tie) 
  • Andrea Cubitt Dionysus Health (2nd place tie)
  • John Wen Esedars
  • Nicholas Tubach Molecular Medicine Holdings
  • Ammar Darkazanli Ocu Health Care (1st place)

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