Presenting Companies

The full recordings of the events can be found on the home page and below!

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September 14 Seed Round

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  • Raj Koneru Anvizent
  • Hugh Sinclair CommerceBlitz
  • Kenny Olson DART (1st place)
  • Rohan Garg Hirescope
  • Joe Mattiko Sacred Body Botanicals
  • Martin Sichman SPEARHydro (2nd place tie)
  • Joe Martin UpLevel Tourism (2nd place tie)

August 24th Life Science

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  • Reilly Williams Entirely Well
  • Celestin Bitjonck AllFocus
  • John Ashley Auctus Surgical (1st place tie)
  • Joseph Olowe DoktorConnect (2nd place tie)
  • JayJay Lee FatiAbgen (2nd place tie)
  • Roy Stillwell NearWave (1st place tie)


July 20th A Round

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  • Bruce Anderson 247 Solar
  • Chris Erickson Climate Earth
  • Greg York Edge Energy (1st place) 
  • Michael Lyon GUNSENS
  • Jon Shumate StyleOf (2nd place tie)
  • Jared Criscuolo UpCycle (2nd place tie) 

April 18th EU & UK

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  • David Kuller Airgo (1st place)
  • Hasse Storebakken Aqua Alarm
  • Jacques Bonfrer Bot-Hive
  • Sander Swinkels DTACT
  • Isuru Kariyawasam Evolza
  • Nadine Pfeifer HopStair
  • Koryak Uzan PRODAFT
  • Ahmed Wobi Tonus Tech
  • Matt Milligan Uhubs (2nd place)
  • Moritz Hiebl Vitamate
  • Dima Lylyk Zeeon

March 23rd Toronto

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  • Krystian Frencel AGE of SAM
  • Mohsen Zehtabchian Amatec
  • Paul Arssov Decentralized Web Project
  • Parnian Majd Fibra
  • Tyler Benoliel incorporight
  • Ali Basij instaHop
  • Guy Mineault Kolortrak
  • Daryl Hemingway Skydome (1st place)
  • Margaret Wang Tweebaa
  • Dorrian Porter Vestaboard (2nd place)

February 2nd Seed SELECT

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  • Abran Maldonado Create Labs (1st place tie)
  • James Kelley qChange (1st place tie)
  • Brian Knott RadTec Medical Devices (1st place tie)
  • Daryl Hemingway Skydome
  • Regina Rowlison Use Your Powers
  • Tomas Louda Valet Closet


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